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let me start if off with the Beggar I just came up with: (it's an expansion of the 5-day winner idea)

* Beggar - gets 1 gold Phoenix Crown every day. When the Beggar has 5 Phoenix Crowns, he has enough money to pack up and move to the tropics (ie, he wins). However, the Beggar can exchange a Phoenix Crown for 5 role identities, which he can use to his advantage in lynchings and stuff to try to prolong the game. The Beggar can also exchange a Phoenix Crown to kill that night

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That's in there somewhere (Strategy section I think :P) or something similar. Anyway, it's up now, check it out!!! :D Hopefully this will solve a lot of problems of people not knowing anything about Mafia and playing, as all of the hosts no longer put the basic rules in their intros, just the specified rules. And a big thanks to rookie for stickying it!

I'll get back to Mafia VIII now :D

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Impervious' "mafia theme" post got me thinking about a lot of cool settings and movies/shows etc. that, I think, would be a lot of fun to make into a Mafia game. However, the one I keep coming back to is Firefly, and I was wondering (since I know I'm nowhere near ready to run one of these things), if I was willing to work on developing roles (with coaching of course), would someone else be willing to run this game?

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Impervious' "mafia theme" post got me thinking about a lot of cool settings and movies/shows etc. that, I think, would be a lot of fun to make into a Mafia game. However, the one I keep coming back to is Firefly, and I was wondering (since I know I'm nowhere near ready to run one of these things), if I was willing to work on developing roles (with coaching of course), would someone else be willing to run this game?

Glad it got you thinking. After x-men is done though I think I'll attempt UR's suggestions about not making gender specific roles. I may have something along the lines of Underworld but instead of the characters it'll be vampires vs lycans or something like that.

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Besides, when you make non-character roles, you have much more freedom as a host in making any kind of roles to add to the game and add your own elements and not be restricted the storyline too :D

btw Impervious thanks for PDFing the guide, that was awesome B))

any time :)

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newest Mafia VIII. I made some wording changes as well as key changes (highlighted in red), as well as some quest changes (which I'm not going to show of course :D)

Mafia VIII - Medieval Mafia


- The Psion

- The Knight

- The Thief

- The Tank

- The Druid

- The Dragonslayer

- The Herbalist

- The Royal Emissary

- The City Guard


- The Highwayman

- The Deadbolt Sniper

- The Footpad


- The Agent of The Hand

- The Mind Flayer

- The Bronzefire Dragon

Role Abilities


* The Psion: a warrior of innate mental prowess... they have a mind so powerful they can manipulate others with minimal effort. Because of this, they are immune to the Mind Flayer, and are also very persuasive, giving them double voting power. Each day, the Psion chooses one other player to also give double voting power (the person is alerted of this fact)... and if the chosen person is a Mind Flayer puppet, they are killed at the end of the day

* The Knight - goes on quests. Each Adventurer (other than the Knight) has a quest that only they know. They can PM me at any time, and immediately after the next day/night post, I will send the quest to the Knight for completion. The Knight has no knowledge of any quests until he/she receives them, and they can choose not to do a quest. Rewards of completing a quest & changes that happen afterward are detailed in the quest description. Anything said in a quest overrides the public rules, as many quests have results that change & improve roles

* The Thief - a sly, roguish individual with a knack for ending up in places where they don't belong. Because of this, the Thief often learns useful information. At the beginning of the game, they have a key choice to make, two different paths to follow:

** The Flambuoyant Thief - hangs around in the upper echelons of society, learning who the newest fashionable villains are. Each night, they learn one person that is either a Bandit or Villain, but they are not told what specific faction or role

** The Shadow Thief - hangs around in... ventilation ducts. They can visit any person they so choose (at night of course) and find an ingenious way into their home, at which point they learn the chosen person's exact role

** Once the Thief makes their choice, it is final. Furthermore, they do not learn anything until they make their choice, so they should probably do so in the first night

*** Regardless of the chosen path, if the Thief is arrested by the City Guard, they may, in the day following their arrest, choose to break out (which happens in the day post)

* The Tank - a combat-loving, fray-entering, battle-berserking, war-cry-yelling brute-force barbaric fighter, who enjoys kicking down doors and slaughtering "evil stuff". Most importantly, the Tank serves an integral function in any group of Adventurers: the damage absorber. The Tank's massive store of health allows them to take blows that would've been lethal to their weaker allies. Each night, the Tank must choose one person that they then protect for the whole night, absorbing damage. They may choose themselves! If the chosen person is attacked, the Tank absorbs the blow. The Tank can absorb three hits before dying, and these include attacks on the Tank as well as multiple attacks in the same night. The Tank is as vulnerable as anyone else during lynchings

* The Druid - the Druid is a master of the natural forces of the universe, utilizing all aspects of nature, from flora & fauna to weather itself. The Druid can, if they so please, call upon the fearsome and awesome power Nature to kill any specified person. If the Druid chooses not to kill, they have no voting power the next day

* The Dragonslayer - has a very focused, one-track-mind: dragonslaying! Basically they live to hunt and kill fiery winged magical lizards. The Dragonslayer is immune to the Bronzefire's dragonbreath, and each night, they traverse the realm, seeking to find their draconic nemesis. If they find the Bronzefire Dragon, the Dragon dies, despite any saving role that may be involved. If the Dragonslayer finds the Druid, they get BTSC with the Druid

* The Herbalist - the Herbalist grew up in an apothecary and knows every herb, every root, every remedy and every potion. Each night, the Herbalist can make a different concoction (they can only make one per night) and infuse it to the person of their choice:

** Panacea Potion - saves someone's life, except for dragonbreath

** Mindguard Salve - saves someone against the Mind Flayer

** Firesbane Poultice - saves someone against dragonbreath

** The Herbalist may administer any of their cures to themselves, and they never run out of ingredients

* The Royal Emissary - the RE acts as a tagalong agent of the King, an ambassador to all lands foreign that the Adventurers (and various infiltrating baddies) may venture. Because of the Royal Emissary's extensive career as a courier and messenger-taker for the High Courts, they can carry messages between any two players. A player that wishes the RE to carry a message will PM me the message and the target player. I will, as soon as I get it, forward it to the RE, who may alter it in any way they so please, and then send it to ANY player they so please (through me). The RE cannot otherwise send or receive messages. Each player can only request the services of the Royal Emissary once, and some may never employ their services

* The City Guard - this astute and vigilant watchman is quite the upholder of justice. Each night, they can jail one [supposedly suspicious] person, arresting them in the night post. The jailed victim cannot vote, be voted for, use BTSC, use a role ability (except for the Thief's jailbreak ability), or have a role ability used on them (except for the Highwayman's jailbreak ability). However, the jailed person is allowed to post on the thread and discuss (but no BTSC!). The City Guard holds them for the following day and following night at minimum, and if they do not choose to jail someone else the next night, they may hold them prisoner indefinitely. However, the City Guard may only hold one person prisoner at a time, so if they choose someone new, they release the old prisoner as they arrest the new one. Furthermore, the jailed person can PM me a message, which I pass on to the City Guard as soon as I get the message, and vice versa with the City Guard messaging the prisoner. The City Guard and prisoner may send as many messages back and forth as they want, although do not expect an immediate reply because after you send it, the host has to get on, then the receiver has to get on, then send a new one, then the host has to get on to forward it to the prisoner

** Note that the Thief can choose to break out of jail if they want to (happens in the day post) and the Highwayman can choose to break anyone out of jail (also happens in the day post). I won't elaborate much and it will be unclear whether the person escaped because they were the Thief or because the Highwayman rescued them


* The Highwayman - during the day, if someone is under arrest by the City Guard, the Highwayman may choose to break them out, which occurs in the day post. The Highwayman can only break OTHER people out: if the Highwayman is in jail, he or she cannot break himself or herself out

* The Deadbolt Sniper - the Sniper is the main distance assassin that the Bandits use, but they are also a skilled detective and can uncover clues with the slightest glance, probably from training their eye at the sight of a crossbow. The Deadbolt Sniper can learn one player's exact role each night

* The Footpad - the Footpad is a common street ruffian, a Bandit thug. Each day they can mug any player they want (happens in the day post). They get money equal to exactly HALF of the monetary amount listed for the player's role in the Bandits' win description (if the Bandits later kill that person, they get the OTHER half :P). Furthermore, if the Footpad mugs the Herbalist, they get one of the three random cures that the Herbalist uses, and the Footpad gets ONE use of that to use on any player on any night.

** If the Footpad mugs the same person a second time, they are caught and killed (they still get the ingots for their sacrifice though), which takes place in the next day post. If the Footpad is up for lynching and this happens, the event is sort of merged with the lynching and is one big happy Footpad-killing :D


* The Agent of The Hand - the Agent of The Hand is a skilled mage/assassin that works for a mysterious society known as The Hand. The Agent can enchant their hand with powerful energy which can be used to smite down foes. The Agent has three energy-based attacks that they can use throughout the game (at night). They can only use each ability once, and cannot use two in the same night:

** Plasma Hand - a cloud of charged ions forms around the Agent's hand, which can be used to deal fatal blows... but not against the magical defenses of the Adventurers. The Plasma Hand only works against the Bandits. If it fails, it is still usable at a later time

** Lightning Hand - blazing arcs of electricity zap around the Agent's hand, allowing him or her to smite down Adventurers (but not Bandits, who are accustomed to storms and have grounded boots). If it fails, it is still usable at a later time

** Vortex Hand - kills anyone and everyone, without fail

*** Scout: separate from his/her Hand abilities, the Agent has a Scout ability, which they can opt to use at night (they cannot use a Hand ability and Scout ability in the same night). Scouting a player will reveal random results, based on the role of the die:

(1) the amount of gold ingots the player has (0 if Bandit)

(2) the general faction of the player (Adventurer, Bandit, Villain) plus all people that the player has visited in at night so far

(3) the amount of letters in the player's role's name, excluding spaces and words like "the"

(4) the exact role of the player IF they have been burned by the Dragon at least once (whether it failed or succeeded). IF the player hasn't been breathed upon, the Agent only learns the number of vowels in the role name (excluding spaces and "the")

(5) & (6) Reroll

*** The Agent can also scout a role, of which they learn something randomly:

(1) the gender of the player that plays the role

(2) whether the role is alive or dead and how many people have made night actions against the player that plays the role, discounting Bandit kill

(3) the total number of votes that the player that plays the role has received over the course of the game [1 vote = 1 vote on the player when the day ended. What happens during the day doesn't count]

(4) if the player that has the role has received any actions or attacks by the Villains

(5) & (6) Reroll

* The Mind Flayer - the Mind Flayer is a strange subterranean humanoid creature with light bluish skin and a tentacled face with eyes that glow with a menacing intensity. The Mind Flayer is an expert at probing into victims' minds and taking control of their neurological processes, effectively making them puppets. The Mind Flayer can do this once per night, turning any Adventurer or Bandit into a minion of the Mind Flayer. The player who is puppetized joins the Villains and gains BTSC with them, however they retain no night or day abilities from their previous role. Nobody else is aware that anything suspicious happened. There is one catch: the Mind Flayer cannot just probe anyone's mind. They must have extensive knowledge of the person's identity beforehand; ie, they must know the person's role. When they PM me the request, they include the target's role, and the mind control fails if they are wrong... also if they are wrong, they suffer a mental cataclysm. The first time they are fine and recover easily and quickly. However, on the Mind Flayer's second cataclysm, they die [remember that the Psion is immune to the Mind Flayer's power]

* The Bronzefire Dragon - this temperamental drake has the ability to breathe intense fire upon its chosen victim each night. The person breathed upon is notified after the night post. There is also a 50% chance that the dragonbreath event will make its way into the night post, which of course makes the knowledge public and undeniably truthful. The dragonbreath victim will die at the conclusion of the following night (not the same night), unless healed with a Firesbane Poultice the same night as the burning OR the following night. The Dragonslayer is immune to the dragonbreath attack, but this isn't revealed until the moment of death. If the Dragonslayer is breathed upon and the 50% chance of NOT making it public occurred, then the Dragonslayer 'not dying' is NOT put into the following night's night post. If someone was breathed upon and it was made public, no matter what happens the following night with it will be shown. If someone was breathed upon and it was NOT made public, then: if the Herbalist saves them, it is NOT put in the night post, but the Herbalist is PMed and informed that they saved someone (and the victim is informed that they were saved too, and so is the Bronzefire Dragon). If the victim is not saved and dies of burn wounds, then of course it is part of the night post

Faction Abilities

Adventurers: (and the group as a whole of course) standard lynch. Tie = no execution that day. No Adventurers have BTSC unless otherwise stated in their role description

Bandits: BTSC, kill each night

Villains: BTSC, no overall Faction Ability

Win Conditions

Adventurers: lynch & kill all Bandits and Villains

Bandits: amass as much gold as possible. After killing a player at night (if multiple killers go after the same target, that's fine, the Bandits still get the gold), the Bandits raid the player's body and possessions for gold. Each role has a different amount of gold carried on them. The Psion, Knight, Thief and Royal Emissary each have 10 gold ingots. The Tank, Dragonslayer and City Guard each have 6 gold ingots. The Druid, Herbalist and Agent of The Hand each have 4 gold ingots. The Mind Flayer carries no gold, but the Bronzefire Dragon has a dragonlike treasure horde of 12 gold ingots. To get gold from the Tank, the Tank must actually die, not just 'take a hit'. The Bandits win if they get 32 gold ingots

Villains: kill everyone else! Mind Flayer puppets are considered part of the Villain faction

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Unreality, I have a comment on your Mafia Guide...

I really liked how the whole thing is indexed and there is a lot of useful information in there, but I have to disagree with you on the part of the hosts section dealing with gendered roles.

First off, my primary peeve is with the English language for failing to have a generic third-person singular pronoun, but as it doesn't exist, my pet peeve is to use the generic third-person plural "they" in its place. :P It may not be the politically correct thing to do, but when the situation is not gender-specific, it is generally accepted to adopt one or the other and just be consistent (ie. his or her.) I've never let the gender of a role bother me. I have just as much fun playing the game whether the character is male or female and I often find it amusing when my (female) character is repeatedly referred to in the night/day posts and people don't associate the character with me (ie. M4F14. B));) )

I wouldn't chase prospective hosts away from gendered roles if they want to do them; it's really their call because it's their brainchild. I don't think that it ruins the suspension of disbelief that much (if at all :D ) to use gendered roles. Especially on a web forum. It's not like we're doing this face-to-face. For all we know, everyone on this site is engaged in their own private suspension of disbelief pretending to be the opposite gender. If I remember correctly, the profile allows to set the gender yourself (rather than having the computer run an anatomical check on you. :lol:;) )

I haven't seen gendered roles chase anyone away from a game here on this site, so I just wanted to let potential hosts know not to be discouraged about that sort of thing just because the BrainDenMafiaGuru said so. :P

Oh and I really like Mafia VIII; it looks very interesting and I just realized an interesting strategy regarding the City Guard, so I'm not too concerned about that role anymore. :D I'd be interested to see how the game balances.

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I'll make a couple of moot pointsw or so

1, Gender..re dawh's comment, he/she gendered roles - I agree and often thought that the use of they wld be perfect... then realesed tthat 'they' are often confused and they did not attack and they played safe.... plural or singular - needs careful righting.. easier with gendered roles ... from now on i want ot be known as Lauretta and have the right to have children!

2. the terrorist role seems to have the hardest win condition. Can't die the first night and day and kills every second night only and has to work has to possibley kill defender first if the mafia and a lynch has not done it for him, therfore trying to keep the mafia in the game and the townies on death row while not giving themself away.. so four nights and a lot of luck guessing who is who is an enormous weight to carry along with the burden of no info available through spy/reveal etc and no one to save 'them' either (them is the single plural issue again)

thats it for now - not read much of mafai VIII but looks very interesting

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Dawh: yeah I know that "they" is bad grammar - I actually learned that in English class this year ;D Since then I've made a point of incorporating more he/she whenever I can as opposed to "they", but "they" has become a good fit and I think the English language has changed a bit.... "they" should be proper to represent an unknown singular ;D But I know it's wrong grammar, so I've been trying to incorporate more he/she :)

As for gendered roles, as I've stated it's just a personal opinion of mine :D To me it just makes the game less desirable and more artificial. So gendered roles is just an opinion-based matter, really

But more of what I was trying to attack was "characters" as opposed to "roles". Mafia is not an RPG or a re-enactment of some form of popular fiction... fundamentally I am against 'naming' roles after characters from a movie/TVshow. One of the reasons I abanonded LOST Mafia :)

Anyway, thanks for the compliment about the guide ;D

LIS: There is no 'terrorist' role in Mafia VIII... I'm not sure where you're coming from? :huh: I think you're referring to the Grim Reaper in past games? I agree, the GR was tough and I think a lot of luck was involved too, unless they were a highly skilled player ;D

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Hmmm... I'm thinking of hosting an "Advance Wars Mafia." Here's my ideas for characters. Some characters will have secret abilities, but will

Orange Star (Baddies):

Have been kicking a** and taking names all throughout the series. No wonder why everyone hates them.

WINCON: Become majority and eliminate the independent.

Has BTSC and one kill per night.

Andy: Can PM the host at any time to send a message from Orange Star.

Secret ability: ?

Max: With those huge arms, he knocks out one player during the night.

Sami: Can change one vote during the daytime.

Secret ability: ?

Everyone else (Goodies):

WINCON: Kill all the baddies and the independent.

Olaf: Has the power of snow on his side. Slows down someone, thus preventing them from moving.

Grit: Good at gathering intelligence. Spies on one player and learns their action.

Secret ability: ?

Kanbei: The killer for the innocents. He's kind of a moron, but he's hard to kill.

Has a kill every even night. Invincible for Night 1. Can be lynched, but you have to hit him two times at night to kill him.

Sonja: Even better at gathering intelligence and keeping it. Spies on one player each night and learns their role.

Secret ability: ?

Eagle: Has a kill/save per night. However, he can use both abilities in the same turn. If he does that, there's a 30% chance the baddies will learn his identity.

Secret ability: ?

Drake: Easy to work with. Has an RID per night. If he gets it right, he gets BTSC with them. (might change)


?????: No one knows who he is or what he's doing in Wars World. He has a plethora of abilities to use.

Each night I roll a die.

1: Save self

2: Spy action

3: Spy role

4: Blocks action

5: Removes vote

6: Any of the above.

WINCON: Outlive Max and Eagle.

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Hmmm... I'm thinking of hosting an "Advance Wars Mafia." Here's my ideas for characters. Some characters will have secret abilities, but will

I haven't read over the character list, but you might be better served by posting this in a separate thread, rather than digging up this ancient one. This one is/was useful for certain things, but I think it would be better to have a "Suggestions for Advance Wars Mafia" thread, rather than posting it here. This was orginally designed for more abstract discussion of ideas and strategies, with some possible characters that might be interesting to include. I don't think many people used this to post a fully-fledged game idea... :unsure:

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