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  1. @witzar How would you interpret the above photo to HH:MM:SS?
  2. Reword: "is expected to" for "shall" tell the right time.. The device is a simple "level indicator" that is to be converted to a watch. You can replace the chip but retain the LCD screen. How would you design or program such chip?
  3. The LCD device shall tell the right time (HH:MM:SS) in 12-hour format..(see photo) Figure out how can this watch be designed to work?
  4. Big Hit K-man,that's the path! *extra 5.000, 7.071, 8.485 distances excluded
  5. @bonanova: I mean the the moves are non-sliding..more like flying 29 is high for a first shot, i guess you'll max it out anyway..
  6. Yes, the diagonals are farther. The initial position matters. They can travel around unrestricted by Queen's regular moves and not touching any squares along the way.
  7. Yes Bonanova! 35 is all the possible distances between 2 squares in a chessboard (center to center). Got a path ?
  8. The Queen and Alice traveled across the chessboard dashing from square to square without returning to the visited squares. Starting on any square.. and if every next moves are farther than the previous ones, how many squares shall they visit?
  9. A 4-way binary chip has 1 error bit. Which bit is it? Switch it in order to set the sum of all totals to zero.
  10. Still open... it's supposedly a simple logic puzzle..
  11. Yes they have enough time to read the coded paper below
  12. @ gavinksong: not sure what question. The answer clearly lies on the first line " A cylindrical glass has water half its height " or the water level inside the glass with uniform circular wall is 1/2 the distance between glass top and "bottom".
  13. She may tell a lie about the volume of water by adding a false volume or subtracting a false volume on her declaration.
  14. bonanova's : the-well-ordered-orchard. Superb geometry puzzle http://brainden.com/forum/index.php/topic/15590-the-well-ordered-orchard/?hl=orchard
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