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Mafia III


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Mafia III

Mafia III is a game of danger, deceit and murder set in the desert trading city of Oasis. Here, in the middle of the vast desert that serves as a border between the country of Content Phoenix and its hostile neighbor, Quarky, Oasis has been the new target of a Mafia group, killing the Innocents by night. But also, there are Quarky Agents- spies sent by Quarky to infiltrate the city. They were sleeper agents, waiting for the right moment. With the Mafia in town, the right moment is NOW. The Quarky Agents, not knowing each other's identities, will operate within the sandy streets of Oasis. The Innocents are an angry mob by day, lynching one person among them every day who may be a baddie.

And of course, drawn to all the ongoings, the Grim Reaper is in Oasis, sharpening his/her scythe for the suspenseful times ahead.


The game moves in cycles of night & day, which are completely unrelated to real-time night and day and time. The first phase is night (the 1st night), then the 1st day follows, then the 2nd night, 2nd day, etc... the game continues until one side has won, however we may play for "second place" or whatever if one group wins too quickly (such as the GR or QAs)


There is no PMing behind the scenes allowed! Trust me, not only is it NOT ALLOWED, it's stupid. You never know who anyone is, and even if you do, it's not allowed. The only people that can PM each other are the Mafiosos, and only at night. If someone PMs you behind-the-scenes about the game, contact me immediately


It sucks to die first (and second, too). The first person to die will be invincible for the first night and first day of Mafia IV, and the second person to die will be invincible for the first night of Mafia IV. There is nobody invincible for Mafia III, since Puzzlegirl and Dnae aren't playing in this game :P


You may want to read up on Mafia II, which was an awesome game, and I can say with 100% certainty that the more you read of Mafia II the better you will play in Mafia III

Mafia II information:

Post #29 - Rules

Post #17 - Strategy Tips

Post #51 - Intro

Post #65 - A Wild Evening

Post #77 - The Blue Octane

Post #159 - To The Sharks!!!

Post #174 - Open Warfare

Post #338 - The Web of Lies

Post #360 - Last Girl Standing

Post #429 - A Firelit Lynching (& Epilogue)

Back to Mafia III

20 people:

4 Mafiosos

2 Quarky Agents

1 Grim Reaper

13 Innocents


* Mafia - win by killing all the Innocents and the Grim Reaper. Every night they choose one person to bump off via PMs (this is the only time PMing is allowed in the game!!!). Also, any night, but not two nights in a row, the Mafia can opt to "rough up" someone, in which two implications are given:

** do not continue your line of accusations, or we will kill you

** do not reveal that you were roughed up, or we will kill you

Roughing up is an option for the Mafia, and can have outcomes that aren't always good for the Mafia- so only do this if you've thought about it and want to.

Also, at the beginning of the game, the Mafia is informed of who the Bomb is and what type of Detective the Detective is

* Quarky Agents - the Quarky Agents are spies sent into Oasis by the hostile neighboring country of Quarky. The Agents' objective is to kill the Sphinx, for getting rid of the Guardian of the Desert would help Quarky's advance northward through the desert. Of course, the Sphinx has to die while it's a Sphinx, not while it's still the Illusionist. The QAs also have a secondary mission: if the main mission becomes impossible, the QAs are informed of this and can then win by, the VERY NEXT DAY, if the Innocents lynch a specific player (which is randomly chosen by me). If the QAs fail the secondary mission too, their identities are outed and the lynching that day is a mass lynching. In the beginning of the game, the QAs are independently PMed! They do not know each others' identities. Each night, they PM me a target, and only with majority votes will their target be killed. However, if it gets down to 1 QA left, he/she can only kill every even night

* Grim Reaper - wins by killing the Vigilante (if this happens early enough, we will play for "second place"). The Grim Reaper kills every even-numbered night

* Innocents - win by killing the Mafia, the QAs, and the Grim Reaper. During the day, a lynching vote occurs, and the condemned person gets publicly executed and their role revealed. Roles are not revealed if killed at night


* Doctor and Healer- the Doctor and Healer are basically the same thing, with just different methods of practicing medicine. They save someone every night by PMing me. If this person is targeted for death by someone, the person will be saved by the Doctor/Healer and live. The Doctor/Healer cannot save the same person two times in a row. They can save themselves, but only once in the game

* Vigilante- knows who the Defender is. The Vigilante kills for the Innocents every odd-numbered night, except for the 1st night. Can choose not to kill

* Defender- knows who the Vigilante is. While the Defender is alive, the Vigilante cannot die, and gets out of every death situation with badass awesomeness

* Inspector- PMed, by me, one Mafia identity at the beginning of every odd-numbered day (1st, 3rd and 5th for the three Mafiosos). After that, if they are still alive and the game is still continuing, they get PMed the identities of the QAs (the 7th and 9th days), and then the Grim Reaper the 11th day

* Sage- can PM me anytime to get the list of the people the Doctor has been saving. Also, the Sage can choose to PM me every even-numbered day to see how many Mafiosos are alive

* Spy- can spy on anyone ever even-numbered day. They PM me who they want to spy on, and I reply, revealing that person's role

* Bomb- knows who the Inspector is. When (if) the Bomb dies, there is a half chance that they will take their killer down with them. If their killer is the Mafia, a random Mafioso will be killed- however the Mafia is informed at the beginning of the game who the Bomb is. If the Bomb's killer is the Grim Reaper, the Grim Reaper would blow up. If the Bomb is lynched, the Innocent who was most outspoken for the lynching (chosen by me) is blown up. If I can't decide, I pick randomly from the Innocents that voted for the Bomb. Also, because of the Bomb's mechanical parts, he/she is an effective Lie Detector. Any day, but not two days in a row, the Bomb can PM me with a quote that someone said, and I'll tell them the true-or-false-ness of the statement (they can also bold a specific statement from the quote to lie detect)

* Illusionist- every even-numbered night (the same night that the Grim Reaper kills), the Illusionist can make illusionary copies of one person to protect them ONLY from the Grim Reaper (the Mafia ain't fooled). The Illusionist cannot protect themself, nor can they protect the same person twice in a row. When (if) the Grim Reaper dies, and the Illusionist is still alive, they transform into the Sphinx:

** Sphinx- appears normal by ay, but every odd-numbered night, they can protect one person (not themself and not the same person 2x in a row). If someone tries to kill the protected person, the would-be killer gets asked a riddle, to which they get one chance to guess correctly, OR they can back down and withdraw if they think the riddle is too hard (because of this, I make up the riddle, not the Sphinx). If they do accept the riddle, however, and guess correctly, the Sphinx steps aside and allows the killing. If they guess incorrectly, the Sphinx kills the killers. All of the killers. ie, the entire Mafia would be slaughtered (or if were the Grim Reaper or Vigilante, just the one person). That's why there's the option of backing down from the kill. If someone tries to kill the Sphinx at night while the Sphinx is off protecting someone, the killer searches all night in vain. However, if someone tries to kill the Sphinx on an even-numbered night, the Sphinx can be killed normally, as he/she is not protecting anyone that night

* Squeaker- knows who the Defender is. If the Squeaker dies, he/she reveals the identity of the Defender... if the Squeaker is lynched, the character shouts it out to everyone during the lynching. If the Squeaker is killed by the Mafia or the Grim Reaper, in my night post I show him/her saying that, but not what they said (the killers get privately PMed the Defender's identity). If the Vigilante kills the Squeaker, the Squeaker is silenced, though an Innocent is dead. Remember, the Squeaker gives away the Defender's identity even if a Doctor or Healer saves them

* Desert Warrior- the Desert Warrior kills every odd night... however, the DW only succeeds if their target is a QA, otherwise the kill doesn't take place, and the identity of the intended target is not revealed in the night post

* Detective- PMs me one person every odd-# night. Gets PMed a response either "guilty" or "innocent", though no specific information past that. Guilty means a baddie- mafia/GR/quarky. However, before the game begins, I roll a random chance. There is a 4% chance the Detective is a Sucky Detective, and reverses everything (ie, guilty appears innocent and innocent appears guilty). Another 4% chance that they're a Paranoid Detective, where everyone appears guilty, and another 4% chance that they're a Naive Detective, where everyone appears innocent. Of course, the Detective doesn't know his own status- however, the Mafiosos know the Detective's status, though the Mafia doesn't know the identity of the Detective

* Mayor- the Mayor is a confirmed Innocent. Everyone knows who the Mayor is. Also, the Mayor, via his/her power, can stop one lynching that he/she feels is wrong



* Thief- at night, the Thief can opt to steal from one person (once stolen from, they can never steal from that person again). The Thief cannot steal two nights in a row. If a Detective or Spy investigates the Thief the next day after a theft, the Thief appears as the identity of the person they stole from. This has no affect on the Inspector. Also, in the night post, everyone was informed that the person's house was broken into

* Assassin- if the Doctor or Healer visits the Assassin to save/heal them, the Assassin kills them after being saved (or just kills them, if the Assassin isn't in danger). If the Mayor stops the lynching of the Assassin, the Assassin assassinates the Mayor during his/her escape

* Bankroller- the Bankroller is a cashman behind the Mafia. If the Bankroller dies (at night or day, doesn't matter), his/her role is given away as well as the specific role of "Bankroller"- normally, if a Mafioso dies during a lynching, their specific role isn't given away. But the Bankroller's is

* Godfather- leader of the local Mafia ring. The Godfather can investigate one person any night, but not two nights in a row. The Godfather is told what general faction the investigated person belongs to (ie, Mafia/Innocent/QA/GR)


Strategy Tips:

* Mafia: always kill for a good reason (except maybe the first night). If someone is outspoken against you, don't just kill them off, then everyone knows what's up- it MAY be better to rough them up, but if the roughed up person takes a risk and reveals it, it could be bad for the Mafia, that's why roughing up is a gamble. If you kill people that were outspoken against "Mafiosos" that are actually Innocents, people might try to lynch that Innocent instead of a real Mafioso. You have to use a lot of cunning if you want to win. In the daytime, try to turn the Innocents against each other. Also, if you think that the Defender is dead, trying killing off the Vigilante before the Grim Reaper can get to him, thus cutting off the GR's chance of victory. Also, if you can get rid of the Illusionist before he/she turns into a Sphinx, you are eliminating the easiest way for the Quarky Agents to win. Another tip is to use your special roles to your advantage

* Quarky Agents: find a way to communicate with other Quarky Agents to coordinate kills. Your main goal should be to figure out who both the Illusionist and the Grim Reaper are. Then go after the Grim Reaper and once the GR is dead, kill off the Illusionist (now a Sphinx) at night. If you have to go to the secondary mission, be very persuasive and logical

* Grim Reaper: you are a killing machine, though remember you win by killing the Vigilante, so keep an eye out- if someone escapes from a lynching or killing, they are most likely the Vigilante, and it means their Defender is still alive- you have to get the Defender before you can get the Vigilante

* Innocents: your only way to get back at the baddies is to lynch them by day- and of course the Vigilante and Desert Warrior. You have to be clever, and think- don't just let yourself be swayed by the mob. Here's individual strategy tips for each role:

Innocents' Strategy Tips:

* Doctor/Healer- don't waste your time saving someone that doesn't need to be saved. And don't reveal your role- you can be a big help against both the Mafia and the Grim Reaper and to a lesser extent, the QAs. Try to look out for people who are overly outspoken... pay carefully attention to how others respond to this before deciding if they're actually in danger. Also, if someone clamors for your protection, it could actually be a baddie- and if someone else claims they were "roughed up" and now the Mafia is after them, consider this before blindly saving them- what were they doing BEFORE they got roughed up, what would trigger their supposed roughing-up?

* Vigilante- never reveal your Defender's identity- once it is revealed, both the Mafia and the GR will hasten to kill him. You, the Vigilante, are one of the keys to the Innocents' protection, and the Defender is your only protection, since your identity can become clear pretty early. Though you should try to keep it secret as long as possible. As for who to kill each night, think very very carefully. You can always choose NOT to kill. While the Mafia and the Grim Reaper and QAs know that everyone else is their enemy, you know that the majority of your possible victims are actually Innocents. You're like a solo-lyncher... so if you are unsure, you can always choose not to kill

* Defender- stay hidden. If you think you are in danger of death, come out and reveal your identity as the Defender, for the Vigilante can back you up, if the Vigilante's role is revealed. Then the saving roles can save you...

* Inspector- don't be too obvious about that you "know" someone is the Mafia, for a couple reasons: (1) if you reveal that you're the Inspector, the Mafia will go after you to silence you before you get more names, and (2) people might think you are a Mafioso, trying to turn people against each other. So find another reason, other than "I'm the Inspector" to lynch someone that you know is a baddie

* Sage- your role isn't a high-risk role, and you can take advantage of that by being a bit more open about what you know- but if you take too much advantage, a baddie might decide to kill you off, so tread carefully. While your role may not seem too important, finding out who the Doctor has been saving can be good, as well as finding out how many Mafiosos are alive. With the Grim Reaper and QAs and Vigilante and Desert Warrior all killing at night, and roles aren't revealed at night, it's unsure whether they just killed an Innocent or a Mafioso or whatever- the role of the Sage can help untangle this... also, a confirmed Innocent can help the Innocents, but this means the Mafia would want you taken down

* Spy- like the Inspector, you have to be secretive about what you know. If you're too open and sure, or reveal you're the Spy, you'll be taken down before you even knew what hit you

* Bomb- take advantage of the fact that you know who the Inspector is. Listen to the subtle signs he/she gives off, and agree, strengthening the Inspector's arguments. Also, the Mafia already knows who you are, so you can be a bit more forthcoming- people will be afraid of killing you, and you are the sort of person the baddies want to leave until last. Take advantage of your unique position. But also, remember that the Mafia knows who you are- don't be too trustworthy in the Inspector, for the Mafia may guess who the Inspector is. Also, when you are unsure of someone's truthfulness, use your lie detection ability

* Illusionist- like the Doctor, save people that you think need to be saved, except your sole focus is the Grim Reaper. Look out for who they are and who they might be after, but don't give away your identity, for the Grim Reaper will want to scythe you down (however the Mafia & QAs will actually want to leave you alive for a while, to help protect possibly them, too, against the GR). Remember, you only protect against the GR, not the Mafia too (like the Doctor), so choose wisely

* Squeaker- don't reveal who the Defender is. Don't reveal who you are. Don't get yourself killed. If you're going to be lynched, stress very strongly that your role is a bad one to get lynched, and if people still don't believe you, out yourself as a Squeaker. Anything than to leak the Defender's identity. If you think you're in lots of danger one night, ask the Vigilante to kill you. Remember, even a Doctor/Healer saving you cannot stop you from leaking the Defender's ID if you get hunted down by a baddie

* Desert Warrior- you don't have to worry about killing Innocents, as your kill only succeeds against QAs. Once both QAs are dead, the DW may morph into something else, so be prepared :P

* Detective- watch out for signs of un-normal-ness in your results. Does everyone you investigate seem to be innocent? Guilty? Did a confirmed Innocent appear guilty? A reverse-Detective can hinder the Innocents a lot. Also, try to take wind of whether the Mafia think your role matters or not. If you are Paranoid or Naive, the role is useless, but if you can successfully deduce that you're a Sucky Detective, just take the reverse of whatever I PM you. Maybe try to coordinate investigations with the Spy so that the two people are investigating different people

* Mayor- use the fact that everyone knows you are an Innocent to your advantage, though it may make you a target. If you are confident that someone's lynching is a bad idea, use your power to stop it (remember, you can only stop a lynching once). Even if the lynching is stopped, the would-be-lynched person's role is revealed, so it can be useful as a last-desperation public role revealer if need be


this is the current roster of players:

1) Brandonb

2) pw0nzd

3) Frost

4) itachi-san

5) akaslickster

6) kingofpain

7) Scott

8) Grey Cells

9) Ravi

10) LIS

11) pieman

12) Nayana

13) Lucifer

14) dawh

15) johnson

16) tman

17) Ben Law

18) Ploper

19) sagekid

20) SillouhetteMind

I will now PM each person their role. EVERYONE needs to reply back to me within 24 hours or so :P then, once I get all the roles confirmed, I will start off the game ;D

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Mr. Mayor,

Good day, innit? I heard of a spate of crimes over yonder in Awesomeville. I figured we might need the Doctor and Healer to be saving some of us townsfolk in the coming days if there's any crimes like that in our city. That got me thinking and I gave them a call to tell them that if they're gonna be saving our townsfolk, what they need to do is look up the town phone directory here and pick the two people most in danger from the mafia. And then the Doctor ought to go save the guy who's alphabetically first on the list and the Healer goes to the guy who's last alphabetically. Of course, that creepy Illusionist who a lot of people seem to believe in can just pick the person most in danger from spiritually demented characters. Medicine can't help against monsters with scythes eh? Well you go on ahead and have yourself a nice day Mr. Mayor!




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Yeah, that was fun, I was up til 3am once. Just imagine the length of this topic with 20 players! :o This will be one loooooong game(and probably a little slower too), though I'm sure it will be awesome! B))

Edited by Frost
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this game is going to be awesome! new roles...lies...persuasions..accusations...killings...lynching...wow!cant wait to start! :D

btw how many females playing? Am I alone? :D

Edited by Nayana
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this game is going to be awesome! new roles...lies...persuasions..accusations...killings...lynching...wow!cant wait to start! :D

btw how many females playing? Am I alone? :D

No. Sagekid is with you and maybe one other which is not specified or both. :D Edited by akaslickster
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Won't I be the primary target of the mafios? :o

Do you want me to be invincible in mafia IV for the first night and first day? :lol:

no you wont be an easy target because you have the power to stop one lynching! B)) The mafiosos may benefit from it -_- so they wont target you atleast in the beginning...

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Won't I be the primary target of the mafios? :o

Do you want me to be invincible in mafia IV for the first night and first day? :lol:

The way I see it, you're the least likely to be killed. Sure, we all know you're an innocent, but you're power can actually help any faction (depending on whether you're right or wrong about which lynch to veto). Also, baddies may know you are an innocent, but there are much more dangerous and important-to-kill innocents out there, so why waste a kill on you when they could possibly be killing a real threat to them or an objective to winning? You're safe, relax. At least, if you get killed fast, I'll be surprised.

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question: should we admit dnae? I would have to reshuffle the roles enough to prevent a Slick-catastrophe as of Mafia 1

It would make the game lomger so yes lets move some roles

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