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Chromatic Witch links:

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Episode 3: W, Did You Know? Zombies Only Eat Orange...


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Game Hosting Bucket List

Darker than Black: Gemini of the Mafia

Welcome to the world of Darker than Black, where, to be able to play, you must sacrifice your humanity and become a Contractor. Contractors are granted special abilities, but at a price: they must pay a remuneration. The more powerful their ability is, the more they must sacrifice in return for using it.

The MafIAC: win if everyone else is dead. Have BTSC. Every Night, may choose to kill a player. Must choose one of their members to carry out the kill.

Mina: Has the ability to turn anything into a bladed weapon. Any Night, may choose a player and turn their action (if they choose to take action), into a killing action. The target will remain unchanged. The kill action will appear to be performed by the player Mina targets, not the character. Only works on players with abilities that specifically target another player (abilities that target areas on the roster or are only for protecting oneself will not turn into killing actions.) Remuneration: Must kiss someone she does not like kissing. Her identity will be revealed to her target, if they survive the Night, if not, her identity will be revealed to the next player on the roster.

Genma: Covers his body with whatever he touches to form a protective armor. Any Night, may choose to protect himself from the ability of any one character for that Night/Day cycle. Remuneration: Will have to undergo moxibustion, which will cause him to be absent (lose his vote) the following Day.

Michiru: Any Night, may choose to control the water in the area of three adjacent players to follow and see who were the targets of their actions. Will not see who was the specific target of each player. Also, due to water's conductive nature, if Hei sends an electrical signal (message) to any of those players, the MafIAC will receive it as well. Remuneration: Must bake a cake, which will be randomly delivered to a living player (will not be informed who). The cake will protect that player from death the next time they are attacked by the MafIAC.

MI6: win if everyone else is dead. Have BTSC. Every Night, may choose to kill a player. Must choose one of their members to carry out the kill.

November 11: Any Night, may choose to freeze any player. If any other characters specifically target that character (area abilities and self-protective abilities don't count), that player will shatter and die. Remuneration: Smokes cigarettes, hurting not only himself, but causing his allies to suffer from second-hand smoke. The following Day, there will be a +1 vote for him and the rest of the living members of MI6 (the vote will be counted for each of them as however many players voted for them +1).

April: Any Night, may choose to call up a storm and coat any three adjacent players on the roster with water. Using the power of their observer doll, MI6 will be able to see all players who acted on that area. Will not see who specifically targeted which player. Also, due to water's conductive nature, if Hei sends an electrical signal (message) to any of those players, MI6 will receive it as well. Remuneration: Drinks beer, getting drunk and becoming riled up so that the next time she carries out the group kill, it will be randomly redirected to a living player.

August 7: Any Night, may choose to manipulate time and space around him to inflect all actions taken on him back on their actors for that Night/Day cycle. Remuneration: A magician forced to give up his secrets, his identity will be revealed to all who target him in that Night/Day cycle.

Additionally, there is one recruitable character, Havoc. Either the MafIAC or MI6 may recruit her by spending their time and resources searching for her, diverting them away from the group kill. On Night 1, both the MafIAC and MI6 must decide how many Nights they will spend searching for her, during which they will not perform a group kill. Havoc will join the group that gives up the most Nights on Day 1. Whether or not the group recruits Havoc, they will still have to spend their specified time searching and give up the specified number of kills. If both offer the same amount of time, hence finding her simultaneously, she will get to choose which side to join. If neither MafIAC or MI6 are willing to spend time on recruiting her, she will side with the not-so-Innocents.

Havoc: Any Day, may choose to create a gravitational anomaly in the roster at any point. At the center of the gravitational anomaly, dark matter will set the player's vote weight to -1. The two players on the edges (i.e. event horizon) of the gravitational anomaly will have their vote weight set to 0. Remuneration: Drinks the blood of children, which weighs heavily on her conscience. Any vote for her on the final roster that Day will be permanent weight on her conscience, that is, if there are m players voting for her (regardless of weight), it will add a permanent (+m) to the count of votes against her starting the next Day.

The not-so-Innocents: win if everyone else is dead.

Hei: Skilled and agile, cannot be lynched. Any Night, may use his powers over electricity to send a secret message to any player. Remuneration: Becomes vulnerable to being lynched the Day after he uses his ability.

Bai: Mysterious and powerful, cannot be killed at Night. Any Day, may choose a player who will be spared their remuneration if they use their ability the next Night/Day cycle (will only effect players if they use their abilities in the next Night/Day cycle). Cannot target the same player two Days in a row. If used on Amber, will only delay the onset of the increase in weight for 1 Day, does not prevent it. If she targets August 7, his ability takes precedence and since he inflects her ability back at her, she will not need to pay her remuneration and she will discover his identity. Remuneration: Goes to sleep the following Night (after she uses her ability) and therefore becomes vulnerable.

Amber: Any Night, may choose to rewind time a bit and save the lynched player. (The player will be restored after the Night Post). Remuneration: Aging backwards in time, causing her to lose authority and strength. Starting the Day after she uses her ability, all votes against her will have (n+1) weight (where n is the total number of times she's used her ability).

Mao: Has the ability to possess the bodies of animals. Any Night, may choose to create a diversion to protect any player from death. Cannot protect the same player two Nights in a row. Remuneration: Must communicate on the wireless network to avoid giving in to his animal instincts. (Of course, any organization-bent-on-world-domination worth their salt has tapped into the wireless network ;P) The role, but not the name, of his target will be revealed to the MafIAC and MI6.

Wei: Any Night, may choose to flick his own blood onto a player. If that player performs a killing action that Night, they will die. Remuneration: Sheds his own blood. Will die instead of the player he targets if they are attacked that Night.

Suo: Due to the circumstances of her existence, she cannot be saved. Any Night, may choose to manifest her rifle and kill a player with it. Remuneration: Folds origami and leaves it on the body. Either the MafIAC or MI6 will find the piece and have it tested, discovering Suo's identity (which one will be randomly determined).

Shion: Any Night, may choose a character and create a copy their action on a previous Night/Day cycle. The target of the action will also be copied. If the ability is self-protective in nature, then the copy will also be self-protective. Remuneration: Loses the ability to move. The following Day, his vote will be for the same player he voted on the previous Day (he can vote for anyone he chooses on the roster, it will be changed on the final tally secretly by me).

Tanya: Any Night, may choose a target to swarm with insects and prevent them from acting for the that Night/Day cycle. Remuneration: Pulls out her own hair. The following Day, her vote will be for herself (will be changed on the final tally secretly by me).

Madam Oreille: Any Night, may use her psychic powers to ascertain the character identity of a player. Remuneration: Will die if that player votes for her the following Day on the final roster.

Winner is the last player standing.

HP and MP: HP is the number of life points the player has, and MP is the number of magic points. If a player's HP drops to 0, the player dies and leaves the game A player cannot cast a spell if he/she does not have sufficient MP. At the beginning of the game, players must set an amount of HP and MP which is the maximum possible for the player. Players may choose how to divide the points for max HP and MP, but the two values must add up to 1000. HP/MP stats for each character will be posted at the end of each Night.

Spirits: Each player is inhabited by the incarnation of one of the Ancient Spirits. Each Spirit grants an unique ability, which may be used once a Night (except Tonberry), and also attributes the Spirit's element to the inhabited player.

Ifrit (fire): A bull to be taken by the horns, will convert one type of elemental damage done by his target to another type.

Bahamut (fire): An ancient creature that can increase the attack power of his target. Still in a groggy state having just been awoken from his long slumber, his power will increase with use, but he may only be used 3 times before he needs to rest for another thousand years or so. The first time, Bahamut will double the power of the attack (spell) of his target. The second time, he transforms into Neo-Bahamut and triples the power of the attack. Finally, in his final form, Bahamut ZERO, he quadruples the attack power.

Shiva (ice): With her many hands, collects 20% (i.e. reduces by 20%) of the attack (spell) damage done by 5 players and then recasts the damage amount on a chosen player.

Carbuncle (ice): Covers a player in a protective shell which keeps them safe from attacks (spells). Cannot protect same player two Nights in a row.

Cactaur (plant): A slippery fellow to catch, target player has a high agility and avoids being targeted by other Spirits.

Eden (plant): Potential to grant a great "boost" in power. For the target player, will add to the base damage of an attack (spell) an amount equal to the number of times that player has used the letter "A" in posts during the Night.

Leviathan (water): A strong serpent that wraps itself around a player and prevents them from using an active skill.

Siren (water): Plays her alluring song to enchant player into not being able to attack for the Night.

Pandemonia (wind): With a mighty breath, blows away the effects of passive orbs of target player.

Typhon (wind): Siezes a player in a gust of wind which carries them into the air where the damage done to the player is alleviated. The target player will only suffer 25% of the total damage dealt to his/her HP that Night.

Quezacotl (lightning): Bringer of bittersweet [chocolate], switches the attacks (spells) cast on 2 players.

Ramuh (lightning): Cast a great lightning storm which reduces all players HP by 10%. Cannot be use two Nights in a row.

Odin (earth): Slicing through evil with his great blade, he halves the attack (spell) damage his target does and turns one of the halves back onto that player.

Titan (earth): Shakes the earth and spreads out the damage that is done to his target. The two players who are next to the target player on the roster and the target player will each feel 1/3 of the total damage done to that player that Night.

Alexander (metal): Using his legendary sword and shield, will protect a player from actively used skills. Cannot protect same player two Nights in a row.

Tonberry (metal): Had a really big, frickin' scary knife. That kills you. In one blow. And/or cast Everyone's grudge...which took your entire party down to 1 HP. Except...now that he's come to the Mafiosphere, he's lightened up a bit...*cough* read: was nerfed *cough*. Can haggle merchants down 10% off their prices.

Elements: Each element is particularly strong against two other element and weak against another two elements. If a character attributed with an element is attacked by the element that's strong against his/her element then the damage is doubled. If he/she is attacked with an element that is weak against his/her element, then the damage is halved. A character cannot be harmed by attacks of the same element he/she is attributed with. All other attacks do normal damage.

Element Strong against Weak against

Fire Plant, Ice Water, Wind

Ice Plant, Metal Fire, Water

Plant Water, Earth Fire, Ice

Water Fire, Ice Plant, Lightning

Wind Fire, Lightning Earth, Metal

Lightning Water, Metal Wind, Earth

Earth Lightning, Wind Plant, Metal

Metal Wind, Earth Ice, Earth

Attacks: Players attack each other at Night with spells only (since spells are intellectual and such an intellectual society considers violence below them). There are three levels of spells for each element. Level 1 does 25 damage to HP and uses up 25 MP, level 2 does 50 and uses up 50, and level 3 does 100 and uses up 100. Cannot attack with the same element two Nights in a row.

Equipment: Each player may wear one armor and hold one staff. Armors and staffs contain slots to place orbs in. Some slots are linked, and the orbs placed in linked slots will have their effects linked if applicable. Armors and staffs may be purchased from merchants or traded with other players through the Trading House. Must wear the same armor and staff, with the specified orbs, for the entirety of a Night/Day cycle.

{Equipment list}

Currency: gold can be obtained by defeating monsters for bounty at Night. Some monsters give higher bounties, but they also do more damage to a player's HP.

{Monster list}

Accessories: Players may choose to do enbark on quests during the Day, the rewards of which are accessories. A player may wear up to two accessories at a time, and must wear the same accessories for the entirety of a Night/Day cycle. Accessories have the certain effects on the player. If a player is censured, the accessories he/she is wearing at the time will be confiscated by the Elders. Players may trade accessories they are not wearing in the Trading House.

Creme Brulee: Absorbs Fire damage.

Antifreeze: Absorbs Ice damage.

Vash's Sunglasses: Absorbs Plant damage.

Umbrella: Absorbs Water damage.

Anime-girl's Skirt: Absorbs Wind damage.

Ben Franklin's Kite: Absorbs Lightning damage.

Tectonic Plate: Absorbs Earth damage.

Earphones: Absorbs Metal damage.

*"Absorbs" means that the damage will be added instead of subtracted from the player's HP.

Quests: Will consist of puzzles/scavenger hunts/tasks. Rewards are accessories, orbs, or potions. May be taken on in groups, but if the reward is an accessory, there is only one. Once a quest has been completed for accessory rewards, the reward will only become available again if the accessory has been confiscated by the Elders.

Orbs: {basically stealing "materia" from FF7 :P} Orbs can grant the wielder skills or have certain effects.

Skill orbs: (Using skills uses no MP)

Reflect: cast a spell that another player has cast on you.

Spell Mime: cast the last spell you actively cast.

Skill Mime: use the skill you last used.

Steal: steals X gold from a player, or all the gold the player has if the player has less than X gold.

Silence: prevents player from acting the following Day.

Stop: prevents player from acting for the next Night.

Heal: heal self for 100 HP

Confusion: causes player's target(s) to be randomly redirected.

Demi: reduces player's HP by 50%.

Effect orbs: (Are passive)

Counter: Only has an effect if linked. Counters with the linked skill.

Double: Only has an effect if linked. Doubles the effect of the linked skill.

Haste: May use two skills.

Magic Plus: May cast two spells.

Beserk: Deals double damage, however also takes double damage.

Shell: Takes half damage, however, also deals half damage.

HP Plus: 50% boost in max HP.

MP Plus 50% boost in max MP.

HP Absorb: Will regain HP equal to 10% of damage dealt.

Nights: Players may choose to fight monsters for bounty, attack other players, or use skills. May only perform one attack and use one active skill per Night. Must specify which accessories and orbed armor and staff, if any, they choose to wear for the Night/Day cycle, at the very beginning of the Night.

Days: Players may choose to go on quests, purchase equipment or items from merchants, or trade at the Trade House. There may also be in-game competitions for rewards during a Day, the schedules for which will be announced at the beginning of the Day. Potions must also be consumed during the Day. Players may vote for a player to be censured by the Elders each Day. In case of a tie, if two players or more are voting for each tied player, all tied players are censured. If less than two players are voting for each tied player, no players are censured. Censured players will have the accessories and orbs they are wearing confiscated by the Elders.

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