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  1. i guess just half a post appeared.. the first half was ...Nice to hear from you.. i can imagine work must be hectic..I was

  2. MIA for a year and a half.. missing you and woon riddles though P.S. i wiped your slate clean just one post left :)

  3. hey it was really a nice one.. helped brush up my wine knowledge.. and congratulations on the 1K
  4. A phenomenal solve chicory and a truly amazing riddle PG .. I had a lot of fun working on it.. awaiting your next one with baited breath
  5. I thought chic's answer was it.. fit really well
  6. I have scrambled and unscrambled till i'm scrambled
  7. that is ssooooooooo funny .. eyes watering .. jaw hurting kind of funny
  8. PG I,m still getting the hang of you riddles so a minor hint please.. in the earlier riddle there was word that was eliminated and then the rest use to make the remaining sentence.. is that the case here as well??
  9. hey where have you been.. are you planning to login more often :)

  10. hurray i got one.. infact i was more sure of my answer for no 6
  11. This answer is for No 6 .. sorry great one PG
  12. rsn

    oh this one a truly great one Shakee .. the only bar i could come up with was chocolate but had great fun solving it Great solve PG
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