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    ...then you will go through a lot of crap trying to chase after them.
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    ...hit, dreamers would die.
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    would you settle for a swift gelding?
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    ...then I wouldn't count on the cavalry.
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    ... then wishes are horses.
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    ... then a lot of wishes would be turning green from all of the grass they're ingesting.
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    Just to let everyone know... The actual expression is If wishes were horses... EDIT: Typo
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    ...I'd give you 2 to 1 odds on LadyLuck.
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    I think this answer doesn't work: when you get to the South pole, how do you run West? But this answer: does: for example, any point on the circle (1 + 1/2pi) miles from the South Pole. After going South 1 mile, you're (1/2pi) miles from the Pole, which allows you to run West 1 mile [1 lap of a 1-mile circumference circle] and be able to go a mile North to the starting point. As Martini noted, there is an infinite number of starting distances: 1 + 1/2Npi miles North of the South pole where N is any positive integer. N is then the number of circular laps in your westerly mile. e.g. N=5280 - you'd run 5280 laps around a 1-foot circumference circle. Here's a counter question - why can't N be negative? i.e. start closer than a mile - you could still do N laps
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    IMO, this "paradox" is easily explained. The man that thinks this, is still being controlled by destiny. The thing is, him even THINKING this is destiny (or future, if you will). If he chooses that going to the doctor will solve his problem, because destiny isn't possible, then that was his destiny all along. It is not as simple as anything that can be told to you, as such palm readers, fortune tellers, etc. can't be real. This fact doesn't change the reality that destiny is what's going to happen, clear and simple. Nothing can change something as basic, and inalianable as destiny, because attempting to change it basically IS one's destiny, if they so choose to go that route.
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    Lazy-bones Paradox - Back to the Paradoxes If destiny designed a master plan, which defines everything that is to happen, isn't it useless to for example go to a doctor? If I am ill and it is my destiny to regain health, than I will regain health whether I visit a doctor or I don't. And if I shall not be healthy again, than I will not with or without help. If I am ill and destiny has a definite plan for me, than it is useless to go anywhere. How could you question the presented opinion?
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