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you and seven(?) other people have been sucked into a computer that's capable of generating an entire world.

what type of world it generates can vary, as can the laws of physics. in one part of the world, magic is possible. in another part, over-sized insects rule. in another, time travel is frequent.

your ultimate goal is to figure out what's wrong with each world and restore it to its rightful order, so you may escape the computer sim and go back to your normal lives.


you should do a short human start bio.

starting race:

the first world you'll visit is an aquatic one. you may pick any sort of sea creature you can dream up, but it should be compact enough to be able to fit in a 3x3x3 meter box. (1 meter = the distance from the ground to the shoulder of a normal human being.)

example character bio.

name: cara

gender: female

height: 5' 7"

background: abusive parents, shy, introverted.

aquatic creature: dolphin, with human like arms and hands.

basic rules of rp:

no god modding. you shouldn't do anything that drastically affects the environment around you. you also may not control other players. (i, or if deemed necessary, another GM will control any non-player combatants (NPC), or enemies you fight.)

an example of an acceptable post versus an unacceptable one.


Flora moves gracefully toward the Rock of Magii. she places her hand on it and attempts to call forth it's power. "rgoni fastini labadama!"


Flora calls forth the Power of the Rock of Magii, and it imbues her with the ability of foresight.

(what sort of ability you might get from something like that would be an event a GM would decide, though you can request one via messaging [note: you may or may not get what you request. don't take it personally.])


gavin picks a knife from his belt. "do you know how many ways i can kill you right now?" he threatens to the dark wizard.

he attempts throwing it at the dark wizard's head.


gavin picks up a knife form his belt, throws it at the dark wizards head, and it plunges deep into his flesh.

(you can assume minor actions such as speech or things that affect your only your character are doable.

but something like killing the dark wizard with a single action should be decided by the GM.)

quests: after a brief look around, an npc will offer you some sort of goal to complete. if your team accepts, you will have to work together to finish it. if not, you can look around some more, and another quest will present itself shortly.


i encourage each player to message each other and myself behind the scenes. if you need a particular thing done, but feel your character is either incapable or otherwise prohibited, you can try to get another character to attempt it. if you have an idea for an enemy you'd like to fight, quest you think would be worth your while, skill your character should acquire, etc. by all means message me and I'll see if i can find a way to make it happen.

an rp can take a while to complete. please don't

sign up if you don't intend to invest the time.

backup GM 1)

regular rpers









you can either post your character bio here, or message me with it. the back GM is just in case i need to be away for a while. (i can't think of any reason i would be but it's always good to have insurance.) also the backup GM can message me with any suggestions to improve the game.

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no of course not. as soon as the aquatic world is finished, i'll do a refresh and see who wants to keep playing or if we need new adventurers,

and i'll let you know what world we'll be visiting so you can pick a new outlook.

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Backup GM 1)

Regular RPers


2) Panther

3) MiKi


5) Molly Mae

6) Shad

7) Flamebirde


Definitely trying this. First time playing, so I don't know how I'll do, but why not, eh?

Hmm... let's try a bio now.

Name: MiKi

Gender: Female

Background: Grew up in a good family, but was often ignored for younger siblings, so is kind of assertive and can stand up for herself pretty well. She was also very sheltered, so she is quite naive.

Personality: Like in the background, MiKi can stand up for herself pretty well. She is kind and creative and can sing well. She is also book smart; street smart, not so much. She likes to read, so she knows a bunch of useless crap that other people don't. She is also good at math and science, and horrible at English and Social Studies. She has a weakness for chocolate, cake, and most anything with sugar, really. She is an adventurer, and can usually face danger and laugh. However, despite her tough, self-assured nature, she secretly pines for love and attention. Because of this secret longing, she often chooses to trust the wrong people. Also as in the backgorund, she is very naive, and so she cannot usually see very deep into people, which doesn't help her trust issue. But she has a very innocent, helpless look that makes almost anybody want to be her friend and help her out.

Height: 5'1"

Aquatic creature: Seahorse, but can communicate with other animals through a mix of gestures and seahorse-speak. She also has a strong tail that can easily grab things and hold on for a long time.

How was that? Is that okay?

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sounds good :-)

by the way i have yet to receive any bio messages form anyone else. my inbox was only half full, but i emptied it anyway a moment ago.

please message me your character profiles even if you have already.

Edited by phillip1882
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Um... my bio? It's almost exactly like MiKi' s... :mellow: Three minor changes though. 1. I am a BOY, not a girl. 2. I am not actually the oldest but I usually act like it ;).3. My aquatic animal is a shark. a gigantic, ( to a being the size of a barnacle) fire breathing (usually malfunctions) shark. and 4. I sing terribly. yep, I said 3.

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*facepalm* forgot the aqua-form....going to be a lovely semi-aquatic combo thing....probably would look awkward, but I don't really care...

so, mythical hippocampus crossed w/ centaur (hippocampus=half horse/half fish, so basically fish tail, horse torso and front legs, then top like a centaur) And with gills, too.

Edited by Shadow7
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*facepalm* forgot the aqua-form....going to be a lovely semi-aquatic combo thing....probably would look awkward, but I don't really care...

so, mythical hippocampus crossed w/ centaur (hippocampus=half horse/half fish, so basically fish tail, horse torso and front legs, then top like a centaur) And with gills, too.

It's cool. I'm a starfish. =P

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Sorry guys, I've been on holiday... But i'm BAACK!! :D

Anyway, here's my bio -

Name: Loki

Gender: Male

Background: Unknown parentage, one of the Æsir [Norse gods, seer-folk], carries the rune Kaen [Wildfire] on his arm [Kaen is always visible, no matter what form he takes.]

Personality: Wild and unpredictable, he is fast, cunninng and smart - also loyal to his close friends. Whatever you think he's thinking, he's not.

Aquatic Creature: Seal - Lithe and fast. Kaen is on the seal's belly

Additional info: He's a god in name, folks - he's just like any other person. He wont have any special super-attacks or anything :D Not sure if there's going to be much fighting or whatever, but if Loki fights he prefers sneaking, from the shadows sort of stuff. And he uses glam - kinda like magic, throws runes etc.

Edit - added the location of his rune on his seal form.

Oh yeah, Kaen looks something like this:

r6.gif [On his arm/body/wherever] or if made with the hands like this: 06_L.jpg

Edited by Panther
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5 people, Miki, Flame, Shade, Molly, and Loki, have each come to Amazing World of Gaming to try out the games, for one reason or another.


each of you sees a wide variety of arcade games, some with classic 2d graphics, others that are panoramic 3d.

*there's a help desk person for you to talk to when you're ready to begin your adventure.*

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*Molly approaches the help desk and withdraws a fiver, an excited smile on her face. She places the money on the desk and slides it across the desk.*

I'll have the usual--a shot of Jack and 20 tokens, hold the Jack.

*She tries to keep a straight face, but a smile slowly breaks through.*

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The help desk lady smiles, "Thank you. here's your 20 tokens." the help desk lady leans in. "if you want a real adventure you may want to consider playing World Quest, its the best. It's located in the back, but requires at least four people to play."

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