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  1. *yawn* *takes bite of sandwich* Thanksh for waishking *chew* mesh. Timesh *munch* ta shtart looking for that killer. PM mesh if ya wantsh ta talk.
  2. Framm 18

    He might be refering to this guy, Erik Verlinde. I can't find the articule that I read but it is something along the lines of gravity is a byproduct of something even larger.
  3. *Groans* What is with that racket??? I am trying to get some sleep! Now hush up and wait for the show to begin. All y'all are doing is wasting y'alls breath and getting on my nerves with the noise.
  4. Good riddle PG. Looking forward to the next one.
  5. Framm 18

    Thanks, it was a good riddle . I probably wouldn't have gotten it if it wasn't for you saying that archlordbr was on the right track and it was the only thing that I could think of that fit with the clues that wasn't compass.
  6. *Finishes Sandwich* Too noisy. I *munch* amph goinmph to gosh umphder thapth *swallow* awmning andth *chew* go toush shhleep. *swallow* Wamphke mesh whensh it *gulp* ish timeph to schtart. This is going to be an interesting way to talk.
  7. Happy Birthday and enjoy the site. :D

  8. Yeah, I know all that. That post was more wishful thinking then anything. I know that money is a standard that most people agree to. I just think that money gets abused more then it needs to. Most of the things we can buy today are overpriced, while I understand that some mark up is needed to cover costs and still make a decent profit, I think that some of it is crazy how much they overprice. And Money does tend to corrupt people's way of thinking. Think: (Pet rocks, ChiaPets, and other similiar marketing scams, designed to make money.) People are corrupt, (maybe that is why I tend to stay by myself and not make personal connections with people? And yes I don't trust people.) and money is definitely a tool that people use to gain the upper hand in life. As the saying goes, "There's a sucker born every minute." I think that money played a large role in that saying. Like I said that post was more wishful thinking then anything, and I have already said that this thread is more like a wishlist then anything.
  9. *Munch* thissh willsh beish *Chomp* intereshting. *Munch*
  10. [JOKING] Can we abolish money in this new Government? [/JOKING] Obviusly, I know that abolishing money is never going to happen, but really I wish that we could. I have said on multiple occasions that if I could make a living off of volunteering, I would. That would not work out to well, if everybody had their own little part of the country. People would still find a way to rip others off and find a way to benefit from the work of others. I know very little about Politics and don't really care to know more. I would say that I am Conservative (big surprise right?), but I don't know where my Political views fall, not that I really care. I am sorry if that made very little sense, I have a tendency to do that when I am typing or writing or talking for that matter.
  11. How would you propose that we handle that? While I (and appearently you as well) think that those things are wrong, it would not fall under are jurisdiction to handle that situation, unless there is something like the UN that is governing international law and even then that would only work for those countries that recognize (I think that that is the right word) the international government.
  12. Businessman [hotheaded, big ego, likes to get in scuffles] Disciple [always getting caught up on/fascinated by tiny details] Chancellor [prudish and germophobic] Hot Dog Vendor Dude [outgoing, people person] Hobo/Beggar [sloppy, sometimes drunk] Hanshin Priestess (Identical Twin Sister to Scientist) [devoutly religious] Outsider [foreign accent] City Enforcer I [aggressive] City Enforcer II [obsessed with the law, nitpicky] Framm- Man Eating Sandwich [talks with a full mouth; observant though]- Mmarf Coroner [nervous wreck] Well-Known Tal'Vrak Mob Boss [mob boss attitude] Hippie [hippyish] Pregnant Animal Trainer Lady [good at manipulating men] Scientist (Identical Twin Sister to Hanshin Priestess) [intellectual] Let's see if I can pull this role off. I will be talking in the maroon color again as my character. EDIT: (I stink with coming up with names)
  13. Framm 18

    Advance Wars Mafia

    I knew something like this would happen, that was why I was pushing for the killing of GC. Oh well, GG everybody and the host.
  14. Framm 18

    Advance Wars Mafia

    Like how you said that you are only going to help the goodies??? You may not be able to win, but you can stop both the goodies and the baddies from winning. You want to know what it is, then fine. It was a bodyguard for OT if she was targeted by a kill the second time. The only way that he could be 100% sure that you can not control the lynch is to block you and kill me, but even then it is a 50/50 chance that he would win.
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