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You, Leslie Young, have just retrieved the ancient staff of the island known as Barrio del Sol, met up with Mike, the man whose private jet crashed into the island, and are now going to sleep. Last night you dreamed of a memory from your childhood, and tonight you have another…

You were seven years old, and had just played Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata" flawlessly. “How was that daddy?”

“It was the best thing I ever heard! You should be a professional piano player!”

“But I want to put the bad guys away like you do!”

“Okay, okay, but you might need to have a cover identity sometime.”

“What does that mean, a cover ‘idendiddy’?”

“A cover ‘identity’ is where you pretend to be someone else so you can get information to put the bad guys in jail.”

“Do you need a cover i-ten… i-dend… thingy?”

“Not now, but I have used one before, and I’ll probably have one another time. Now go get ready for dinner. We’re having pizza!”

“PIZZA!” Your dad, George Downs, always made the best pizza, better even than his Italian friends.

The phone rang, and George picked it up.

“It’s for you, ‘Princess’ Leslie. Don’t take too long or the pizza will be cold.” You took the phone.


“Hi Leslie! I got something for you!” Maggie, now your friend in the police, always called you when a classmate’s pet was missing, lost a necklace, or something else like that. This memory is of something bigger though. “Did you hear that Steven isn’t gonna be coming to school for a while?”

“Yeah, 'cause of that injury, right?”

“Well, I overheard my daddy saying, ‘The kidnapped child is in my daughter’s class.' Don’t tell anyone I told you this, but I think that Steven is this kidnapped child.” You heard a door close on her end. “Okay, tomorrow is good, so I’ll clean my room now. Bye Leslie!” You realized something at that second. Your dad only made his pizza on special occasions, and there was nothing particularly special on that day.

“I LOVE this pizza, daddy!”

“Why thank you, Princess. I even remembered to put that special topping on for you.”

“… I heard that Steven was kidnapped.” George and your mom, Regina, froze up and put down their slices. “That’s why you made the pizza, isn’t it?”

Your mom put her hand on top of yours, and tried to comfort you. “We didn’t want to worry you, dear, but we want you to help, since you two are such good friends.”

“Okay. I’ll help. What do I need to do?”

Your dad put his hand over your free hand and looked into your eyes. “I need to know that you can handle the pressure of a real case before I let you help. I was surprised you actually told me you knew he was kidnapped. Maggie’s dad actually let her overhear about that, so she would tell you. That was step one, finding out about the kidnapping. Next is for you to find out where and when he was kidnapped. I already know, but you need to be able to find things out without my help. Tomorrow after school, I want you to start investigating.”


The next day was a Friday, and school went as normal. The next week was spring break, and it gave you plenty of time to work on the case. After school, you started your investigation.




Walkie-Talkie (Maggie has the other)


The teachers might know something, and you can check out his desk.

What first?

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Leslie, a bit shaken up by the stranger, now collected her wits,

"Sir, do you know about a bo--"

"Come in first," the man cut in. Probably thinking that the young girl was asking of some toys.

Leslie followed the man to the shop. She once again questioned.

"Sir do you know about a boy, Steven? He must have came to your shop." said Leslie, in her cute serious voice.

The man was at first taken aback, then frowned, then went into a thoughtful look.

He said after a pause.


"Can you look up in your transcation list" persisted Leslie

"transaction list? " the man smiled, but was plainly annoyed. To be led by a little girl was inacceptable for him.

"I said no!" the man said with a rising volume this time.

Leslie, turned back, faced the door and went out as the man glared.

As she came out she walked a couple of steps away,

then put her hands in her previously empty pockets. and took out the bunny keychain to examine it once more.

the bunny keychain she found among the keychain in the giftshop, the bunny keychain she secretly took, the bunny keychain he had seen Steven have!

"The man might be powerful and loud voiced, but he wasnt observant" Leslie thought, giving a thought how easily she have took it.

As she turned the keychain, she saw "STV" written on it,

"So it belonged to steven" she made a note

"And that proves Steven was here"

"Which proves, the man is upto MIscheif"

Two thoughts struck her now,

Either to go away, tell her parents, tell the people, about the gift shop.

It was safe for her,

but risky for Stevens coz she knew that Steven was atleast not held there. The giftshop was too small.


Deal with the menance herself.

A dangerous thing,

but the kidnappers wouldnt get any wiser,

Plus it is safe for Steven

Reading thru previous stories would help you which choice to make

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Leslie look backed at the Gift shop. her mind was now made.

She completed a circle around the shop. Viewing it from all the angles.

She cut a leaf from her notebook, scribbled something in her childish scrawl, looked at the paper, frowned, and tossed that paper to a nearby dustbin.

She knew what she had to do. The idea was outrageous but that was what only came to her mind.

to get kidnapped to find the kidnappers

She neared the window at the back wall of the shop. Too high to climb.

What does she do?

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Leslie walks around looking for ladder,

no ladder there to be seen.

She walks around more to attract attention, but only convinces herself of the shop owners unobservant nature.

She have to go inside,

but the window is tad too high for her, a feet or half.

What does she do ? How can she make it to the window?

the thing have been mentioned

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An idea struck Leslie,

how bout she grab a slide from the playground?

but the idea she at once realised was a wild one.

"What can I do?" she thought, as her eyes went again to the bunny key chain.

She noticed there were two keys in it, maybe Stevens? maybe the guy in the giftshop?

"Maybe it is the backdoor" she exclaimed.

and ran to the back side of the shop. It was locked, the key fitted in, the door swung open.

She went in the room.

It was all untidy, card board boxes lay around the floor, ribbons and even some discarded toys.

Now two doors she faced,

judging from the position of the room, the right door would have opened to the main area of shop,

the left door went somewhere else, maybe another store room?

Which door do Leslie choose?


and head to a mysterious room


and head to the main shop,

(with probably the shop owner in there as well)

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Leslie made to the left room. Opened the door.

As she entered, something came from behind, strong scented and wet. Over her mouth.

The last thing she remembered was that she have been successful, successful in getting kidnapped, as she entered to the realm of unconsciousness.


She opened her eyes. It took time for her eyes to adjust, then she could make out the room. messed up, and with boxes all around, the gift shop?

"Where am I?" she questioned herself.

As she decided to get up she realised she was tied.

hand tied at the back, and legs too, tied together in strong bond of ropes.

Maybe she was in the very room she intended to go, she thought. But not the quite way she wanted.

What does she do?

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So well it seems, you guys havent seen the series before.

founded by Omega scales, this series was handed down to me.

what you do is give a possible next action, and I will complete the story as per the action.

There are choices, right and wrong.

For now,

What should Leslie do?

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Leslie tried reaching her pockets,


Tried again.


She then got an idea.

Threw herself to the ground, and let the keychain fall of from her pocket, onto the floor.

turned around and then picked the keychain from the floor.

sawing ropes of by the keychain?


but the thing was she didnt have a month, hardly an hour.

the bonds of ropes were too strong for the little keys and key chain.

The key chain is an evidence she though.

And there is no use taking a good evidence to bee kidnapped with you.

She looked around the room.

Some stuff, boxes cardboard in one corner.

A shelf, some stuff in there as well.

two windows, on one wall.

Young Leslie have a lot to do.

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Young Leslie hopped, crawled, and did whatever she could to reach to the Shelf tied.

There were various stuff in various shelves.

As she rummaged through them, her hand felt something metallic. She unearthed the thing buried under the mere knick knacks by her tied hands, and behold!

"A scissor!" Leslie cried out in her cute voice, "too good to be true" she completed.

and without wasting a moment, busied herself in cutting the bonds of ropes.

It wasnt easy still, to cut the ropes with tied hand, but she did it.

Now free of the ropes, she looked around.

The bunny keychain, a key evidence to take care of.

There can also be something among the cardboard boxes and other stuff.

There can also be much more 'usefuller' things in the shelf.

And there might be something beyond the door as well.

What does she do?

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