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  1. Devourer [association]

    Something ends, something begins.
  2. Flying around

    -38.313484,145.196624 -37.819955,144.983393 -38.313408,145.140431 -37.840062,144.893695 -37.840504,147.832598 -38.207694,145.388097 -37.845579,144.939450 -36.743535,145.514258 -37.893271,145.143658 -37.422833,144.857823 -36.001219,144.427918 -37.838197,145.031410 -37.671756,144.935741 -37.670752,144.931329 -37.717335,144.779952
  3. 7 brothers

    What's the name of the city, the brothers Toowoomba, Maseru, Caral, Pietro, Pichincha, Sukarno and Karankawa live in ?
  4. Bees

  5. Couple of sequences

    8593, 8600, 8593, 8592, 8599, 8593, 8591, 8598 not right, try different way yeah, correct
  6. Couple of sequences

    3x0 - Enter next two members of following sequence: m, k, M, G, ?, ?. Short-time - What three letters come first in the following sequence? : ?,?,?,c,f,i,t,f,s Of cards - Uncover the three next elements of the following sequence: 8593,8600,8593,8592,8599,...
  7. School

    Today a lot of the animal firstgraders started their school attendance in our special five classes - there are only pythons in snake´s class number 1.A, cockatiels in bird´s class 1.B, turtles in class 1.C, grasshoppers in insect´s 1.D and finally some young crusaders in spider´s class number 1.E. Most of the animals is completely normal, i.e. they have one head, snakes have no legs, birds have two legs, turtles four, insects six and spiders have eight legs. But attention ! We have one unique animal in each class - there is one three-headed python, one two-headed cockatiel, three-legged turtle, four-legged grasshopper and one firstgrader crusader has only 7 legs. Find out the number of animals in each class, if ... - All animals have together 100 heads and 380 legs - In any class is not the same number of animals - Difference between the largest and smallest class is exactly 10 animals - In class 1.D you can count twice as many legs as there are in class 1.B - In class 1.A there is the same number of heads as there is in class 1.E
  8. 11 Letters

    No, thats not the word I am looking for
  9. Number

    yeah right
  10. Number

    no, there is a smaller number
  11. Number

    Find the smallest natural number, which consists of only figures 0 and 1, and is divisible by number 720 without remainder.
  12. 11 Letters

    From all below mentioned letters create only one word: R,E,O,L,D,Y,N,O,O,N,W
  13. Bees

    On the Planet of Flowers live huge bees. In the same way as our earthly bees they deposit honey (its extraterrestrial equivalent) into the honeycombs of the shape of regular hexagonal prism. Unfortunately our expedition during a long journey back lost notes about the measurements of these honeycombs. One member of our expedition luckily (due to the fact that he weighs 80 kg and has 11-year old son) remembers that the honeycomb was 11 cm deep and that the product of greatest distance between the corners of the base (B) and the distance of opposite walls (A) was equal to 80 (distances were measured in centimeters). Could you please calculate how many liters of honey fits into one honeycomb to cover up scandalous data loss of our expedition?
  14. Corpus linguistics

  15. Simplified

    no, its no right