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  1. I don't think the answer is limited to being five miles from the North Pole.

    Nice one zdr :D I wonder what the mental process is that causes most people to divide the distance in half :huh:

    Infinite original locations < 10 miles from the North Pole

  2. Is the person constantly traveling North or does he find North once and then walk for 10 miles? If he is constantly going North, which is how I read this, then I can't make sense out of it. I believe the answer is meant to be the North Pole, but at some point in his travels he is not traveling North.

  3. I just wrote this one, hope you like it.

    A most contagious affliction

    Not from the works of fiction

    Tired, you may not be

    Though it will take a hold of thee

    Overpowers, but leaves no trace

    Can spread across great space

    Stops speech and ends song

    But never lasts too long

  4. Scraff, I read the responses. It's a rhetorical question. I mean to say that 'I won't go through every past riddle to make sure mine are 100% original.'

    I agree with what you say about senior members reading the same thing over and over, which is why i proposed a newbie section.

  5. He is not asking whether the room is lit better with one or another... The guy would use the 240 watt bulb, because it costs more to use 4 fixtures over 1 fixture even though they add up to the same wattage.

  6. I just joined this forum. Locking New Topics that have already been posted is a turn-off to newbies. Do you expect me to read through every past topic? Maybe you should make a new section for people that have been members for under a month or something.

  7. A man goes to a Home Products store to make a purchase for his house. He walks up to the clerk to ask about costs.

    The man asks: "How much for 6?", "3 dollars sir" replied the clerk.

    "Well, how much for 12?" "That will be 6 dollars, sir"

    "OK, then how much for 200?" "That's 9 dollars, sir."

    What is the man buying?

    The cost goes up the same amount with each question.

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