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  1. @Thalia: Curse of the moderator is that his edits don't show, automatically. Except, if you mouse over the time stamp. I forget that, sometimes, especially if my edits are simply for typos or just clearer wording. But if something substantive is changed, I do make a note of it. Like my instant retraction of a knee-jerk post (D2?) that revealed waaaaay too much, just before the results of the fateful Goodie Lynch (thanks, Flame) were posted. Edit: I also watched over the times of FB's lynch changes, and when Araver took his last on as valid (it was) but commented that he didn't know about the edit that showed up on FB's last post, i.e. whether the fateful change, not just the OP, met the deadline, I knew that it did. Since Araver made the right call, I did not jump in (either the game thread or the BTSC) to confirm it was the right decision. No need to., and the conversation itself might have become confusing. Thalia, the links followed FB's offer of suicide pact to create a tie, which I declined, explaining ... Link 1 that getting a tie is no more satisfying than Kissing your Sister. Link 2 that the mass suicide of the Jews the night before the Romans breached their stronghold at Masada was heroic, perhaps, but still depressing. I couldn't confirm or deny whether Flame's idea would work. But. while I was debating it, I had the (incorrect) notion that Molly could be lynched, by either him or me. So I opted for a coin toss, instead. @Flame, was that a legitimate offer? Would it actually have worked? Or just a ploy if you realized that my next move was pretty certain to NK you? I was really confused when the RID kill did not come N4 or at least first thing D4. @Molly, were you sleeping? @Araver, Kudos. Lots of possibilities, right up to the end.
  2. What do you know about Molly that I don't? Shouldn't you be making a deal with the one who holds the cards? I love my sister dearly but some things just don't hold any appeal. Also I visited Masada once. The experience was moving, but ultimately depressing. As my Norwegian grandpa would say ... Lykke til.
  3. Question: who's the (1) most valuable goodie and (2) most dangerous baddie. In his answer Molly gives us bonus intel: Baddies cannot tie. @Flame: Think it through. Wincons are clear: we're all playing for a win. Only two of us have a chance.
  4. Thanks, but let's not count our chickens just yet. Whoever you are, are posing to be or not to be, you claim, and want us to believe, the goodies have lost? From your evident sadness I'm leaning toward your being a goodie. If you can't win, no matter what, then ... you would lose nothing by ... venturing a guess as to who you think will win. Care to share? Or are we still being conned?
  5. Or you are. You freely talked about using Clark's powers (the other Clark, not Kent). Now you're happy to be thought of as a goodie. Anything but the truth?
  6. @Molly: Do you see it as over, now? Is your third statement a concession?
  7. @Flame (Edit: previous comment retracted, pending lynch outcome.) Nice try, and it would have been a spectacular finish. Even now we're not certain of the lynch outcome. I'm on EDT, tho, and may not wait up for the news. Edit: I still am not certain of Indy.
  8. 1. maurice - voting for MiKi 2. Flamebirde - voting for Bonanova 3. Molly Mae - voting for MiKi 5. MiKi - voting for maurice 7. bonanova - voting for MiKi Hirkala - NK1 by baddies Panther - NK2 by baddies
  9. @maurice, I'm inclined that way as well (Panther is goodie.) That leaves me rudderless, since my only strong Indy suspects have been yourself and Miki, and there's equal reasons now to place you both as good. The best thing for the goodies at this point would be a bloodless Day 2. Which, as you point out, is not possible. One way or another, tonight's conversation will be interesting.
  10. Well I just woke up and had no dream guidance whatsoever ... I thought you guys were sure about MiKi. So FWIW, is there compelling evidence that Panther was a goodie?
  11. At this point it's my uncertainty about Miki that I'm trying to resolve. Indy is enemy #1, and I can't pin down in my own mind who it is, including Panther. I've thought it was everyone at one point or another, except for myself of course, and for Molly. If I put together everything that has been said, I can't conclude it's MiKi, as others have, although I do plan to change my vote to her in time to make her a sure lynch, regardless of the manip (if Mayor is still around) or the OT redirect.
  12. No, and after playing with it for a few minutes it seems a nice challenge. Thanks.
  13. I guess I'm just glancing around the table looking for tells. Some of you are pretty decent poker players ... Updating ... Roster:1. maurice - voting for MiKi 2. Flamebirde - voting for MiKi 3. Molly Mae - voting for MiKi 5. MiKi - voting for maurice 7. bonanova - voting for maurice Hirkala - NK1 by baddies Panther - NK2 by baddies
  14. MiKi is happy with any outcome (e.g. martyrdom) that helps her faction. I'm guessing everyone else is, also. Here's something. Lynching of three of us is possible. I wonder whether the Wincons are sufficiently mutually exclusive and exhaustive to cover all the cases.
  15. Darn, Flame (the matchless one). I had hoped for: That was the funniest Mafia post. Ever. To respond, tho, You would have to know my personal political views to milk that conclusion I would put as much trust in T/P as mo did in red/green. Maybe less
  16. I'm laughing at the back channel (nothing illegal of course) developed between mo and Molly. It finally is clear to me who they are. i just can't tell which is Trump and which is Putin.
  17. So we know Mick is still alive somewhere. If s/he managed to pick off Indy, then four of us are goodies. Otherwise we're only 60% good, but still favored to win. Mick has the toughest win, and Indy next.
  18. Fake news. You chose red; I played along. Thanks for cleaning up the roster. Roster: 1. maurice - vote bonanova 2. Flamebirde 3. Molly Mae 5. MiKi 7. bonanova - vote maurice Hirkala - NK1 by baddies Panther - NK2 by baddies Just noticed, three M's are left to alliterate with Mick, bona goes with Baker and Flame is matchless, which we already.
  19. You're up, too? I'm a bit surprised that you survived. To answer your question: we try for Indy. Roster: 1. maurice - vote bonanova 2. Flamebirde 3. Molly Mae 4. Panther 5. MiKi 6. Hirkala 7. bonanova - vote maurice
  20. Wandering the darkened streets of the town, noticing the shifting shadows and wondering... It's quiet tonight. Too quiet.
  21. The day post mentions activity of all the goodies except for the Baker. Does that not confirm the role of Hirkala, already known to be a dead goodie? Basically, if DP says e.g. the Cop says something, can we take that as a hint that the Cop is not dead?
  22. If the Mayor (and not a family member) drove his own car in the narrative then Hirkala is the Baker. Where will the Cop get his donuts now?
  23. Miki still hasn't said much beyond saying she misread the OP and thinking at first that Hirk could be Clark. So my hunches are the same but not in any way clearer.
  24. Not a lot, I admit. A feeling from the conversational flow. In fact, I'm as willing to clear maurice as I am to clear Molly. I guess those who try to clarify matters as much as possible seem to me to be more likely innocent. So that leaves no clue about Hirk, except if he was a baddie he'd more likely have killed someone than gotten killed. MiKi seemed to say the least, so I suspect her the most. Finally, I'm not getting the nuances going back and forth, at all.
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