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  1. Mike and Ike buy a trike and ride in circles around a spike. They each ride at a different time of day. They both pedal at the same rate. They both make perfect circles with the spike at the exact center. Mike rides twice as long (time) as Ike, but they cover the exact same distance. How is this possible? The wording in OP suggest that only one trike is purchased, which they use at different timings. It also suggests that the track is also the same. pedalling rate is also same. Then how is it possible that Mike pedals twice as long as Ike, and both covers same distance....? It seems to be maths magic....! In my view if I am not wrong about the wordings in OP then it should be related to the pedal length. One pedal length by Ike may be equal to twice the length of one pedal by Mike. This may be due to difference in their heights.
  2. Though I am late ....but I find an opportunity to introduce a simpler solution
  3. Witches are said to get real happiness only in harming a person.
  4. What exactly is meant by the phrase "yet the detective was a child who went to school"? The detective was a school-age child The detective was a child AND had already made the trip to his/her school before he/she found the suspect The detective was a child, the detective found the suspect as noted in the previous statement, and THEN went to school Wellsaid ..! But a mature person is also called a 'child' by his parent or by a Father in the Church. the person may be going to school to teach the students there..! Although these types of puzzles may remain unsolved but I think they also test our imagination power. Also sometimes ...give lighter moments..!
  5. Really nice puzzles. I read the answers after posting the answer for {1}. Other two..I did not attempt. However third was beyond my imagination.
  6. Since many of the friends have not used spoiler so i am also not using it. I think unless we do not ascertain a fixed value to an unknown quantity, say X, we can not apply mathematics to this quantity with respect to other quantities. For Example X could be treated as 0.999 and then 10X = 9.99, So 10X - X = 9.99 - 0.999 = 8.991 or 9X = 8.991; Now we may see that X can not be equal to 1. Without ascertaining a fixed value to a certain parameter we may fall into infinity.....!!!!!! Am I right...?
  7. I am still not sure of my approach.
  8. I have corrected the typo error and tried to explain last two steps more clear. I am sure you will find it works. Thanks to all who encouraged me in my approach.
  9. I have corrected the typo error and tried to explain last two steps more clear. I am sure you will find it works. Thanks to all who encouraged me in my approach.
  10. Alternating current has three phases indicated by Red, Yellow, and Blue. Green is generally used to indicate neutral or sometimes Earthing wire. At night load on three phases is generally unbalance due to domestic load. The unbalance current flows through neutral to earth. So at night neutral gets charged. The couple can make love only at night after getting charged. and LIGHTS.... how they could put on lights..... they are neutral........oh just kidding
  11. Two numbers are required as per OP. Ithink they must be two different numbers.
  12. bhramarraj

    I like this answer. Since number of students, who ate the cake, is different in the statement of each student, therefore only one statement can be true; and since only one statement is true and four are lies, so four lying students ate the cakes and one telling the truth did not eat. So obviously fourth student did not eat cake and he is telling the truth.
  13. I found the wrong step. Please cmment on my third modified solution in spoiler.
  14. Smoking is injurious to health.
  15. I again overlooked. Rethinking is needed,. There must be some simpler solution to this puzzle.I will again try....
  16. There is a typo error in the 18th line from top 'W3__S3: Compare 14B + 13C and 13B + 14C in S2 balance.........' this may please be read as 'W3__S3: Compare 14B + 13C and 13B + 14C in S3 balance........'. I regret for the inconvenience caused. I think this is the correct simplest solution.
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