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  1. The ultimate arm... Probably not it but just watched DT being presented with a pre-birhday cake by NK diplomats.Hope Don and Kim get on well....and that nobody gets wasted!
  2. Well just in case...a longer arm...
  3. Thinking about making tracks.....
  4. Accident twigged it. Seven sealed it. Really liked this one. Got a real buzz when the picture in my head changed from a vermin infested house ...
  5. It's The Villain that makes a great show!
  6. Thanks bonanova for indulging my flawed logic, and for explaining the steps that I was clueless about :-)
  7. Made me laugh too. Not a buckeye though, am Scottish born and bred.
  8. Nah....just a Glaswegian :-) Haven't seen that card played in many years, but that's what gave me a boost. Cheers Shakee!
  9. And I agree....your riddles are Great!
  10. Think I'll change my name to Rain Man ;-)
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