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  1. Yes! Were the instructions clear enough? I've been trying to figure out the most simple way to explain it because it isn't as self-explanatory to some people as I had wished. I have a couple more simple puzzles just like this at this link. It ends with a big one. If you look closely, you will notice that incorrect paths tend to intertwine with the correct path, while remaining separate. Let me know what you think.
  2. Thank you for taking the time to try my puzzle. I'm afraid your answer is incorrect though. If you follow the link I gave, there's a more detailed description of how to move through the puzzle. What might be off though is you're counting the space you already landed on. This is incorrect. I hope the link helps.
  3. Black squares represent areas that you cannot jump over or land on. You can move freely inside the puzzle so long as you only move down or right 3 squares or sets of 3 squares and moving left or up 2 squares or sets of 2 squares. If you find that your movement is limited or there isn't another move, that would be considered a "dead end".
  4. This is a unique maze. You can travel through the maze only by moving three squares right, three squares down, two squares left and two squares up. Of course, you are allowed to move three squares right and then another three squares right. Or, you can retrace your steps, going three steps right and then two squares left. Up -- 2 squares Left -- 2 squares Down -- 3 squares Right -- 3 squares For a full description, please look at the following link: