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  1. *yawn* *takes bite of sandwich* Thanksh for waishking *chew* mesh. Timesh *munch* ta shtart looking for that killer. PM mesh if ya wantsh ta talk.
  2. Framm 18

    He might be refering to this guy, Erik Verlinde. I can't find the articule that I read but it is something along the lines of gravity is a byproduct of something even larger.
  3. Happy Birthday and enjoy the site. :D

  4. Thanks for friending me.

  5. Happy Birthday on here as well. Enjoy your last year as a teen. ;D

  6. Ich spreche sehr klein Deutsch. That is probably wrong. Ich wiess nicht.

    Only two years of high school and two years of College.

    Definitely not enough to get around in Germany. I can read it better than speaking it.

  7. Sprechen Sie Deutsch, Slick?

  8. Happy 18th Unreality.

  9. Hey peace, if you start that number game back up. sign me up.

  10. Thanks and congrats on 3000

  11. We have 1 dog (Mini Schnauzer), 2 cats (one will be 16 in july, and the one in my avatar is about 9 mths?), and some fish.

  12. If you don't mind me asking. How many pets do you have?

  13. Thanks. She can be pretty mischievous though. Can't leave anything that you don't want torn up where she can get to it.

  14. Her name is Zoee.

  15. Happy Birthday.

  16. No need to be sorry. And thank you.

  17. Slick, there is still plenty of room for you to join Redwall, if you want.

  18. Thank you. Hope it is as good as the first two.

  19. Thank you for the birthday wish. It could have been better if I did not have to spend all day at college. But got to spend the night with my family so it was good at the end.

  20. Just popping in to say hi. Haven't seen you in here for a while.

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