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  1. Potok, in answer to your confusion over the last connection: But yes, well done to your friend there! I'd only got as far as:
  2. It's a little early in the British morning for me to function, but it seems to me
  3. Oh how welcome your return is, WoS. We too look forward to the resumption of our duel... May the golden truth prove no more defense than the red truth before it. *bows*
  4. Anyone aware of a new thread yet?? Am missing this rather a lot!!
  5. Cheers guys! Honestly wasn't sure, thought I was stretching it to fit in places...
  6. How many personalities do you have anyway? The original Sapphire Witch is dead. Whether posession of the ring of Red Truth grants the title of Sapphire Witch is as yet unconfirmed... I have firm suspicions as to who the 'Sapphire Witch' and the Witch of Secrets are though...
  7. Thalia has it. Lasted longer on here than I expected!
  8. Haha! Another good one. Was my first response when he approached me with it, but is also not what i'm looking for... (Although by traditional riddling etiquette it is an acceptable answer, fitting the clues presented)
  9. Good guessing, dD, but not what I'm looking for...
  10. We can be inherited, in some; disarming, maybe deceiving, at worst; alarming. What are we? (Posted on behalf of a non-member, apologies if this isn't new, but keywords didn't yield any fruit)
  11. Yeah I know it's like Scoobydoo on acid. I'll be much happier when someone comes up with the real answer. Amen to that.
  12. WoD has already classified the nature of the Study (which we have walked into ourselves).It must be a room, it has a door, a handle, a lock, and being as Dudeney is a physical prescence, he couldn't be contained within your suggestion. However, it does occur that the passage you mention could imply
  13. EDIT: Answer removed as I hadn't read the WoD comments above. I agree with rvc113 for the most part, but i believe we're missing something...
  14. How very kind of you. Do you have any more riddles on here I can solve with my disasterously olde worlde spelling habits?
  15. I'd like to apologise for jumping the gun, I forget who sits my side of the table... It's worth pointing out to my fellow guests that;
  16. Good call again, Plainglazed! Now, this is more the direction I'm starting to think in!! Darn you for getting it in print before me though!
  17. That makes the most sense so far.
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