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The rock tumbles down, and smacks the bulge on the back of the creatures head dead on. this opens a severe head wound, and the creature begins flinging its tentacles wildly about. everyone backs a way a few yards, and after a full minute, the Daranga slows down quickly.

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Flame suddenly looks around, having just completely zoned out. "Whoa, I just completely zoned out," Flame mutters. Looking at the downed Duranga he swears he can see a waving tentacle.

OOP: Sorry for the tad of god modding, but it's not really god modding and I had to do something. I swear, I think I'm suffering from brainden withdrawal.

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alive and kicking, somewhere around here.

the dead monster, with severe head wound, settles on the sea floor with a puff dust eminating beneath him.

the murmaids aproach, cautiously. several stick barbs in it to be sure it is indeed dead.

the king seems speechless.

he aproaches the group but doesn't quite know what to say.

"i....i dont... belive.... how?"

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