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Community Answers

  1. Sorry, been incapacitated with a bad cold
  2. Thanks. Nothing makes me happier than knowing people are both being challenged and having fun.
  3. If anyone is still up for mafia, working on this: 9 Players, 6 innocents, 3 mafia/independent with individual cyclic win conditions, very rough draft (I watched Assault on Arkham and just had to make it ;P).
  4. Hmm? You mean those rumors of a thread that appears and disappears at will? The Phantom Thread, the first mystery. Hmm...wasn't there something in the hints about first...? ;P
  5. All the puzzles have been set in place, the solution to one will lead to the next .
  6. Spoilers, no spoilers, work as an individual, or a team, discuss here or with each other via PM, whatever you want. It could be a little bit of a race for the competitively minded *whistling*, but the eve of ghosts and ghouls is a still a ways away so there's no rush .
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