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TMM IX: Call of the Brawl


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DAY 4: Battlefried

mboon was weary and tired. He argued, he claimed roles, and it was a good defense...but not good enough to feign off the relentless tirade of curr3nt. With minutes to spare, curr3nt convinced everyone to gang up on mboon and finished him off. Battlefield was done for, and the remaining Brawl characters cheered gleefully for having claimed their turf back from the XBox baddies :)




1. hotterthnfire - Kirby

2. mew - Pikachu

3. flamebride - Halo

4. TheChad - Call Of Duty

5. smoth333 - Mario

6. 'Cat'astrophe - Link

7. maurice - Metaknight

8. mboon - Battlefield

9. tolecnal - Falco

10. curr3nt - Marth

This was a good game overall. I think that flamebirde hurt himself in saving TheChad the first day. He really outed both of them and made the next lynches pretty simple. I felt mboon did an extremely good job hiding from everyone with his votes, but eventually just couldn't stall long enough to take the win. Had he survived and got a successful kill the following night (as in if he killed the person 'Cat' didn't save), I would have given him the win. Great job to everyone. Hope to see everyone in TMM X :)

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I think you were only suspected because of how hard you were defending Flame in the beginning :) (Though you shouldn't listen too much to me since I'm half delirious right now)

yeah that wasn't very smart of me, but I guess I played decent for a first time even though I didn't use any of my actions, I'm gmt+2 so when all the votes were in it would be a few minutes before 6 am, then my mentor offered that I specify my action and she would make the action accordingly but since days 2 and 3 went as I wanted them there wasn't the need for a vote change, though I'm not sure why mboon killed me it was while likely that I would be lynched the next day was it the possibility that I could save myself?

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Great game! Mew and TheChad played admirably in the face of playing their first mafia with current - who can make you think your own mother is a baddie. Mew, I liked what I assumed were your subtle hints at being pikachu. I was concerned at the end that mboon would sneak through by very aptly seeming goodie the entire game, as I personally wasn't suspicious of her (mboon you're a she right?) until N3 when I was killed hoping that by spying her i could limit the possible baddie list to mew and cat. I think being spy is officially my favorite role :D although I need to work on my subtlety if I want to last longer in the future ^_^

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Well, I tired to play a lot more vocally than I have in past games - at least early on - laying out theories/strategies/etc...In other games I have tended to sit back and observe, trying to piece things together completely before speaking up.

In retrospect it could work both for and against the goodies - it probably helped make it easier for mboon to hide in the group. And even though I wound up focusing hard on the two highest likelyhood baddies I pretty much stopped getting any new information about the third one at that point.

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Last night I targeted Mew, since I wanted to be sure that I was going to nk someone. It was actually a toss up between Curr and Mew, I knew Mew was Pikachu, so I decided to get rid of her since she would have definitely been able to change votes during the day. And yes, I am a girl :)

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I did really miss the first two nights and first day of this game. That's why things fell apart at the start. If I wasn't MIA, flame wouldn't have been outed so quickly and we probably could've won.

After the start I decided to 'play dumb' the entire game in hopes that people would think I'm too stupid to be a baddie.

It was working pretty well until I got blocked.

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