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  1. 3 hours ago, CaptainEd said:

    “Touch” elucidation question: Does the gray square overlap red squares? Or can only edges overlap? Or can they only share single points?

    Gray squares overlap red squares but the overlap need not involve a corner (e.g. aligned centers and rotated 45 degrees.) Overlap can be any positive amount, from full overlap to a small portion of a corner, but positive - not zero.

    And of course there is no Red/Red overlap; red squares do not touch.

  2. I randomly drew some squares on a sheet of paper and colored them red. Then I drew a gray square of equal size and counted the number of red squares it touched. Not very many. I forget the actual number, might have been 4 or 5. But it made me wonder: What is the largest number of red squares that a single gray square can touch?

    The squares are all of equal size and none of the red squares touch each other.

  3. Spoiler

    You arrange with a friend to tell you the sum of three numbers, one each of which will be told him by the group. No mention is made to the friend of the meaning of the numbers. You each then tell the friend your salary, and you divide the sum the friend tells you by 3. You thus determine the average without telling one another your salaries.


  4. On 9/13/2017 at 2:21 AM, bonanova said:
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    Ellipse is the locus of points the sum of whose distances from the foci is constant.

    So, we just need (a) the other locus and (b) any point on the ellipse to determine the sum: two more points.


    I, as well, stand by my answer.

    1. OP does not say "on" an ellipse.
    2. Nor a particular ellipse.

    To finish my proof, fasten a string to the foci that loops a pencil at the ellipse point.
    Draw an ellipse.



    The OP could be more definitive.
    Take, for example, the phrase "that you know a foci is located at (0,0)."

    1. My interpretation would be rock solid if OP said
      How many points would you need to have to uniquely determine an ellipse "that has a focus located at (0,0)"?
    2. It would be dead wrong if OP said
      There is an ellipse that has a focus at (0,0).
      How many points on that ellipse do you need to draw that ellipse?


  5. To clarify. You don't have any of these abilities:

    1. Make a line segment of equal length to another segment, or equivalently make equally-spaced pairs of points. (You don't have a pair of dividers.)
    2. Make a line segment that is parallel to another line (segment).
    3. Make an arc. (You don't have a compass.)

    But you do have the equivalent of a straight-edge.

  6. Don't see how it matters, unless ...


    You do more than "take a shot."

    If you keep shooting until someone is killed, then just don't be the first to shoot.
    Why? Because a bullet in either of chambers 1 and 6 will kill the first shooter.
    The other four shooters have a 1/6 death probability.


  7. Spoiler

    As I understand these things, he can't escape a black hole that way.

    The reason is that as objects enter the vicinity of a black hole (approach it, but before they cross the event horizon) they get spaghettified. They lose their structural integrity. If Superman had crossed the event horizon, the "front" of the spaceship would already have already been ripped from its "back" apart. Sadly, our super hero would also have suffered the same fate. Even if his super powers allow him to stay in one piece, his space ship would offer him no assistance in exiting the event horizon. He would have to do that on his own.

    And, the OP asks whether the space ship would help him exit. The answer is, it wouldn't.

    As I understand what happens, to ordinary matter, is the difference in gravitational attraction experienced by the near and far portions of objects is so extreme that they are pulled apart, like so much taffy, but worse -- torn apart, almost at the molecular level. That damage would be irreparable. The space ship would disintegrate.



  8. 3 hours ago, nana77 said:

    Is there time to get the new actions in?

    I am suspicious of Flame for pushing the tie d1. Even though the results were nice. And I am wary of Gavin. Plas scores some goodie points for his plan. idk about Bona.

    I'm in. I'm changing my block now. (said the soldier willing to die for the cause.)

  9. 56 minutes ago, flamebirde said:

    Bona, who did you claim?

    You mean which Goodie? I didn't.

    But if the list of names were alphabetized I'd be at the tail end.
    Thus I'm a non factor at this point.

  10. So ... if Dolores or Hector is still around ... then ... grab the gun and get it done?

    Gav and I have claimed goodie roles. I don't know what (1 of 2 roles) Nana has claimed.

    Flame and plas: just need one of you to claim and it's done. Wow.

  11. 59 minutes ago, gavinksong said:

    On the other hand, I would really like to hear from bonanova.

    Well other than the reference to my color, it's so early in the game I don't know what else to allude to.

    That said, there are so many goodies, it seems likely one of us will swing tomorrow morning. Sad.


  12. Agree Phil should post.
    Also the other analyses are good reading; I'd like to see more.

    As for myself: I like my color.

    1. Gavinksong - voting for Flamebirde
    2. Flamebirde - voting for  bonanova
    3. Nana77 - voting for plasmid
    4. plasmid - voting for phil
    5. phil1882
    6. bonanova - voting for phil