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  1. MiKi is happy with any outcome (e.g. martyrdom) that helps her faction. I'm guessing everyone else is, also. Here's something. Lynching of three of us is possible. I wonder whether the Wincons are sufficiently mutually exclusive and exhaustive to cover all the cases.
  2. Darn, Flame (the matchless one). I had hoped for: That was the funniest Mafia post. Ever. To respond, tho, You would have to know my personal political views to milk that conclusion I would put as much trust in T/P as mo did in red/green. Maybe less
  3. I'm laughing at the back channel (nothing illegal of course) developed between mo and Molly. It finally is clear to me who they are. i just can't tell which is Trump and which is Putin.
  4. So we know Mick is still alive somewhere. If s/he managed to pick off Indy, then four of us are goodies. Otherwise we're only 60% good, but still favored to win. Mick has the toughest win, and Indy next.
  5. Fake news. You chose red; I played along. Thanks for cleaning up the roster. Roster: 1. maurice - vote bonanova 2. Flamebirde 3. Molly Mae 5. MiKi 7. bonanova - vote maurice Hirkala - NK1 by baddies Panther - NK2 by baddies Just noticed, three M's are left to alliterate with Mick, bona goes with Baker and Flame is matchless, which we already.
  6. You're up, too? I'm a bit surprised that you survived. To answer your question: we try for Indy. Roster: 1. maurice - vote bonanova 2. Flamebirde 3. Molly Mae 4. Panther 5. MiKi 6. Hirkala 7. bonanova - vote maurice
  7. Wandering the darkened streets of the town, noticing the shifting shadows and wondering... It's quiet tonight. Too quiet.
  8. The day post mentions activity of all the goodies except for the Baker. Does that not confirm the role of Hirkala, already known to be a dead goodie? Basically, if DP says e.g. the Cop says something, can we take that as a hint that the Cop is not dead?
  9. If the Mayor (and not a family member) drove his own car in the narrative then Hirkala is the Baker. Where will the Cop get his donuts now?
  10. Miki still hasn't said much beyond saying she misread the OP and thinking at first that Hirk could be Clark. So my hunches are the same but not in any way clearer.
  11. Not a lot, I admit. A feeling from the conversational flow. In fact, I'm as willing to clear maurice as I am to clear Molly. I guess those who try to clarify matters as much as possible seem to me to be more likely innocent. So that leaves no clue about Hirk, except if he was a baddie he'd more likely have killed someone than gotten killed. MiKi seemed to say the least, so I suspect her the most. Finally, I'm not getting the nuances going back and forth, at all.
  12. And NP doesn't show blocks. OK
  13. @flamebirde Still learning... Trying to deduce how someone knows who Indy is. What indication do we have that there was a block? Or do we just assume? But still ... ?
  14. I'm assuming Hirk is a Goodie, and I've got Flame and Molly as two others. Suspect MiKi and maurice in some order as Baddie/Indie. No idea about Panther, except by elimination. Since MiKi was nice enough to start my lynch, I'll return the honor. I'd like to hear what she has to say. Roster: 1. maurice - voting for Bonanova 2. Flamebirde - voting for Bonanova 3. Molly Mae - voting for Flamebirde 4. Panther - voting for Bonanova 5. MiKi - voting for Bonanova 7. bonanova - voting for MiKi 6. Hirkala - Killed N1 by the Baddies
  15. We don't know who's who yet, but can we analyze roles? I can think of two questions: 1. Which of the Goodies is most valuable? 2. Between Clark and Mick, who is more dangerous?
  16. Confirming. What, there's entertainment?
  17. Roster: 1. maurice 2. Flamebirde 3. Molly Mae 4. 5. 6. 7. bonanova 8. 9. 10. Roster: 1. maurice 2. Flamebirde 3. Molly Mae 4. 5. 6. 7. bonanova 8. 9. 10. BTW I left this post doubled, rather then editing it, so Site Admin could look at it.
  18. Nice stab! I made a picture of it.
  19. A triangle has sides of length {1, 1, sqrt(2)}. What is the length of the shortest cut that divides the triangle into two pieces that have equal areas?
  20. bonanova

    UN Mafia III

    Yes. I said "for reasons given earlier" or something like that cuz someone mentioned Aus's powers might be good for endgame. Nice catch. PGP means (I think) Pretty Good Privacy, an encryption scheme, from back in the early '90s.
  21. bonanova

    UN Mafia III

    I'll send a note to Site Admin about the double posts. Does it seem to you that whole site is verrrrryyyy slllooooowwwww as well?
  22. Araver beat plasmid in a set of tennis, winning six games to plasmid's three. There were five service breaks (games in which the serving player lost.) Who served the first game?
  23. bonanova

    UN Mafia III

    That was my huge screw-up (last I had looked, the vote was a tie which I took to be safe, then I forgot I had a work-out session at the gym - with a PT or I would have skipped it - that kept me from checking back before the 4pm EST deadline.) Damage control, I had to consider how much info to disclose to explain it, without it sounding like fake news / alternative facts. Decided to wait for conclusions and talk them down, quietly, instead, which seemed to work.Anyway, I let the goodie team down, especially MikeD, and I apologize for that. @Thalia, when you turned from chatty to serious you confirmed your identity. Too late, as it turned out. Hoist on my own petard. Thanks to Araver for a fine game. I am totally up (down?) for another game.
  24. bonanova

    UN Mafia III

    So are we all cool with the voting as it stands?
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