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  1. Each of the following phrases corresponds to a number. For example: N. in a D. = P. in a Q. = D.U. to P.M. Represents 2 Nickels in a Dime = 2 Pints in a Quart = 2 Dice Used to Play Monopoly If the numbers used form a sequence, determine the numbers and the phrases depicted below. S. in a Y. = S. on a S. = F. on M.R. F. in a F. = P. on a P.T. = O. in a B.I. A. on an O. = K.H. of E. = P. in a G. P. in a B.A. = Y. in a D. = L. I. I. in a F. = S. of the Z. = F. on a D.
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