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  1. I am adding this using my mobile and I don't see any spoiler button, so the mod may please put this in a spoiler. Here is a general method to solve for more possibilities
  2. For starters: the second and third words seem to suggest "google batman"... last word of first line could be "looks". similarly, the second line suggests to "google" something... can you send a screen shot of where and how this phrase is written. That might contain more clues... The idea here would be to google some keywords and find the answer to your puzzle.
  3. For the second, is there a picture you wanted to upload that did not get uploaded or is "vwQRZ1Y.png" the clue?
  4. Thanx everyone for an interesting debate. I wish real life were also as clear as pcia wants the op to be. I won't check it again, perhaps.
  5. You assume a constant rate of growth of grass over the entire duration. I'm not sure about this and pls correct me if I am wrong: If some grass is eaten on any given day, shouldn't the rate of growth of grass be slower the next day?
  6. Agree! Another Aha puzzle.
  7. There is either some info missing or I have misunderstood the question. I am getting 2 solutions that satisfy the conditions:
  8. Will that work in three dimensions? Good point.
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