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    yes .. thats is it.. you got it ..
  2. rsn

    all great answers..thanks for sticking with it T_l is by far the closest.. just fit in line 2 & 3 and the trumpets will sound
  3. rsn

    Its a good fit for most of the lines but yeah you're right not queasy enough.. all of you were closer in the beginning
  4. rsn

    nope sorry .. Ok time for a hint
  5. rsn

    that is so insightful .. i'm sorry to say my riddle is very straight forward
  6. rsn

    sorry .. but too cute to be queasy
  7. rsn

    Sorry.. not it..
  8. rsn

    Nah... sorry
  9. rsn

    lovely poem
  10. rsn

    Sorry not it..
  11. rsn

    all great answers on the right track but a little off mark.. will wait a while before giving hints
  12. rsn

    nothing yet ..
  13. rsn

    great answers kind of on the right track.. but not biting yet
  14. rsn

    A Goliath am I a descendent from old I run around wild but can do all my chores From paper to paintings my extras in few Am large when old and small when new To take me home you have that choice Your answer could be reason for me to rejoice Being near me could make you queasy So find 'who am I' its definitely easy
  15. rsn

    oh my god.. finally got one.. sunny side up (my favorite) helped a little and your hint helped a lot ... Just the saint part i couldn't get .. was going for easter eggs in that the research on this one took me all over italy.. learned a new word 'uovo' i.e. eggs in italian.. thanks Shakee...great one ... as usual..
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