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    Let me put it this way. If fact 1 said 50% of traffic accidents that result in injuries or death are caused by a blonde driver, you would not infer that blonde driving caused the accident. (Well, I might, but it wouldn't be logical.) I agree with you that it matters how it differs from sober driving, (or from brunette or redhead driving). The fact that we know being drunk impairs our reflexes and judgement really plays no part in a strictly logical argument.
  2. moonthirsty

    Bummer, I got here late.
  3. moonthirsty

    Did he accidentally slit his throat with the razor?
  4. moonthirsty

    You misunderstood my solution. There is no competition.
  5. moonthirsty

    I changed my answer to what kkehoe5 said. =)
  6. I agree with Maurice, but it that's not allowed
  7. That was really well written! Loved it!
  8. Yeah, I totally don't understand that. According to the story, YOU are confused which way to go. You bump into him the in hallway on the way to the restroom. "For a while you wait, but soon you have to go to the bathroom. It's been a while since you came to Morty's, and you have to remember. "Down the hall behind the counter, take a left, and the Men's room is on the left...no, right." A few steps down the hall, right before that crucial left turn,the huge man in front of you stops for a moment. Since you're too busy thinking,you bump right into him."
  9. Can we go to the bathroom first, please? Maybe we can relieve ourselves and take a snoop around. It's kinda suspicious that we had to wait so long for him to show up and he was in the john the whole time.
  10. moonthirsty

    I can think of a dozen things, but how about
  11. moonthirsty

    @Vagabond I love how you colored it in. I wish you had animated it to spin, though.
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