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  1. You forgot to put conditions here....?
  2. Agree with ThunderCloud.
  3. Taking hint from the bonanova's answer my solution is as in attached Pdf file. Who lives in city.._.pdf
  4. 3. The Simpson is next to youth hostel; i.e. position [1] is next to position [2] 15. Corrie is next to Afro; i. e. position [2] is next to position [3] 16. Afro is next to Rachael; i.e. position [3] is next to position [2] Seems something is cnfusing......?
  6. Although the answer to the puzzle is already posted by 'TheChad08', but some one may be interested to know how this is worked out. So pdf is attached for the complete solution.Win or lose...pdf
  7. Silence doesn't always mean consent........! But in your case ... yes... the answer is perfectly right!!!!!! Thank you.
  8. You are perfectly right!!! The answer is undoutably correct. I don't know why others have not enjoyed it???? Replying late because of some unavoidable circumstances I did not get time.
  9. In a Men's hockey world cup, seven countries participated. In the league, each country earned points as under: India - 10 points Argentina - 10 points Holland - 8 points Australia - 6 points Malaysia - 3 points Russia - 3 points Kenya - 2 points Note: The point system was as under: For each match won: 2 points For each match tied: 1 points For each match lost: 0 points Following facts are known: [A] Number of matches won by Holland, are equal to half the number of matches tied by it. Kenya defeated Russia in a match, in which Russia coud score 2 goals against 3 goals by Kenya. [C] Australia had not a single match tied against any country. With the help of above information, can you find the results of all the league matches in this tournament? Note: There is no typo error this time. However if any clarification needed please ask...!
  10. Really a typo error there in the sentence, The sentence should be "One of the teacher's last name is Sharma." Thank you all for pointing it out. But the puzzle I found interesting. It was actually published in a Magazine, and the names used were strange to me. So I replaced the names. However I appologise for the inconvenience caused to some of the friends.
  11. I am sorry, but if anybody has any doubt about any portion of the puzzle, e.g. about names gender etc, clarification might be asked for. However there was no need of separate clarification about the genders though. What so ever, there are correct solutions are also recieved. And I am also posting the correct solution here, with logical explanation. From clue [1]: Tripathi teaches either in A2 or A3, so as to have two neighbors who get disturbed by her loud voice. From clue [2]: There are four teachers, one is Lalita, second is a teacher who teaches in A2, third is Verma who does not teach in A3, and fourth teacher is Prashant – the only male teacher. Here clue [2] becomes very informative as it reveals following additional facts also: (a) Lalita does not teach in A2. (b) Last name of Lalita is not Verma. © Last name of Prashant is not Verma. (d) Verma does not teach in A2 (as well in A3, as already mentioned in OP). (e) Prashant does not teach in A2, (it is obvious because as per narration in OP also, Tripathi is a lady teacher). From clue [3]: Sushma does not teach at either end of classrooms block, therefore she teaches either in A2 or A3. ASSUMPTION 1: Let us assume Tripathi teaches in A2, then Sushma and Mishra would teach in adjacent rooms A1 & A3. Then from clue [3], Sushma would teach in A3, and hence Mishra would teach in A1. From clue [2] first name of teacher in A2 should not be Lalita; Sushma and Prashant do not teach in A2, and then only first name remains for teacher in A2 is Sushila. From clue [2], last name of Sushma (being the class teacher in A3) could not be Verma, and Mishra and Tripathi are the last names of teachers in A1 and A2 respectively. So only last name remains for Sushma is Sharma. Now only class room remained for Verma is A4. Also as per clue [2]©, Prashant could not have Verma as his last name. So only last name remained for Prashant is Mishra. Then only Lalita could have her last name as verma which is contradictory to the conclusion 9b0 of clue [2]. Therefore Tripathi does not teach in classroom A2 but teaches in classroom A3. Sushma and Mishra teach in adjacent classrooms A2 & A4. Sushma does not teach at the end of the block, so she teaches in A2, and Mishra teaches in A4. As per clue [2](d), Sushma is not Verma, Mishra teaches in A4, Tripathi teaches in A3, then only last name remains for her is ‘Sharma’. Hence SUSHMA SHARMA teaches in A2. From clue [2]©, Prashant is not Verma. Tripathi is a lady, so Prashant is not Tripathi. So prashant has only one option left – his last name is Mishra. Hence PRASHANT MISHRA teaches in A4. Lalita is not Verma as per clue [2](b), therefore Sushila is Verma, and remaining Lalita is Tripathi. Hence LALITA TRIPATHI teaches in A3. And SUSHILA VERMA teaches in A1.
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