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  1. Sorry, been incapacitated with a bad cold
  2. Read
  3. Thanks. Nothing makes me happier than knowing people are both being challenged and having fun.
  4. If anyone is still up for mafia, working on this: 9 Players, 6 innocents, 3 mafia/independent with individual cyclic win conditions, very rough draft (I watched Assault on Arkham and just had to make it ;P).
  5. Discussion and hints here.
  6. Hmm? You mean those rumors of a thread that appears and disappears at will? The Phantom Thread, the first mystery. Hmm...wasn't there something in the hints about first...? ;P
  7. "Okay, what?" what?
  8. All the puzzles have been set in place, the solution to one will lead to the next .
  9. Spoilers, no spoilers, work as an individual, or a team, discuss here or with each other via PM, whatever you want. It could be a little bit of a race for the competitively minded *whistling*, but the eve of ghosts and ghouls is a still a ways away so there's no rush .
  10. Reserved for victory listing.