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  1. Arabian spousal reception
  2. Yeah, I knew it wasn't gonna be her. I do know however that you are a genius with numbers and that the answer will probably come from that realm....? Still trying to parse this into an answer. On the right track?
  3. Maybe this will be on the.....
  4. Sticking it out.......
  5. Not a botanist, but are we maybe dealing with...
  6. Know it's probably still off the mark.......but checking just in case
  7. Hiya plasmid. Maybe a lousy answer....
  8. [spoiler="collusion"]bribe the other nine,less than $10 each, not to pick a number[/spoiler]
  9. Maybe with a bit of cheetahing.....[spoiler="spoiler title here within quotes"]coalition?[/spoiler]
  10. My logic may well be flawed. ??? ¥ If for the weighing of 2x9's...1 balaces (cfc not in these 18)...1 unbalanced (cfc is in the only 9 not in the balanced set , and as i know which side of the scale it is/was on, i know h or l too. From 9 knowing h/l, can solve in two balances. Where have i gone wrong? This is a fun puzzle.
  11. As before 9,9,9 & 3. Hope this makes sense.
  12. Well no shi"ite....a saudi pop
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