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  1. Your weaving of words is truly amazing
  2. rsn

    You to mateo: where were you between 12 and 1 last night. Clarification: You lifted the two prints outside the door, but left alone the ones inside the room. You also notice that the two prints are almost directly below the window. Are the prints outside the door and inside the room same. Is the door mentioned the bedroom door and which window will it be.. Also can you explain the direction of the foot prints. They originate from the roof to which someone gained access using a ladder enter sergio's room through the fire escape window what is the return path of the footsteps.
  3. rsn

    See if any of the boys personal items are missing Query as i have never participated in one of the mysteries pls let me know if the POA's need to be mentioned in spoilers This sounds like a great mystery (Another issue that playing on my mind that need a little clarity Woman: I don't have too much money, but.. MY SON'S KIDNAPPED! (Woman bursts in tears) in the first line has the 'Been' been left out intentionally or unintentionally .. 'My Son's been Kidnapped' because it could also sound as if the Son has kidnapped someone but the lady bursts into tears before she can say who
  4. rsn

    This Blows

    The times zone difference makes it a little tough to participate actively especially when the DD Show is on This one has me truly stumped
  5. The poem is really beautiful
  6. i guess just half a post appeared.. the first half was ...Nice to hear from you.. i can imagine work must be hectic..I was

  7. MIA for a year and a half.. missing you and woon riddles though P.S. i wiped your slate clean just one post left :)

  8. hey where have you been.. are you planning to login more often :)

  9. they you got the logic for the second word of my riddle.. thats totally cool :)

  10. 's - RaiSoN d'ĂȘtre

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