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  1. Timorous light tapers away, Meeting darkness in an area of gray, Ascending into the dawn, Inevitably to the shadows drawn, Diverging from the expected path, Celebrating adventure’s wrath, Seeking freedom’s laugh.
  2. Candor is what I seek, Culling out the weak, Lain upon death’s door, Tomorrow looking to no more, Rotting to the core. Wrenched from life’s grasp, Iterating to the last, Indeed my soul begins to grudge, Go now before my resolve does budge.
  3. Peace is sought by my weary spirit, Revenge an ugly word, I will not hear it. Onto the path that is just and true, Flutters a light of hope into my view. Illuminating the steps are needed, Letting the blooms of justice be seeded, Expediting the time whence my wishes are heeded.
  4. A righteous life tragically and all too soon ended, Besot with wishes unfulfilled and regrets untended, Onto this realm must my tortured soul hold, Until answers are found and my tale at last told. Time which now seems broken and fleeting, May be later found to be to the answer leading, Endlessly cycled to the phantom’s weeping.
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