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Constellation Point



Another one that's been through a few drafts:

My star in the moonlight is white,

My star in the sunset is gold,

My star shines without making light,

My star is unpleasantly cold.

A point in a great constellation

When seen from below or afar,

At night, from a great elevation,

I stare from my star to a star.

What is my star?

(EDITED for improvements to verse and to remove dead giveaway clue.)

Edited by WitchOfDoubt
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jippiidan: Nope

plasmid: Nope

plainglazed: That almost works! It definitely hits the last verse, and it mostly works for the first. I'll count it as "correct, but not expected."

For everyone else:

"I stare from my star" is a key line. You can't stare from most of these answers - you can't stare from the moon, or a lake, or a snowflake.

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It is a window.

The colour of the window in the night is white, yet it is golden in the day. The sun shines through it, so they shine without making the light. Very poor insulators so the glass is often cold.

If you've ever been up in a plane or something at night, every window with a light on is like a star in a constellation.

You can look out your window at the stars at night.

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