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  1. moonthirsty

    Ok, you're diving me nuts.
  2. moonthirsty

    Kitten524 is absolutely right. There can be NO other solution. The fact that any other solution is being entertained just makes me sick.
  3. It's a stretch, but what the Hell!
  4. moonthirsty

    Is it... Cuz if not, I have no idea.
  5. moonthirsty

    That's not "simpler to imagine", bushindo. But very cool answer, none-the-less.
  6. moonthirsty

    It really depends upon who is doing the cutting. If I am doing the cutting, then at the end of a minute I am going to have bloody stumps where my fingers once were. And a really dull knife. But other people might get better results.
  7. >.< Mr. B, I really prefer your answer. If Harvey45 is right then I am SO ANNOYED!
  8. moonthirsty

    I'm thinking it's
  9. moonthirsty

    I believe it would go out.
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