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    Star Trek Mafia

    Host: Araver 1. Slick - voting for Framm 2. Hirkala - Voting for benjer 3. Segul 4. firno 5. golfjunkie 6. Framm - Voting for Firno 7. Vineetrika 8. DarthLegion 9. Blablah - Voting for Hirkala 10. Glycereine 11. benjer3 12. crazypainter – RID Killed by Comm. Sela 13. maurice – Killed by First Omet'iklan (The Dominion) 14. Social Darwin - Voting for Slick I want to see what you have to say. Slick, you are looking at the wrong place. Sorry to see you go, CP. (Even if you were a baddie, nice to see you back in Mafia.) And you to Maurice.
  2. Framm 18

    Star Trek Mafia

    For the newer players. 1) Do NOT out your role unless absolutely necessary, as there is an RID Kill in this game, which means that they will kill you if you are one of their targets. Not to mention that it takes the fun out of the game, if everybody outs there role. 2) Lt. Thomas Riker does not need to act tonight, there isn't enough information to make a good kill and there is a big chance that you might hit a fellow goodie.
  3. Framm 18

    Star Trek Mafia

    I did , and it really is good to see you playing again.
  4. Framm 18

    CP's back. Good to see you again.
  5. I thought so too... I would be fine climbing the mountain now that it is night as well.
  6. I will reveal my face, but just for a minute.
  7. *mumbles* Nobody listens to me... *mumbles* Not everybody can continue the climb up the mountain, unless there are some that want to become food for the rest of us. The way I see it, only 4 of us can safely make it up the mountain (that is including Savage and Calcutta).
  8. @mandrake: Are you sure about that, this makes it seem as though we will need food for the way down.
  9. I found a hot lake up ahead with some kind of lichen surrounding the water. My big concern is the tall spires that have been carved into man/ape skulls...
  10. I am going up the left stairs to do a quick scouting trip and see if I might stumble across Gregor as well. The way I see this, with the food situation. Me - 1 food ration every other day ??? - 1 food ration every other day Savage - 0 food rations Calcutta - 0 food rations. We would still have 9 days of travel left if everything went correct (4 up, 5 down). 2 food rations the first day - 13 left 1 on the second day - 12 1 third day - 11 1 fourth day (reach mountain top) - 10 1 fifth day - 9 1 sixth day - 8 1 seventh day - 7 2 eighth - 5 2 ninth (reach base camp) - 3 We could go both me and someone else both eat on the way down, but if we do decide to go up the mountain, the safest way to do it, would to be send up only one more person along with me, Savage, and Calcutta. The big problem would be if we found Gregor, in this case. But I would suggest that most people descend the mountain if they want to survive. Someone correct me, if I made a mistake somewhere.
  11. Unfortunately, no... But what we did find, was none too pleasant.
  12. How much food is left, because honestly I don't see how everyone can continue up the mountain with our current food situation...
  13. I am going to choose the right path, unless someone can come up with a good reason to take the left path.
  14. I am putting this out here for everyone to read, I have no information regarding the murder, but I am willing to talk to those that feel they can put their trust in me. I am also, going to do what I came here to do and claim this mountain. I understand the worries, but there is something about this mountain, that I need to find out...
  15. Region One: The first region is made entirely of fragile ice sheets suspended over a mind-numbingly deep abyss, which plunges into dark icy depths. If weight is distributed unevenly, everything will collapse and plummet. Having split the group into two groups of equal weight, you are traversing certain sections of the ice sheet so as to distribute the weight. In other words you have to pick two colors as the two routes. These two colors have to be equal in terms of the area represented by the overlapping circles that make them up. I am fairly certain that it is Blue and Green, but since y'all are the ones that could be affected. I am willing to let y'all voice your opinions on this one.
  16. In a little bit, I just have to figure out the safest way to get across the terrain at the moment, it shouldn't be too much longer. *goes back to working out the safest route*
  17. Scout: I have nothing to hide involving this murder, but I would suggest making up your mind and get some rest before having to traverse this mountain. Climbing this mountain will take all of our strength and focus when we do start climbing so get as much information as you can, and then forget about it during the climb.
  18. Framm 18

    Host: Araver 1.slick 2. Hirk 3.Segul 4.firno 5. golfjunkie 6. Framm 7. 8. 9. Blablah 10. 11. 12. 13. maurice 14. Backups 1. 2. 3.
  19. Brontson's Team: [1] Framm = Scout [2] Araver [3] maurice [4] Blablah [5] dawh [6] Hirkala [7] Segul [8] GMaster479 [9] woon [10] Izzy
  20. Framm 18

    UN Mafia

    I kind of figured that I would have a target on my back after opening my mouth. Congrats to all those who won. Too bad all of the goodies couldn't win, and Sorry Segul.
  21. Framm 18

    UN Mafia

    Congrats guys. @Maurice: Remember when I said to trust my initial vote? I originally voted for JS before reading the actual Night Post, I missed the first part of it. Anyways... Here are some helpful hints to Segul and the newer players. 1) Don't out your role till you absolutely have to. It makes the game slightly boring if everybody just outs their role, and it makes it really hard for baddies to win. 2) If you are caught defending a baddie than you will be lumped in their with the baddies. So you can try and defend them if you think that they are a goodie, just be careful with how heavy you are defending them. You will end up dying at night or being heavily pressured during the lynch. 3) If you have an RID kill/save/spy/etc... and are a goodie then it is best to start N1 with trying to find baddies, unless there is a punishment that goes with RIDing. Like firno, he could have been a indirect spy by being able to eliminate players to be China. Feel free to make amendments to this if y'all want to add something to it.
  22. Brontson's Team: [1] Framm [2] … … Why not.
  23. Framm 18

    UN Mafia

    Boo. Avenge me goodies.
  24. Framm 18

    UN Mafia

    Depends on if they need you to achieve their WinCon or if they see you as a possible threat to them winning the game. Edit: And that is only if someone reveals your role, which should not be done.
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