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  1. Going through thousands of threads manually, creating titles for them and assigning them into proper section is, unfortunately, not manageable. That's why let me suggest to focus only on live threads (eg. solution not yet given, game still not finished etc.) - anybody can point out such topics including their title and proper section. I will then handle those threads. Thanks.
  2. Hi there, this is rookie1ja, admin of BrainDen Brain Teasers Forums. Note that the forums were not available since January 2012 up till now (April 27) due to severe physical disk damage. Since then I was trying to retrieve as much info as possible. Hosting provider, external data recovery firm and forum helpdesk were all trying to help, however, the process was long and only small steps were being made. After months of chasing, refusing insufficient data, insisting on giving it second/third and many other tries we have started to get more and more. To cut the long story short, external d
  3. Be sure to check the new page I made where you can play sudoku online. Enjoy the Den
  4. Do you like Sudoku? If so, then be sure to check new page I made where you can Play Sudoku Online. If you like it, you may let me know by clicking Facebook "Like" or Google "+1" buttons on that page Enjoy the Den
  5. Pls could you send me exact address (URL) of the topics you are trying to reach and which are not displayed correctly.
  6. rookie1ja

    That's a nice video made out of BrainDen optical illusions.
  7. Merry Christmas to everyone. Hopefully you got my mail wishing Happy Holidays as well. Enjoy the Den
  8. A) Not yet, however, would be great to have one. Unfortunately, I do not have the time to study how to create one. B) I can change the username on individual basis after mutual agreement. However, I do not recommend it because especially older members are known by their usernames and its change might be misleading for other members who follow their posts from time to time.
  9. rookie1ja


    I advise to stay on-topic. SMV, welcome to BD and enjoy the puzzles/riddles
  10. Click on the dot/star to the left of the title and not the title itself if you want to be taken to the 1st post you have not read BTW, star means that you posted in the thread.
  11. rookie1ja

    I watched every single post a few moments after it was posted Thanks Thalia and Molly Mae for your guidance.
  12. Note that BD forum was upgraded to the latest version. 1. Log out - click on "Sign out" in the top right hand corner. I have just tried and it worked for me. Pls let me know any details in case you still experience the issue. 2. Spoilers - what exactly does not work? I can create and open the following spoiler. Pls could you try the same. 3. Upreping - I just uprepped MissKitten's post. Can you try to uprep the mine. 4. Drop down menu - it works for me, eg. when I click on my nick in the top right hand corner and go to my settings. 5. Change Theme - pls use the standard "IP.B
  13. rookie1ja

    Newbie Mafia

    Note from Admin. plasmid, thanks for stepping in. Let me remind all of you that off-topic conversation is against the forum rules and might be subject to suspension/ban from BD. Regarding any moderating issues, pls contact our Moderating team. Thanks.
  14. I'm ready to help if needed, but now back on topic
  15. Yes. Members - More Search Options - Show All - VIP - Apply Filters.
  16. Let me announce new BrainDen VIPs to show that I very much appreciate their contribution to BrainDen. Shakeepuddn - member for almost 4 years, considered by many as the best creator of riddles on BrainDen plasmid - member for more than 2 years, submitted many good puzzles, riddles and discussions bushindo - member for more than 2 years, submitted several good puzzles, insightful posts inspiring many other members EventHorizon - member for more than 3 years, submitted several good puzzles, showing deep knowledge of mathematics On top of the "VIP" title, they will be able to edit all
  17. Regarding search box, make sure that you search "Forums" and not "This Topic" or "This Forum". By default, when you are in a thread the search box is set up to search "This Topic" - you have to click on it and change it to "Forums". The only issues should be with short words (3 characters or less) or stop words. If you still experience issues with search pls start a new thread or send me the details via PM. Thanks.
  18. rookie1ja

    One Up Me

    Members are not and will not be able to change their reputation given.
  19. Note that spoiler title is mandatory (at least space needed). Examples of working codes. [spoiler=title]hide[/spoiler] [spoiler='title']hide[/spoiler] [spoiler=' ']hide[/spoiler] [/CODE] Examples of codes not working properly. [CODE] [spoiler='']hide[/spoiler] [spoiler=]hide[/spoiler] [spoiler]hide[/spoiler]
  20. Let me announce contest for the best brain teaser ever submitted to BrainDen. You have the chance to nominate your favorite puzzle or riddle that is already on BrainDen and recommend it to everybody else. How Post the brain teaser title and link to thread. When Nominations will be closed on August 31st 2011 and a poll will be created. The poll will be open in the first week of September and all members will have the chance to vote for the best brain teaser. Winner The best puzzle or riddle will be promoted across the site (eg. it might be pinned on the top of thread list,
  21. rookie1ja

    Hi spicetrader, good question. 1. click on your king (eg. on E1 if you are white) 2. click on the 2nd square to the right (G1) or to the left (C1) Of course, only if you are allowed to castle. Enjoy BrainDen
  22. rookie1ja

    One Up Me

    I have already talked to the member downvoting in this thread. Let me know if you spot such behavior again. BTW, anybody can downvote, however, if you agree on some game rules then it's a matter of etiquette to respect the game rules (it's not breaking the forum rules). Enjoy the game
  23. Chat is working properly now. Let me know if you experience any other issues or if you would like to mention your favorite feature in this new board. Thanks for pointing that out.
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