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And as one is solved, another appears:

I am often euphemized

And more frequently utilized.

Hold still, stay put, don’t go away,

It’s the same thing every day.

Do it right or you’ll be loose,

Don’t you dare nail that caboose,

Don’t let what’s below your head hang out…

That’s what my life is all about.

Cross my head and hope to die…

Can you tell me, who am I?

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I agree with anon! You have to be shadlyn! :P:lol:

A dam?

*blinks* No but...

Huh, that works surprisingly well. I don't *think* it quite meets all the lines, but it's always fascinating to see other people's approach to your thoughts, how they can come at the same thing and get something completely different but still pretty accurate. And...huh. That's...good.

Still, no. Not the goal.

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