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  1. rsn

    had to try it to be sure
  2. rsn

    nice riddle
  3. Aurora Borealis i got the Borealis but could not fit Aurora to the tired looker This puzzle gave me brain freeze it was awesome waiting for more
  4. totally stuck.. nothing come to mind
  5. rsn

    great verse
  6. rsn

    Oh.. completely missed that another good one shakee
  7. I hope i'm solving it the right way
  8. rsn

    Your interpretation is definitely better than mine.. with your (in the room) quote I had realized your way of thinking.. but as i had said to Wilson.. my riddle was no were near this insightful.. hope to do better next time
  9. rsn

    I had hope that the queasy part would help every one make the right choice my first cut said 'if you say no it would be reason for me to rejoice' but then decided to leave a little for interpretation i'm glad you liked it .. means a lot to me
  10. rsn

    had fun .. hope you did too
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