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  1. Y-san: what happens if everybody gets one vote? Is there some sort of tie-breaker?

    As per the tie rules, everyone dies :P. Well, except Lex (since it's Day 1), Vandal Savage, and maybe Artemis (if Red Arrow is still alive)...

  2. If I only knew that I'd end up with cronic heart palpitations and a compressed spine from sitting hunched over a computer all the time, I would never have started down this slippery slope called "mafia".

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  3. "My dear Mr. Bonanova,

    Ever since we first met here in this den of brains, you have been to me a source of enlightenment and inspiration. Now, you have shown me that it is time to revisit my enigmatic roots, remaining

    Me1910219053573497532. (4,13)

    839El90537475102Ma6753,Mu490Tr. (13)

    7439Do49907453810227.90Qu53742039Ma154391Do. (6,15)

    903153Af. (11)

    My11531667.5353My5To1974815Do10219. (20,29)

    905310242De90An89. (17,24)

    553Ab90DuRo8Ex.53249MeEx.9053745316My81559,8882453,953959088499074. (11,12)

    5395A35,7490758Me53AMeAp. (22,25)

    532037435.74El5390To39? (5)

    Ed10En,74.5353A348Le,7490Gr99057. (5)


  4. Panting heavily from the exertion of climbing up the long slope, Agent Flamebirde glanced back at his companions, where were attempting to push a heavy motor up a hill. Agent ShadowAngel had come up with a clever idea, but before she and Agent Aaryan could work out how to implement it, an idea came to Flamebirde. He held out his picks and let them dematerialize back into energy, and he used that energy to construct a Giant Motor that mirrored Agent Aaryan's. Then, utilizing gravity and the slickness of the slope itself, he was easily able to turn up the ice and make the hill traverseable, albeit with care.


    Great ideas, all! You can still work on the electric motor idea, if you wish, but you have sufficed to get past the first part! :)

  5. Night 1

    It was a warm, humid Night, and dee_dot could feel his head getting heavy as he strolled down the scantily lit street.

    Suddenly a noise from behind him startled him back to awareness. He spun around, but not quickly enough to prevent his arms from being pulled back into tight restraint.

    “I am sorry,” came a voice from the shadows.

    “Please...I’m not ready to die yet,” dee_dot pleaded.

    The figure stepped forward...


    “I am not here to kill you,” said Aqualad. “But I need to request that you stand down for the Night.”

    “Uh...okay...” dee_dot replied slowly. “Not like I have a choice, I guess...”

    ShadowAngel twirled the straw in her appletini disinterestedly as she glanced around the bar.

    She had lost count of the men who had come up to her toNight to offer to buy her next drink, but none had so much as begun to pique her interest. They had all just been so...ordinary.

    “Not finding anything you like in the swarm?” a sultry voice came from behind her. She turned and found a beautiful dark-haired, olive-skinned woman smiling intently at her.

    “No...” she stammered, feeling her cheeks get red. There was someone about the woman...something...mesmerizing...

    “Well, I know a few things you could try,” Queen Bee ran her fingers skillfully around the rim of her cocktail glass. “I could show you, if you wanted...”


    Vandal Savage huffed with purpose as he lifted the 500lb weighted bar up to his shoulders. Imbeciles, he thought, he was surrounded by imbeciles and narcissistic fools.


    Queen Bee had gone off to ‘entertain’ herself, while who knew where in the world Klarion was...actually, he was probably not even in this world.

    His fists clenched with fury and there was a cracking sound. The weight plates on each side came crashing to the ground as the steel bar snapped like a twig.

    He sighed in disgust as he surveyed the mess around him.

    “Um...excuse me?” a voice came from the doorway. Araver stepped carefully through.

    “Who are you?” Savage demanded.

    “I’m from IT,” Araver said, “I was called here to fix something...I’m not sure what, but the guy on the phone said I’d be paid quadruple overtime, so...”

    Savage felt his primal rage boiling up inside him to a greater extent than it had since the Dark Ages...literally.

    Not seeming to notice, Araver chuckled to himself. “I gotta say, this place was pre-etty hard to find, but I called the guy and he gave me really good directions...”

    IMBECILES! Savage screamed in his head as his fist slammed into Araver’s.

    Watchtower: Y-san


    1. Aaryan
    2. Panther
    3. dee_tot
    4. Kikacat123
    5. Araver - DEAD [?] Killed by "The Light"
    6. Vommack
    7. Kingofpain
    8. Flamebirde
    9. Minesweeper
    10. MikeD
    11. ShadowAngel7

    Day 1 begins now, voting closes at 9PM CST tomorrow, 6/14!

  6. Oh, one more clarification:

    I don't usually show redirects, but Queen Bee's ability will be shown in the Night Post regardless of whether it ends up being a redirect or a block (and it will not show which).


  7. Was the poison ingested, or was it strong enough to kill just if you got it on you?

    Theory for poison administration:

    Perhaps all three were in on the murder? One of them could have sneaked into the building and put poison on one side of a knife, then wiped off the excess with the napkin. All three could be lying that they were there the whole time. The murderer would see that they had silverware, and just ask them if they needed any to throw the police off the trail. The knife would be on the table, so maybe some poison would have gotten on it. When the woman cut some chicken or something, the poison got in her food.

    Just a crazy theory.


    Interesting idea, but how would they know Caroline would use the knife and not her brother?

    (Btw, there is indeed one killer ;))

  8. Interestingly, when i came into the situation, everyone was arguing against her. She had been banned from MM and I was hosting a game that she signed up for. Someone PM'd me here and gave me a fair bit of warning about her. After a bit of investigation, I found people were saying some pretty harsh things about her. She seemed pretty fine to me. I tried to help her integrate into the community, but for some reason she thought I was trying to sabotage her. Eventually, the conversation was reduced to personal attacks. I eventually said some things I really wish I hadn't. I blocked her and wouldn't go down that road with her ever again. Not without very good reason, anyway.

    I tried to help her and I got burned. That's my perspective. If she ever came back, I would stay neutral--no help, no harm.

    Fair enough.

    Honestly, though, from the admittedly little I've read, I feel kinda sorry for her. I had an awkward childhood, being a geek, introvert, one of those creative ppl who are hyper-sensitive (supposedly it's why so many, like, famous artists, poets, composers, and whatnot go insane), and, like, only Asian person at my school. I didn't develop very good social skills, well, any social skills at all, really, until I went to a college where the majority of the population was actually more socially awkward than me! :lol:;). Later, I met a girl who had the same issues as I did when I was younger and I felt really bad for her, I wished I had helped her more, but I think I was afraid...maybe of exposing myself to my memories of hard times :(. I dunno...I think my biggest regrets in life are when I feel like I could have helped ppl but I chose not to...:/

    Anyways, I wish the best for this Sakura Chan and hope she'll eventually find her way like I did, I would like to thank you for sharing your perspective, and I hope ppl here treat and are treated with the respect and kindness they deserve :).

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  9. Hmm...okay...not sure how to take that... :huh:;)

    Another clarification on the Indie role: The restriction on Klarion's ability also applies to Impulse's ability (basically any Day ability).

    Also in general: Day abilities cannot be blocked.

    Thanks for all the participation ^_^.

  10. Hehe... I do not think I played Mafia with you (it seems my last game was your first where I died on the first night) but I remember other interactions from around when Brainden started...

    Erm...I was mafia my first game...so...*whistling* ...sorry I don't remember killing you? :lol:

  11. Facing the freezing winds, one agent bravely summoned up a pair of pickaxes and scaled the icy mountain side alone.

    Another, who had been considering his course of action, summoned up a giant motor to soften up the ice into snow so that the entire team could make it up the hill. They would be needing the team for the next tasks, he knew that much. But the slope was steep, and he, being a man, not a super-man, could not push the motor up the hill by himself. He needed something else. He needed help from his fellow agents.

  12. Checking in for the game as well... My first game in several years (I was in the first 3-4 games and Y-san was there too) :) I must say things have changed a lot since...

    Whoa, really? Where you under this account? I don't seem to remember you...

  13. Like most of my Schrodinger's catty remarks, it was meant as neither a compliment or an insult, but rather an amused observation about the state of society and human existence ;)

    But neways, let's try not to get too off topic *whistling*

  14. This might be a silly question, but what are the win cons? I have looked, honest...

    Last faction standing. :)

    Does this include the Indy?


    Edit: Speaking of the indy, two things I forgot to specify in the OP:

    Redirects are under the same restrictions as blocks. Lex may manipulate the mafia NK if he selects the NK carrier.

  15. Was she actually rude, or just unpleasant? She must have been bad to make the Smiley Queen use a frowny face!

    She was both.

    I actually tried to help her, too. Never again.

    Wow, "never" is kind of harsh.

    In response to the topic: Personally, I've never down-voted anyone, any topic, or any post...and if I gave a damb about popularity, I would wear makeup and learn how to 'small talk' ;P.

    When was this? I have no idea who this Sakura Chan was or what all she did, but I'm guessing that she is/was a teenager when this all went down so who knows what she would be like, like, 5, 10 or 20 years down the road. *shrugs*

    Having changed a lot in college myself, I'm a believer that people change (although admittedly not always for the better), and I'm a fan of second chances. Maybe it's in my DNA, but I'm not one to hold grudges. I also try to take a fair and balanced view of others rather than focus on the slights they've dealt me or the ones I care about. One of my favorite Shakespeare quotes (and one of the few I consider to actually be underused): "The evil that men do live after them, the good is oft interred with their bones."

    Anyways, I just wanted to throw in my two cents in case it might help some of the teenagers around here open up their perspective ;).

    Edit: Well, okay, I do still hold a grudge against Bb for hiding like a big fat coward in the mafia safehouse every Night in Mafia VI (I think it was VI) ;P

  16. Oh, and I'm hoping this is small/compact enough not to need replacement, but if anyone who is reading this is interested in being a back-up, please PM me or post the in sign-up thread.

    Thank you!

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