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  1. I think... Special thanks to Cygnet for suggesting there might be a minimum hidden in such a configuration.
  2. I did not see this puzzle mentioned in the forum before: Twenty Questions by Don Woods. I was able to solve it by computer (I verified my answer with the author), but even that wasn't easy! I'd love to hear of others' experiences with it. ^.^
  3. This is a good point. I should clarify that for my answer, I assumed that if one configuration of colors can be transformed into another by rotating the cube, then they should not be counted as two distinct configurations.
  4. It's a theorem in complex analysis, not in real analysis. Do you know about complex numbers? Ah, that was the part I missed. Thanks.
  5. At a Halloween party, three boxes of candy were set out. Each contained 100 candies, individually wrapped in plain black wrapper. One box contained only chocolate candies, another contained only licorice candies, and the remaining box contained a blend (of unknown proportion) of chocolate and licorice candies. All three boxes were labeled, however, some prankster came by and swapped the labels on two of the boxes. How many candies would you have to sample in order to set the labels right again?
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