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  1. An idea the shape of a lightbulb went on inside Agent Vistaptb’s mind, and Agent Flamebirde was happy to coordinate the details. He morphed his hang glider into a hot air balloon, which he embarked on with Agent Vistaptb’s water of life filled gun, and proceeded to quench the ever-lasting thirst of the Flower of Destiny.

    As it absorbed the life-giving waters, the bud began to tremble. Suddenly, it stiffened straight up and its immense petals. They were outlined in a rich, deep purple, with a golden-orange speckled yellow interior. Upon reaching full bloom, a deep green oval appeared in its center, which began to grow in size until it was large enough for the agents to step through: a portal.

    The agents exchanged wary looks, but they had come too far to be having second thoughts now. Nodding encouragement to each other, the team stepped through, and found themselves...

    ...in a strange room with a square base. There was some static over the neuro-link, then Janine's voice: "Um...we're getting some readings...there's some things you should know..."


    Task: Escape the room.

    Notes: The room is filled with a volatile gas that will explode if it comes in contact with fire, electricity, or potential sparks. The walls are made of a material that cannot be cut into by any known means. The only way out is through the hatch on the ceiling, which is booby-trapped and will cause the room to explode if attempts are made to open it without the key. The key is in a block of ice that will not melt by itself within a reasonable amount of time.


    Supplementary rule: The maximum amount of a liquid one agent may create is the volume (100 m)^3 at the temperature and pressure of the level.

  2. I disagree that the lynch switch needs to be altered, it worked pretty much the way it was intended. I agree that it was overpowered at the end, but that was b/c the 'mass outing' at the end was exactly what the lynch switch was designed to punish.

    I actually spent a good deal of time considering what restrictions to put on the lynch switch in terms of what I wanted it to accomplish, and in the end I decided the only restriction I wanted on it was not to make Vandal Savage nearly invincible.

    There were two main reasons I designed the lynch switch as so:

    1) To discourage the 'mass outing' scenarios that waaaaayyyyyy too many mafia games degenerate into. That is, when the innocents all blatantly hint at their roles, and the mafia is cornered by not having a role to hint at. This generally takes the fun out of being mafia and has been a problem hosts have been trying to deal with since I started playing.

    There are different ways hosts try to accomplish this. Some hosts explicitly prohibiting players from outing themselves, but I do not like telling players what they can and cannot say. I prefer allowing players to try to figure out the consequences of their actions and come up with creative strategies. Another method is by giving the mafia a spy role, but I generally don't like straight spies, and in a lot of my games I don't have them (this was an exception).

    A common way to deal with the mass outing is RID kills, which, frankly, I've gotten bored with ;), so I try to think of other interesting roles that penalize outing. The RID manipulate is one of my favorites, since it can be 'the gift that keeps on giving', so to speak...imagine a RID manipulator with his/her claws in the innocent killing role... :ph34r:. The RID lynch swap does not 'keep on giving', since it, like the RID kill, can only be used on an outed player once, but if many players out themselves too specifically, then it becomes overpowered, and I decided that is what I wanted. If the innocents tried to corner the mafia through blatant outing, I liked the fact that it would back-fire on them.

    I do want to mention that vommack did a great job at the beginning at getting out info (about Savage/Aaryan) without specifically outing himself. As Araver mentioned in the ghost thread, since the mafia originally believed him to be Nightwing, if they had tried to lynch swap him, they would have failed and lost one of their own.

    Which brings me to my second intent:

    2) Okay, admittedly this may be a personal bias, but I really like sneaky innocents ;P. In my mafia player 'career', I definitely lied more as an innocent than as a mafia, and those were my favorite times. One of my favorite playing experiences was Heroes 1.2 (I believe that was the number), in which I was an innocent with BTSC with a saving role, and boy, did I lie my @$$ off... :lol:...and in doing so, I managed to corner and draw the fire of the Company (the mafia), thereby saving some other innocent, and Sylar (the indie), and, let me tell you, was that victory ever sweet :D (despite, or perhaps made even more so by, a snafoo by the host :rolleyes:).

    Anyways, the secondary 'goal' with the lynch swap was to allow the innocents to experiment with strategies that involved trying to trick and manipulate the mafia. I try to make games that I myself would like to play, so I usually add an element or two of potential innocent deceptivity (yes, I know that's not actually a word...but it should be ;P). Of course, players are free not to use it, but I like the opportunity to be there ^_^.

    Anyways, all and all I think the players played a great game, despite most of them being unfamiliar with my game theoretical machinations ;).

  3. Night 5

    The circle of young heroes cornered Kingofpain, eyeing him warily, various weapons at the ready.

    “Guys, c’mon...it’s not what you think...I’m on your side, really...”

    Meeooowww,” Teekyl purred, emerging from a cat-sized red breach in the fabric of spacetime. The familiar languidly brushed up against Kop’s scrawny calves.

    The boy frowned, “bad kitty,” then shrugged. “Oh well, guess the cat’s out of the bag...kekeke...” He raised a hand, palm side up, and a fissure his own size appeared. “Time to move on to greener dimensions...”

    “Not so fast,” Flamepulse stepped forward, a electromagnetic field disrupter designed by Nikawing strapped to his back. He began to race around Koplarion, melding into a red and white blur, and the escape portal began to shimmer and short-circuit.

    “MEEEOOOWWW!!!” the infuriated familiar shifted into its were-form, and prepared to leap over the vertically challenged Flamepulse wall.

    As it did so, though, its motion halted in mid-air. It yowled irately as it waved its paws around to no avail.

    “Someone needs a time out,” remarked Vomm’gann, eyes glowing, as she held the feline telekinetically. She shot a quick glance at Panther, who was standing still, hand behind his back. “Aren’t you going to help?”

    Panther nodded. “Of course...” He whipped out his hand, revealing a black ring sitting on his index finger. A beam of blackness shot out from it, in front of Vomm’gann.

    “What’s that?” Nikawing asked, eyebrows furrowed.

    A smug smile crossed Panther’s face. “I said I would help...but I didn’t say I would help you.”

    The blackness swirled and then began to shape itself into an all too familiar figure...a strapping young lad with two magical whips on his arms.

    “Caldur?” Vomm’gann asked, levitating towards him. “Is that you?”

    But something was wrong...instead of white-hot electricity, his whips were now tendrils of blackness. His skin was sallow, with a grayish pallor, an ominous black aura enveloped his form, and when he looked up at her, his eyes were blank, emotionless.

    “M’gann, wait...” Nikawing tried to warn her, but it was too late. Suddenly the black whips flung out and caught the (relatively) young martian around the torso and neck, pinning her arms and choking her.

    Nikawing dashed forward to help his comrade, but was cut off by another beamof black light. “Uhn uhn,” Queen P tsked. “I have different playmate for you.”

    This blast took on the form of a female, holding a long bow. This figure had the same deathly pallor, and the same black aura of wrongness.

    “No...it can’t be...” Nikawing shook his head.

    Abruptly the black Artemike loosed an arrow at him, which he managed to dodge with an agile back flip...but just barely.

    Queen P laughed gleefully. “This is just too much fun! Hmm...let’s see who else we can get to join the party.” She aimed the black ring on the other side of Nikawing and shot another black beam.

    The blur that was Flamepulse flashed across the way, deflecting it into the mouth of a dark alleyway, as he went to help Vomm’gann.

    But as her concentration wavered, so did her mental grip on were-Teekyl, who clawed free and pounced on the speedster, catching him off guard and pinning him to the ground.

    The now free and clear Koplarion disappeared into the red crack and reappeared from a different one next to Queen P. “Silly children,” his grin overflowed with mirth.

    The queen shot a sideways glance at his adolescent form. “Mmm...hmm...”

    Not seeming to notice, the Lordling of Chaos stooped over to examine her new accessory. “Where did you get that, anyways.”

    A perplexed expression flitted over her face. “I...I’m not sure...I...don’t...”

    As Queen P was struggling to grasp at the straws of a forgotten memory, Nikawing, who had managed to evade black Artemike for the moment, vaulted up behind her, and prepared to karate-chop her in the neck.

    There was a whizzing sound, and then Nikawing grunted and topped over, revealing a bullet hole in her back. Back-tracking the projectile’s trajectory with their eyes, the remaining members of the Light witnessed a shadowy form of a bald man emerging from the alleyway.

    “Well, better late than never,” Queen P remarked, although there a discernable note of a tremor was in her voice. “Welcome to the party, Lex.”

    Shadow Lex’s emotionless face did not change as he lowered the smoking gun to his side.

    Kloparion stroked his now back-to-just-being-fat sized cat as he surveyed the scene of fallen heroes. “‘Looks like our fun here is done. Now what?”

    “How about we celebrate.” Queen P’s rouge lips curved into an alluring smile. She tenderly moved a smooth finger under his chin. “I bet I know a few things even you haven’t seen before...”

    She leaned over and whispered something in the Witch Boy’s ear, and the pair began to move away, into the moonlight, and the dark forms of the undead stared at their retreating figures blankly, unmoving. It was the Blackest Night, and the Light had won.

    After the victors of this battle had disappeared around a corner, the shadowy form of Lex...


    1. Aaryan - [Vandal Savage] Kill Araver
    2. Panther - [Queen Bee] Redirect ShadowAngel to dee_tot
    3. dee_tot - [Superboy] Save ShadowAngel
    4. Kikacat123 - [Nightwing] Flamebirde
    5. Araver - [Aqualad] Block Dee_dot
    6. Vommack - [Miss Martian] Watch Aaryan
    7. Kingofpain - [Klarion] N/A
    8. Flamebirde - [Impulse] N/A
    9. Minesweeper - [Red Arrow] inactive
    10. MikeD - [Artemis] N/A
    11. ShadowAngel7 - [Lex Luthor] Aaryan as Nightwing

    1. Aaryan - [Vandal Savage] N/A
    2. Panther - [Queen Bee] Redirect vommack Flamebirde
    3. dee_tot - [Superboy] Save Kingofpain
    4. Kikacat123 - [Nightwing] Spy vommack
    5. Araver - [Aqualad]
    6. Vommack - [Miss Martian] Watch Aaryan
    7. Kingofpain - [Klarion] Kill MikeD
    8. Flamebirde - [Impulse] N/A
    9. Minesweeper - [Red Arrow]
    10. MikeD - [Artemis] Kill Aaryan
    11. ShadowAngel7 - [Lex Luthor] vommack as Nightwing, Kingofpain as Nightwing

    Host notes: Innocents just lost two killing roles in a row...ouch....although it's not the worst thing that could have happened...that would be if Lex had figured out who the killing role was >D

    1. Aaryan - [Vandal Savage]
    2. Panther - [Queen Bee] Redirect ShadowAngel to Flamebirde
    3. dee_tot - [Superboy] Save vommack
    4. Kikacat123 - [Nightwing] Spy dee_dot
    5. Araver - [Aqualad]
    6. Vommack - [Miss Martian] Watch Panther (was manipulated to watch kikacat instead)
    7. Kingofpain - [Klarion] Kill vommack
    8. Flamebirde - [Impulse] N/A
    9. Minesweeper - [Red Arrow]
    10. MikeD - [Artemis]
    11. ShadowAngel7 - [Lex Luthor] vommack as Miss Martian on kikacat (successful), dee_dot as Nightwing, Panther as Nightwing (last one was redirected, as per RNG)

    Host notes: Hehe...now this is getting interesting. Vommack would have seen QB redirecting Shadow, but Shadow manipulated him to see kikacat acting on dee_dot...and vommack is not aware he's been manipulated, so... :lol:

    7. Kingofpain - [Klarion] Lynch switch self with dee-dot (Superboy)

    Host notes: Okay, so Klarion/KoP wants to lynch switch himself with Superboy, which is actually probably the best move at this point, although he shouldn't know it, lol. Artemis could still be alive, and it should be pretty obvious from the lack of Aqualad action he's dead, so keeping Superboy alive and redirecting him with Queen Bee's ability should be what would seem like the best option at this point. But since Artemis is actually dead, getting rid of the save is best, although not for Lex ;)

    1. Aaryan - [Vandal Savage]
    2. Panther - [Queen Bee] Redirect Kikacat to Vommack, NK ShadowAngel
    3. dee_tot - [Superboy]
    4. Kikacat123 - [Nightwing] Spy ShadowAngel
    5. Araver - [Aqualad]
    6. Vommack - [Miss Martian] Watch Kingofpain
    7. Kingofpain - [Klarion] N/A
    8. Flamebirde - [Impulse] N/A
    9. Minesweeper - [Red Arrow]
    10. MikeD - [Artemis]
    11. ShadowAngel7 - [Lex Luthor] Kikacat as Nightwing on Panther (successful although redirected), Kingofpain as Klarion to NK Kika (RID successful, wrong NK carrier), Panther as Klarion, Flamebirde as Impulse (successful)

    Host notes: Damb, Lex/Shadow was sooo close :/ I'm pretty sure the mafia is going to win at this point unless the innocents can pull off something super sneaky and confuse the mafia about their identities.

    8. Flamebirde - [

    Impulse] Save lynch target

    Host notes: Uh...wow...the innocents would have had a really good chance of winning if Impulse hadn't done that, lol...Kingofpain is either the best mafia player ever or the luckiest... :ph34r:


    Congrats to "The Light" for pulling off an astonishing victory! Thanks to everyone for playing and making this game very interesting and enjoyable to host!

    There were a bunch of twists and turns throughout the course of the game...the mafia got lucky taking out the block and both killing roles by Night 2, the innocents got lucky finding Vandal Savage early, and then there was some pretty amusing confusion due to Lex's ability.

    A special commendation to ShadowAngel for being a near perfect Lex Luthor...laying low (action wise) at the beginning and gathering info and power rather than fishing for the big action roles (Arrow/Artemis) and drawing attention to herself. If you'd only survived Night 4, you would have won for sure :).

    And a special...uh I'm not sure what :lol: to Kingofpain for somehow making all the right choices at the crucial points in the game, although I'm not sure whether you realized it at the time...you either have ridiculous mafia intuition or ridiculous luck, dude ;P.

    To everyone: you were all great, and a fun crowd to hang with. I'm looking forward to having you all in future mafias...(I may do JLU2 or another mini-mafia, or maybe even one of my crazy mad mafiatist 'experiments'...I'm thinking this is a good enough crowd to try something a bit more challenging ;) )

    Thanks again!

    Watchtower Out

  4. Day 4

    The newly appointed executioner (where had that other one gone?) led the bagged figure up the steps to the the platform.

    "Ya sure you got the right one this time?" the haggle-toothed lever puller asked, his face set in a look of consternation.

    The executioner nodded. The lever puller shrugged and took his place.

    The crowd this time was smaller, and full of uncertain, confused faces. The booing and jeering was half-hearted, at best.

    The prisoner did not resist as the executioner put the noose around his neck and gave the lever puller a thumbs up sign.

    The lever puller shrugged again and pulled the lever. The hatch opened and...

    Suddenly a blur wooshed past the scraggly members of the audience, up the platform, and through where the prisoner hung, drawing up a cloud of dust in its wake. After the dust settled, the coughing crowd was able to discern the figure of the prisoner, standing on the ground, hands unbound.

    The now no longer condemned slowly removed his hood...

    Kingofpain smiled out at the audience.

    Watchtower: Y-san


    1. Aaryan - REMOVED [Vandal Savage]
    2. Panther
    3. dee_tot - DEAD [Superboy] Lynched
    4. Kikacat123
    5. Araver - DEAD [?] Killed by "The Light"
    6. Vommack
    7. Kingofpain
    8. Flamebirde
    9. Minesweeper - DEAD [Red Arrow] Lynched
    10. MikeD - DEAD [?] Killed by "The Light"

    11. ShadowAngel7 - DEAD [?] Killed by "The Light"

    Night 5 begins now, ends 9PM CST tomorrow 6/21!

  5. Round 5 Sign-ups

    Eastern Army




    Western Army




    This round will be slightly different, and there will be no penalty for not participating and no bonus for participating (in terms of current debt/balance).

    It consist of 3 one on one 'battles', which will be fought simultaneously (additional threads will likely be created). Each player will be given 150mil BD$ at the beginning of the round, and will be required to return $100mil at the end. A team's balance/debt will be divided equally among all three players of the team at the end of the round. Teams will be allowed to discuss with each other during the round (BTSC threads will be created).

    It will require exactly 6 players, so first come first serve and if it is a player's turn and they do not respond within 24 hours, they will forfeit the battle, and lose the $150 they have at stake for their battle to the opposing team. Please do not sign up unless you plan to be active. Thank you.

  6. EDIT: If we lynch a goodie today, it's all over. We can't redirect/block the NK, right?

    Um, was this supposed to be purple?

    The mafia NK is blockable, redirectable, and manipulatable.

  7. Night 4

    (In a world far far away...and yet closer than you might think...)

    “Hurry!” the dark-haired woman urged as she watched in horror the scene playing out in distance from her 6th floor window.

    It was coming. And it was annihilating everything in its wake.

    The tall man she was speaking to shook his head. “I can’t rush this...if I calibrate the frequency incorrectly the ship will be torn apart by secondary harmonic oscillations in the vortex...”

    There was a loud crash as something solid and large impacted the side of their building, probably projected as a result of a compression front.

    The infant cradled in the woman’s arms began to cry, and she gently rocked him and cooed, “sssshhhh...it’s alright, my love, everything will be alright,” but the look in her eyes as she glanced back out the window said definitively otherwise.

    Dust and the debris from collapsed buildings, torn-up roads, and god knew what else floated up in mid-air, suspended by the anti-gravity field of the antimatter wave...the wave that was approaching, fast.

    The baby cried louder.

    “Almost there...” the man grunted, turning a few tight knobs, “...there! I got it!”

    The woman bounced the baby one final time and hustled over to the small traveling ship. With a doleful expression on her pretty face, she leaned over and planted a gentle kiss on her son’s forehead. “Take care my love,” she whispered, and placed the infant and the hope of her world into the tiny vessel.

    Taking her hand in a firm yet comforting grip, the man gave his son one last fatherly pat on his tiny hairless head and then closed the ship’s hatch. Then he exchanged a final meaningful look with his wife as the building began to shake and disintegrate, and pressed the button on the machine.

    The cries of the baby rang out through the dimensional walls as his parents’ faces disappeared into the blinding darkness.

    (Somewhere over the rainbow...on “Earth Prime”)

    The girl mentally chewed on the end of a pencil (seriously, who used pencils these days?) as she stared at the blank document in front of her on the computer screen.

    It stared back.

    Bah, she thought. Writer’s block is a b....

    Her speakers emitted a beep, indicating she had a new message in gchat. She tabbed to it.

    It was a friend from college, asking: “Hey, how’s it going?”

    “Terrible,” she replied, “I’m trying to think of ways to kill ppl.”


    “For the game I’m hosting,” she added hastily. “I can’t think of anything interesting to write.”

    “Oh...what’s it about?”

    “DC superheroes and stuff,” she answered, pursing her lips.

    “You can’t think of anything to write about DC superheroes?”

    “No, I can think of plenty to write about DC superheroes, but I can’t use it...”

    “Why not?”

    Because it has nothing to do with the game, she thought, but her fingers froze on the keyboard as a mental representation of the inextricably convoluted storylines she had been reading about on wikipedia for the last two days popped into her head. Hmmm....

    “Talk to you later,” she told her friend. “I have a Post to write...”

    (Back on Earth 1.1....or was it 1.2...?)

    ShadowAngel strolled down the boardwalk, donning an aura of self-assurance. She paused and patted the bulge in her pocket, smiling to herself.

    “Hello, dear,” a smooth voice accosted her. “So we meet again.”

    A smile spread over Shadow’s face. She turned, “So we do...hello Queen.”

    An interested expression spread over the dictator’s olive complexion. “Well, you seem different...”

    “Oh, I am...” Shadow replied slowly, as her hand slipped into the pocket. Abruptly, she drew it out and thrust what was in at the slim-figured woman.

    A golden lasso wound around Queen Bee’s neck, holding her still. “What’s this?” the queen choked, grasping unfruitfully at the inexplicably strong coil.

    “Just a piece I borrowed from...a friend,” Shadow replied, twisting the other end around her wrist. “Now, as you can see, I am immune from your charms.”

    “No...” Queen Bee coughed. “You can’t do this...I’m...the Qu...Queen! You mu...must love...me!”

    Shadow tsked. “Puh-leeze. Haven’t you heard of Machiavelli? It’s better to be feared than to be loved.”

    “Perhaps,” a voice interrupted from seemingly out of nowhere.

    Shadow spun around, and then covered her eyes as a violet light erupted in front of her.

    “I’m sure Sinestro would agree with you,” remarked the violet-glow-enveloped woman who glided forward, levitating off the ground. “You two would make a great pair, I think, but unfortunately for you, he’s not here.”

    “Who are you?” Shadow demanded, clutching the Lasso of Truth more tightly.

    “Me? Well, I had a name when I was but a human, but now that the Zamarons have bestowed this gift upon me, I no longer need it.”

    “Gift?” Shadow echoed suspiciously.

    The mysterious woman giggled. “Yes, this gift...of love. Let me show you the true power of love...the true power of the Star Sapphires.”

    The violet glow around her stretched and surrounded Shadow in its blinding aura. Queen Bee closed her eyes and few moments later felt the noose around her neck loosening. When she opened her eyes she was greeted by the sight of Shadow’s limp, lifeless form, which was seemingly vanishing into thin air.

    “Wha...what did you do?” she stammered out.

    The mysterious woman smiled. “Just righting a wrong that should never have existed, a perturbation in the fabric of space and time itself.”

    The queen kept staring at the fading figure, then, when it was completely gone, finally asked, still clearly shaken, “And me? What do you plan to do with me?”

    Instead of answering, the woman floated over to her and tenderly placed a hand on her temple.

    Queen Bee felt a wave of warmth wash over her, soothing her, calming her, and her eyes slowly slid closed...

    “Are you alright?” a girl’s voice asked.

    The dictator of Bialya sat up and shook her head. Something seemed be fading away from her, a memory, a glimpse of something she shouldn’t have seen...she tried to catch it, but it evaporated like a wisp of smoke.

    The girl in front of her held out a cup. “Some water, you should drink it.”

    “Yes...” Queen Bee said slowly, taking the cup. “Thank you, uh...”

    “Kika,” the girl answered, giving her a bright smile. “Kikacat.”

    Queen Bee took a long sip, and then felt herself returning. “Kikacat...” the queen repeated, and a seductive smile slid over her face. “That’s a very pretty name. Please, let me show you my thanks...”

    Watchtower: Y-san


    1. Aaryan - REMOVED [Vandal Savage]
    2. Panther
    3. dee_tot - DEAD [Superboy] Lynched
    4. Kikacat123
    5. Araver - DEAD [?] Killed by "The Light"
    6. Vommack
    7. Kingofpain
    8. Flamebirde
    9. Minesweeper - DEAD [Red Arrow] Lynched
    10. MikeD - DEAD [?] Killed by "The Light"

    11. ShadowAngel7 - DEAD [?] Killed by "The Light"

    Day 4 begins now, ends 9PM CST tomorrow 6/20!

  8. So, Yoruichi-San, what do you have to say for yourself? Demon cat?

    Uh...meowhahahaha? :P


    Ha, heir Schrodinger...look who's the outside the damb box? ;P

    Edit: Clarification: The "cannot target the same player twice in a row" restrictions only apply to role abilities, not, for example, the mafia BTSC NK.

  9. Day 3

    The audience was a sea of somber faces as they led the condemned up to the gallows. The executioner had to drag him along by chains attached to manacles around his hands, since a sack hung over his head, obscuring his vision.

    “Die, scum!” a disheveled old woman called out, and lobbed a rotten tomato at the prisoner. Her cry was echoed, and so was the projecting of over-ripe fruit (yes, apparently tomatoes are fruits).

    “Noo...you’re wrong!” the prisoner cried, although his voice was muffled by the burlap. “I’m innocent, I swear!”

    But the only replies were boo’s and hisses and a measured yank on the chains.

    After the unfortunate fellow was in place, the executioner placed a thick rope around his neck and secured it tight. Then the black-masked man nodded to a hunch-backed, warty faced man on the ground, who pulled the wooden lever with a loud creak.

    The hatch on the platform below the condemned opened and his body dropped down. Cheering erupted in the crowd. A sickening crunch rolled through the air as his neck snapped, and his lean body convulsed in midair.

    The cheering continued for a few minutes, then abruptly died down as the figure continued convulsing. Shouldn’t he be dead by now? The audience exchanged perturbed looks.

    The executioner scratched his hooded head, then pulled the rope tighter. The body convulsed more violently for a couple seconds more, then the movement seemed to dampen. The executioner shrugged, then moved off the platform to confer with the lever-puller. The hanged man’s motion appeared to come to a stop. There was a half-hearted reiteration of the cheering, but it had taken on a cautious, uncertain tone.

    The scraggly lever-puller stepped up to the unmoving form and gently...carefully...reached out a finger to poke it. There was one final jerk, and then the body was stone still.

    Letting out a sigh of relief, the lever-puller turned to the audience and gave them a haggle-toothed smile. Then he reached out and pulled the bag off, revealing...


    ...the cold lifeless form of dee_dot.

    The lever-puller gave a start, then stammered, “wha...what is this?” and glanced around for the executioner...

    ...who was nowhere to be found.

    Watchtower: Y-san


    1. Aaryan - REMOVED [Vandal Savage]
    2. Panther
    3. dee_tot - DEAD [Superboy] Lynched
    4. Kikacat123
    5. Araver - DEAD [?] Killed by "The Light"
    6. Vommack
    7. Kingofpain
    8. Flamebirde
    9. Minesweeper - DEAD [Red Arrow] Lynched
    10. MikeD - DEAD [?] Killed by "The Light"

    11. ShadowAngel7

    Night 4 begins now, ends 9PM CST tomorrow 6/19!

    (@Shadow: Yeah I think it times you out after a while, Posts take a while to write ;), but no worries, just wanted to reassure everyone that their favorite demon cat turned mafia host was on the prowl ;P)

  10. I've defended myself as best as I can and won't be around for the next 12 hours or so, so au revoir and clinging on to a small hope to be alive tomorrow morning!

    Y-san doesn't appear to be here, but officially Day should have ended 26 minutes ago (as of my post time). Hopefully, if you're good, Impulse buys it and is saving you.

    I am here :P. Like I mentioned before, expect the Post 30-60 minutes after the end of the Night/Day.

    (Be up in a minute or so ;))

  11. You're very mature for your age to recognize that :). I don't think I could of that mature at your age...

    Since I'm already oversharing:

    I think I dealt with my hypersensitivity primarily by developing ADD...now everything just rolls off ^_^ (although I wouldn't recommend it, lol ;P)

  12. Lol...I think there are way too many ppl who take mafia too seriously...:lol:

    Like I said, I don't know much about this person personally, but I do have experience with people who are super-sensitive and take things too personally (myself having been one of them). It's actually not an uncommon trait among very creative people, and is what is thought to have driven so many young geniuses to madness and an untimely grave (Mozart, Van Gogh, Lord Byron, some rock star I vaguely remembering my therapist mentioning...*whistling*), hypersensitivity. And I think it's more likely to cause problems in females, since females are hormonally inclined to be more sensitive already. My only female cousin on my father's side (where I think my strange mathematically poetic creativity comes from) is a schizophrenic who can barely leave the house :(.

    Anyways, I don't know what people here think about mental illnesses, but I do think this kind of hypersensitivity is an illness (a gift and a curse, as Mr. Monk would say ;)), and I'm the type to feel bad for people with mental illnesses rather than be angry with them. But then again, I'm the type who truly doesn't believe in free will, so I never really am angry at anyone for longer than the spur of the moment *shrugs*.

  13. Fixing roster.

    Watchtower: Y-san


    1. Aaryan - REMOVED [Vandal Savage]
    2. Panther
    3. dee_tot - voting for Kingofpain
    4. Kikacat123- voting for Panther
    5. Araver - DEAD [?] Killed by "The Light"
    6. Vommack - voting for Kingofpain
    7. Kingofpain - voting for Flamebirde
    8. Flamebirde - voting for Kingofpain
    9. Minesweeper - DEAD [Red Arrow] Lynched
    10. MikeD - DEAD [?] Killed by "The Light"
    11. ShadowAngel7 - voting for Kingofpain

  14. I have no idea what OOC is, but the rules about what can be gathered from the Posts are in the OP, and the logical conclusions that can be drawn from "it will not be clear which [redirect/block] it is" ;).

  15. A couple more clarifications:

    There are absolutely no hints in my Posts (well, not that anyone who is not me would get anyways ;P). I have stated clearly what will be in Posts, and everything else is just poetic license (and as you may have noticed, I do like my poetic license *whistling*).

    If Miss Martians spies a player with multiple targets, she will only see one.

    My convention is always to phrase info results as "your target [is/did/etc]..." rather than "Bob [is/did/etc]".

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