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the king, still flabbergasted but recovering his wits, turns to his people.

"my fellow mermaids, we have lived under the fear of the duranga for centuries.

but these brave souls have rid us of that menace. no more will we cower at the name.

no more will fear loom in the horizon. let us take hope for an unimagined bright future."

turning to the fellow tavelers, he places a hand on the sea horse. "we are forever in your debt.

i know it is not much, but i offer you a small token of our aprecation." he pulls out a red gem stone.

"this stone has amazing regerative properties. if one of your fellows falls in battle, you may use it to bind thier wounds quickly."

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OOC: Kk, just reread all 49 pages of the RP. I have to say, it's pretty darn funny. I'm making a couple changes to my bio: MiKi is now slightly less immature, and not as naive anymore. She is also slightly tougher, if only in appearances. So I'm a little more up to date. Also, sorry if my posts become more descriptive; I've recently grown into my questionable skill as a writer. And I will be using more smileys in my posts. So yeah, I think that;s about it. :P

"What? I've learned that shells and things are dangerous to touch as they lead to comas. Sure, that doesn't mean I don't want to touch them, but at least I know the dangers!" MiKi says indignantly. "Anyways, I want to go to the manta rays next! Manta rays are cool. :D"

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the group bids farwell to the mermaids, and begins their journey toward the manta rays.

after a couple hours, they reach their destination.

the city is quite stange, it's upside down, or so it seems, with the vast mjority of the buildings hanging from the ceiling.

as they aproach, they have yet to see any manta rays. the place is giving off an eerie calmness that is already beginning to be felt by the travelers.

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