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"Using the power of Mana, a civilization had grown strong...

In time, Mana was used to create the ultimate weapon: the Mana Fortress...

This angered the gods. They sent their beasts to destroy the Fortress...

A violent war rocked the world, and Mana seemed to disappear...

Before all was lost, a hero with the Mana Sword smashed the Fortress...

Though the civilization had been destroyed, the world was peaceful again...

But time flows like a river...and history repeats..."

The capital of the Empire was Northtown, and so was the Resistance's base. The Resistance knew how to keep security tight...yet there was a back door in Southtown. Three figures made their way through this secret way, being given the password by Mara, a Resistance agent.

They were now surrounded by soldiers, and the leader was there.

"Here they are Krissie." said a soldier.

"Who're you? Imperial spies?"

The foremost of the three spoke up. "Hasn't Jema been here?"

"You know Jema? So you're the ones he's been talking about. Welcome to the Resistance!"

"My name's Randi." The boy replied.

A girl behind him spoke to Krissie. "You're the leader? A girl?"

The third newcomer, a sprite child of the Upperlands, broke in. "Jealous, Purim?"

"Knock it off Popoie. We need to hurry up and find Dyluck."

"Wait," said Krissie. "You know Dyluck?"


"He's been draining energy from people who go to the ruins in the east."

"That was happening in Pandora! Why would he...?"

"We'll check into it. Sounds like Thanatos' doing..."


Jema stood guard at the entrance to Tasnica, pondering the events of the day. Something was different about the king. Some questions are going to be asked soon, but he was almost afraid of the answers they would bring.


"Sheex has infiltrated Tasnica."

"Yes, Thanatos."

"...the Mana Knight is growing into an obstacle."


"Let us be rid of him. He is here in Northtown. He does not leave alive."

"Yes, sir." Thanatos' general turned to leave.



"Do not fail me this time."

"I'm intent on revenge. He will slip past me no more."


"Hey boss! What next?"

The Scorpion Army Boss looked at her two soldiers. "What next? We're going to take Kilroy and defeat the Emperor! Nothing can stop us when we get rid of him!"


Northtown was filled with Resistance soldiers, Imperial spies, Mana heroes, dark villains. Thanatos smiled grimly from his spot by Emperor Vandole. Dyluck stood next to them, oblivious, fully in Thanatos' power.

It was only a matter of time

Heroes (WINCON: Eliminate the Bodyguard)

1. Randi: (Mana Knight) 1 RID kill per night

2. Purim: (Mana Pandoran) Uses mana to balloon target (block)

3. Popoie: (Mana Sprite) Uses mana to silence target (redirect)

4. Krissie: (Resistance Leader) 1 save per night

5. Jema: (Tasnican Knight) RID remedy for zombies; Randi's mentor (BTSC)

6. Mara: (Resistance Agent) Has 1 spy per night

Bodyguard (WINCON: Majority) Has NK and BTSC

1. Thanatos: (Dark Lich) Target becomes zombie until remedy from Jema (target can't act or post)

2. Geshtar: (Mech Rider) Second chance at Mana group (vote can x2)

3. Sheex: (Dark Stalker) Usurper of Tasnican throne (role steal/night) If lynched, night's stolen role will be shown

Scorpion Army (WINCON: Outlive Mana and Bodyguard)

1. Scorpion Army Boss: (DEPLOY KILROY!) Has RID kill/night. Can only be killed by RID. If targeted for NK or lynch, Army boy will die in her stead unless they're both dead.

2. Scorpion Army Boy #1: (Decoy) Has Popoie's ability on even nights and Krissie's on odd

3. Scorpion Army Boy #2: (Another decoy) Has Krissie's ability on even nights and Popoie's on odd

Sage Joch: LJ

1. Molly

2. maurice

3. Framm

4. Segul

5. araver

6. Hirkala

7. onetruth

8. NickFleming

9. woon

10. slick

11. Brandonb



1. Slick

No actions or votes will be accepted past 9:00 PM...uh...EST

Questions and suggestions for host in blue

Let the night begin. Send in your actions!

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I believe N1 started and will end tomorrow at 9pm EST. Not sure how LJ will do it but often if everyone gets Night actions in early the host will post the night early and maybe make day a little longer (still would end at 9pm 12/14 though).

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I will be at school for some of the time, could this be a problem, if so how much of a problem?

Game has a Day/Night cycle usually 24h/24h. So, coming once every day counts as being (minimally active). Usually, if you're not here for 48 hours i.e. miss a Day and a Night, you're replaced with a backup player - but host has the final call on what is inactiveness.

How do you use abilities, because if you posted it on the main thread then your role would be revealed, let's say you had a save role where do you say who you want to save.

Please do the following:

1) Read the

2) If you don't find an answer for your questions in there, you're next step is to PM (send a message via BD Messenger) the host (LJayden).

3) If you consider that your question would be of interest to all players (an actual example is your third question), then you post it in the game thread (in blue, as the host asked).

Thank you.

Also is Popoie a target redirector or a vote redirector

Target redirect fits better, from the description of the role.

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One person on this I know in real life am I allowed to coerce, trick, talk or manipulate them about anything to do with secrets of mana Mafia or is this considered illegal BTSC?

Edited by Segul
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Well, my action's in. If I'm not around for the beginning of the day tomorrow, I'm out building a robot.

Cool, are you new to Mafia or experienced? just wanted to know if I was the only rookie here

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segul im rookie too remember also i havent got my role yet andhow do you vote

Firno I was not talking to you, look at who I was replying to, I sent you an email about voting didn't I and I have emailed you about role.

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Seriously, I know Araver said I shouldn't post on here but how do I use my ability, I have sent a PM to the host, no reply, if nothing new soon I will just PM the host what I want to do and hope I either was supposed to do that or the host will just make it happen.


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