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  1. Workink off a dram, got to purge. Anything to do with....
  2. Arabian spousal reception.....
  3. My take now is that we have a colourful hand here Needs a leg-up with the canvas though.?..
  4. Stealing Thalia's mount.....
  5. Arabian spousal reception. ........ disclaimer@ mrs Wilson.......just kidding!
  6. Hiya plasmid...at the risk of being a bit Keef Richards...try...
  7. Think I've ironed out the kinks on the last one......
  8. Took a while to get this post up.......fast track Andalusian mount.... Formal courtesy of an Asian?
  9. The time...the place. any thoughts fellow ghost hunters?
  10. Well if you're stuck, then that'll be the rest of us totally *u** d. :-) Think I'll have a look outside the box.
  11. .....or maybe not.....man I'm getting confused :-) or just dafter.
  12. Am still at the same bit. Went back to the thread looking for some illumination. Thought could see something in the wooden hill area...maybe not.
  13. Man...2 weeks....looking in mirrors...reading about codes..still no key. Have to say having great fun:-)
  14. Ok I'll have a stab at getting the leet translation started. from another time,from an alternate dark dimension....comes one with a difference. next/input please ;-)
  15. very sorry to hear he has passed. cha bhithidh a leithid ami riamh.
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