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  1. Thanks! This was a very nice puzzle. It made me do a lot of analysis before I could get the work factor down to the point where I could write a program to complete the solution. Really amazing.....! How could you solve the puzzle so easily... .It took me several days to solve it. Thanks....!
  2. Of course no two boxes contain the same number. Clue8: Yes, once and only once. Clue15: Yes, one and only one column. Clue16:In each column there is one and only one numeral that appears two times. other numerals could be one or three or more times. So the condition of this clue cannot prohibit double digit numbers, at any space in the table. Clue17: there could be more than one prime factors for the sums of different individual columns, but there is one and only one prime factor which is common to all sums. Clue18: you are absolutely right, if CL is 45 then 50-59 do not appear in col D? Clue19: Yes, we are talking of the major diagonals. I think I have clarified all the doubts...?
  3. Solution is not concerned to a bingo card, or stack. One is required to creat a 5X5 table containing numbers as per the clues given.
  4. You are right. The puzzle is to create a 5X5 array of numbers that satisfy the given clues. It is a lenghthy math puzzle requires lot patience.
  5. There is a stack of Bingo Cards. It is required to find a specific card having the number arrangement as hinted in the following clues: [1] On the cards, there are five columns (named hereafter as A, B, C, D, & E) and five rows (named hereafter as J, K, L, M, & N). [2] Column 'A' contains numbers 1 through 15. [3] Column 'B' contains numbers 16 through 30. [4] Column 'C' contains numbers 31 through 45. [5] Column 'D' contains numbers 46 through 60. [6] Column 'E' contains numbers 61 through 75. [7] Center space 'CL' (a place in column C and row L) is free space i.e. contains no number. [8] In row 'J', each numeral (0 through 9) appears only once; e.g. if there is number 43 at space DJ, then at other spaces in this row, there would be no number containing numeral 3 & 4. [9] In row M, sum of all numbers is a perfect square. [10] Row N contains the smallest number in each column. [11] Each row contains only one '2-digit Prime Number'. [12] In column C, difference of lowest to highest number is 8. [13] In column D, each number has digit at 10th place smaller than the digit at unit place. [14] In column E each number is an odd number. [15] In only one column, the numbers are in descending order from top to bottom. [16] In each column, there is only one numeral that appears two times. [17] In each column, the sum of numbers shares a single common prime factor. [18] On the bingo card, numeral 5 appears only once. [19] The sum of the numbers in each diagonal is an odd number. [20]The product of numbers at spaces AL & EL has a unit digit 2. [21] The product of numbers at spaces BL & DL has a unit digit 4.
  6. Excelent....!!!! I also did not solve it with such simplicity. My original solution is
  7. Five friends Anita, Bina, Chitra, Dimpy, & Ekta all have a habit of eating fruits or sweets before and after their meals. [1] Four friends eat Apple before or after their meals. [2] Three friends eat orange before or after their meals. [3] Two friends eat banana before and after their meals. [4] One friend eats sweet before or after her meals. [5] Either Anita & Bina, both or Chitr & Dimpy both eat banana before or after their meals. [6] Of Bina & Chitra either both eat or neither eat orange before or after their meals. [7] Dimpy and Ekta did not both eat apple before or after their meals (i.e. only one of them eats apple before or after her meals). Now, with the help of above clues, you are required to tell, Who eats SWEETS.
  8. But it is nowhere mentioned in OP that the box will be broken for fascilitating the ant. I hope my logic given in Post # 13, may be the correct answer to this tricky puzzle.
  9. I could not think of any other route shorter than 42 inch. However if
  10. Could it be so simple....? I think there should be some complexity.....! Still trying to work out......!
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