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  1. 1) Agree. Of course H and I can be parallel. Alternatively, they could even meet/collide at the same point (or just after) the collision between H and F. However, The question is not to find out the exact points at which they collide (if they do). 2) Agree again - that will depend on the relative speeds of the ships. Since no such info is given in the op, the solution must provide for any possible combination of speeds and directions. The proposed solutions does take that into account.
  2. Haha... While doing engineering, we used to ask the first year new comers to do a similar thing (using 11 thousand, 11hundred and 11).
  3. Thanx for making it clear.
  4. I think you need to clarify your question. As I see it now, it seems very simple and straight forward, to pour 500 ml from one of the small bowls into the 1L bowl. NOw it contains 500ml water. Fill up the other small bowls and you have all bowls with smae measure of water - 500ml.
  5. Aha, I answered for hanging by an edge and not vertex.
  6. Are you sure the conversion for the 6 digit number is correct? For the reasoning that I find compatible for all the numbers (except this one), it should be 100011
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