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  1. Yeah, I realized after I posted it that it really wasn't that great. I just was wondering about it.
  2. A limit on number of pets (cats, dogs, hamsters, etc...) owned? Not counting fish for the most part.
  3. Animal Rights: I think that if someone has done something vicious or intentionally tortures (kills just for the malicious intent of killing) an animal, then fines definitely or maybe a few years in jail, but I don't think that it should be anywhere near murdering or torturing humans. Hunting I am fine with especially if it is for the intention of hunting for food.
  4. Framm 18

    Angel Mafia

    Host: Hirkala 1. Filly 2. Blablah - DEAD Killed by The Baddies 3. Framm - Voting for Woon 4. Glycereine 5. Izzy - DEAD - Killed by The Baddies 6. onetruth 7. Lionheart 8. yuiop 9. EDM - LYNCHED - Found to be Wesley 10. Limey 11. MissKitten 12. RMZ 13. NickFleming 14. woon 15. golfjunkie - Shiny, Happy Person I just want to hear from him at the moment. Will change my vote if neccessary.
  5. Framm 18

    Angel Mafia

    Host: Hirkala 1. Filly - Voting for MissKitten 2. Blablah 3. Framm - Voting for Yuiop 4. Glycereine 5. Izzy - DEAD - Killed by the Baddies 6. onetruth 7. Lionheart 8. yuiop 9. EDM 10. Limey 11. MissKitten 12. RMZ 13. NickFleming - Shiny, Happy Person 14. woon 15. golfjunkie D1 randomness
  6. I was lost for the most part, at first I thought that I had to get information that the Outsider was indeed the bank robber, but after that I was lost. Not to mention that people did not want to really talk with me. Who stole my Binoculars?
  7. I believe that I was as squeaky clean as a rubber ducky. Don't ask what that means because I really don't even know. That is unless I missed something.
  8. Framm 18

    Angel Mafia

    Welcome to the World of Mafia, the paranoia will get to you if you are not careful.
  9. Amsh Ish the oddsh one out? *chew* Ish hash been ashk a couple of queshtionsh like that. Ish ain't wearing anyshing on mysh wrishts. *chew* Shomeone shtole my Binoculars.
  10. Mysh besht guessh ish *chew* that Bobsh (MissKitten) ish probably the Murderer shince *munch* he ish currently in possheshion of ash Revolver unlessh itsh wash given ta him, and from whash *munch* Ish can gasher from the murder posht ish that Cabuul wash shot. It ish only whash Ish hash ta guessh atsh the moment.
  11. Framm 18

    I would rather someone who doesn't play a whole lot and wants to be active take my spot. I will be active, just I want to give someone else a chance to play.
  12. Dosh y'allsh think that Cabuul wash shot by shomething?
  13. Framm 18

    The roles are just given out randomly. You should read Unreality's guide to Mafia, it explains how the game works.
  14. Framm 18


    NEVIS if that doesn't count then... HOPES
  15. Framm 18

    Host: Hirkala 1. Filly 2. Blablah 3. Molly Mae 4. Glycereine 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. Backup: 1. Framm 18 I want to let some newer players to sign up first.
  16. Framm 18


    Whoever wants it can take it.
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