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  1. Quantum.Mechanic

    Square in a circle

  2. Quantum.Mechanic

    Senseless promotions? Or, the wisdom of the tea people

    Yes, thanks very much. I got lost trying to do this myself, but "it's obvious in hindsight", as they say.
  3. Quantum.Mechanic

    Senseless promotions? Or, the wisdom of the tea people

    I must be thick today, I can't follow the given solution. Can someone paste a little bit more hand holding? Like the first 5 values in the sequence?
  4. Quantum.Mechanic

    The clock setter

  5. Quantum.Mechanic

    Who can go the lowest?

    Since the integer requirement, there haven't been any replies, so I'll go with an obvious, and not-likely-to-be-optimal one.
  6. OK, I thought that would be a good little puzzle program to write. I'm sure there's an easier way to figure this on paper though, waiting for y'all to clue me in. The first few elements led me to the following:
  7. Quantum.Mechanic

    Half as old as my brother

    Are we assuming a mammalian birth process? Then splitting is in utero, and age origin is time of birth. When in Thailand...
  8. Quantum.Mechanic

    Relatively prime

    Just for fun, I programmed up a little script. Using a suitable underlying GMP library for Euler's totient function, it checked up to 10 million in 13 seconds, with a result of 60.793% distinct pairs relatively prime.
  9. Quantum.Mechanic

    dice problem

    Maximum sum, or highest numbered side?
  10. Quantum.Mechanic

    dice problem

  11. Quantum.Mechanic

    Conditionally conflicting

  12. Quantum.Mechanic

    The army of ants

    I saw this puzzle in the same Peter Winkler book I mentioned elsewhere.
  13. Quantum.Mechanic

    8th Graders olimpyad problem

    Testing a few targets other than 99,