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  1. home again, home again, lickety split

  2. is applying sunscreen at the beach *rubbin, rubbin, rubbin it in...*

  3. hey dD - sorry 'bout that. just couldn't resist. think they'd kill me if they knew - anyway, here are some eyedrops *squirt... squirt*

  4. is bachin' it while the family's at play

  5. may the coming year bring the very best in health and happiness. keep it up. chin chin

  6. hey D - here's wishing you a fabulously special day.

  7. Hey - was flattered when you first stopped by that riddle and now, what to say? thanks so much for the wonderful comment. have previously enjoyed your 1000 post celebratory riddles and some others. am headed to check out more. hope you can get to the Den more often. Cheers

  8. hey hey Scudo - hope you're having another fabulously special day. Dont over do it. You know we dont recover as quickly as we used to. My memory's goin' so thought you might also appreciate a gentle reminder. Cheers

  9. hey deanna - so good to see you here. been too long. and a metaphor with your return. what a fortunate day!

  10. Welcome to your third decade. Have fun!

  11. Joyeux anniversaire, EDM!

  12. Hey DD - are your BrainDen pages screwy today or is it my machine. Did an update last night and dont know if it's me or the site.

  13. wishing you a happy toidy-toid. hope to see you Denside soon.

  14. ahoy Wilson - thanks for the greeting. my intention is to be more regular again. meant here in the Den but have had a little creative blockage if you will as of late. it's just that darn pesky work thing. hope to be twisting words and guessing riddles along with you and the gang as before.

  15. long time no riddlin'. welcome back. hope all is well.

  16. Truly enjoyed your first riddle. Followed all along but never came up with anything concrete enough to post. Sense you now have the bug and am excited to see what's to come.

  17. Hey tiger--Just now noticed it was you birthday. Happy, Happy! There was no gadget was there. Now I really understand your riddles inspiration. Hope you have a wonderful June 26th.

  18. Am in the process of getting out my first. 95% done and then just need a little bit more nerve. Your comment is certainly helpful in this regard. Shortly/Today I promise

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