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    Evil Genies

    Granted... you now exist only in the cartoon world getting beaten by a mouse all day long Ironic, I came on this forum for the first time due to a msg from Kestrelknight on another forum and had to post this...
  2. This is the key point. It prevents any cheating and is fair to all 3.
  3. Although technically speaking, I don't think there is any flaw in this solution, using this method is way too complicated.
  4. What if C thinks that A and B will rig the outcome by changing the restaurant codes once they know the value from C? A possibility if both A and B do not like the restaurant chosen by C?
  5. How can a random person, whom none of them has ever met, be influenced on such a mundane choice? And don't say money, because it would make no sense to pay someone for such a simple thing. How will you decide who will choose the "random person" then when the only contact they have is through emails? Who will roll the dice then?
  6. The fourth person could be influenced by any of the three! phaze has a valid point regarding answers from Anza and dgreening.
  7. 3 friends (A, B, C) want to decide on which restaurant to go to on the weekend. They all have a different preference (Restaurant 1,2, 3). The only communication between them before the weekend (meeting at the restaurant decided) is through e-mails. How can they together decide which restaurant to go to in a fair process which involves all 3 of them in the decision making?
  8. DeGe


    I assumed that the prince uses this technique to get home from anywhere on the island and not necessarily for getting to that place.
  9. This is a good question. With every step that I take, it gets more and more complex I am probably not using the right technique!
  10. Within an "area", if you consider any random point, then all the points around it must also be colored, meaning that there must be lines through this point in all possible directions, hence the 0 to 360 degree comment. The problem is similar to the triangle problem where the naked eye tells you that there is a "black area" but infact it is so because you choose the thickness of a point, or a line in this case. If instead of point bouncing off, you had a ball bouncing, I would definitely agree with Bonanova that the complete rectangle can be colored and a 0 white area left off as minimum
  11. I looked at the website suggested by rainman. I think it could be a cipher of some sort and you probably have to get the cipher key from some previous rounds??
  12. No, it doesn't contradict the axiom. In truth, the actual probability that a person is drinking or not is 0<= p <= 1. However, as there is no physics that determines what the exact probability of everyone or any one person drinking would be, one must rely on inference and induction.
  13. Because the announcement that there will be a surprise test can be made on any random day, which is a surprise.
  14. Aha, now I know why couldn't figure it out! I was reducing the problem to 2 mathematicians, 2 rooms and say 5 or 10 boxes; where as if I understand correctly the explanation from Bonanova, I should have considered all the mathematicians in the world, matching number of rooms, and a much larger number of boxes
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