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A Threatening Riddle

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My last name is a first name

Both tell you what

Your needs are my end game

You would likely like cut.

I'm not a good neighbor

Though you see me a lot

And the things I would tell you 

Would make you quite hot.

I'm nosey to some 

And get in their face

 But that's a new name

For a loftier place.

I won't knock on your door

And will enter unseen

But if you have what's in store

Then you better come clean.

Edited by Shakeepuddn
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9 hours ago, plasmid said:

Have been thinking about this for a little bit, and now ready to take a stab

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Not sure about fitting it to the first and last name clue though.


Nah. This one's a bit tricky. Good guess though.

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I too, have been mulling over this one since you posted.  Best I've come up with so far


beauty mark?

Don't think I'm there yet.  Also, has crossed my mind that this one may be different than Sir Shakee's typical wai.

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