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Mafia IV

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Maybe as he was my mafia buddy , in a previous edition I trusted him the first day. But Yeah! that's why I didn't vote for Brandon the first day. More the lies , more the fun. :P

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Thank for the consideration all. I would appreciate if people listened to the logic in my posts, but Unreality was right. It is my fault, my conscious decision to sometimes twist lies in with truths, that the people of Mafia IV truly turned into an "unruly mob" against my case :P . Oh well, as GC said more lies=more fun, so why stop now right? :lol:

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I can finally not post in gray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lol, i like the ghost forum idea. I was having alot of fun being a ghost. I was laughing everytime i posted one of those "go innocent posts" I was laughing even harder when everyone saw through it :P

y-san, i would have swore that you hacked onto the the QA forum, you knew way to much.

I cant wait till mafia V!

Lol...and you had me feeling bad for a moment, you lying QA :P...but not really, I was pretty sure you were lying, hehe. No, actually, I know nothing about computer programming, it was just logic based on the evidence...;P

That one ! :lol: I was thinking of springing a trap on the mafia , but it went wrong somehow . Maybe it was the time zone factor or as we know now it could have been due to those unpredictable Mafia girls . :P

...who are you calling unpredictable...maybe we predicted what you would do and that is why we didn't fall for your trap...and why I knew you didn't really have any evidence, even though I was indeed mafia...;P

You are saying Brandon's the first , right? :P

No...have you seen Death Note? It is an awesome show, and I know you would love it ;). The first L was good, but then *spoiler alert* the guy who replaced him as L was bad...so you thought I was the first L, but I was actually the second, hehe ;P

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Rules, Roles, Strategy Help, Voting Help, Players, Introduction & An Intercepted Message


Night One - Awesomeness in Question

Day One - Trial by Fire

Night Two - The Ancient War Continues... or does it?

Day Two - Frog Spawn

Night Three - The Guardian

Day Three - Jihad in Awesomeville

Player Reviews

1) Frost - Grim Reaper

A good job, as usual- you were going for the gung-ho approach, which worked out surprisingly well given that you picked Wreath on your first try :P And of course the luckiness of the Defender being picked off first ;D Have fun hosting Mafia V!

2) Brandonb - QA - MoS

Another web of lies, well spun! Okay, maybe not this time. Your deceitful reputation came back to bite you in the butt this game, but I'm confident that you'll be able to turn that around in Mafia V and play another kickass game

3) Kingofpain - Defender

Not much to say here, you died first ;D good luck in Mafia V, assuming you play

4) Pw0nzd - Inspector

To be honest, I thought you underplayed the power of your role- but then again, its power was sucking due to the every-other aspect. I think you were being too scared of the Mafia Wipeout, without realizing that the Mafia are even more scared of doing that than you, they have to be sure. Despite not being vocal enough, you played a good game ;D

5) Cherry Lane - Mafia - Thief

Some good uses as the Thief, and 'I told you so'- some people did think of using the Thief to steal from your fellow Mafiosos to diffuse suspicion ;D The Thief is such as WiFoM role of confusion as to the target, and I think you played that well. Good job as part of the Girls Mafia! :D

6) Dawh - Jihadist

Awesome game, well played! Need I say more? You maximized your role ;D

7) Nayana - Mafia - Assassin

Great game as the Assassin and part of the Girls Mafia, even though I personally think you did not use your Assassin role to full effectiveness. You lightly asked for protection and then didn't really bring it up again, and you never made any accusations that might've warranted protection to come your way. But still, as part of the Mafiosas, you pwned :D

8) Dnae - Spy

Good game, the limitations of Spy regardless (we've fixed it for Mafia V), and you managed to be one of the final survivors :P

9) Scott - Atheist

Not much to say here, you were one of the early dyers as well as being inactive the entire game ;D

10) GC - Doctor

Good game! You were an Innocent powerhouse, albeit ill-fated. You read too much into my posts, I think- you and Bb. Both of you found tons of clues where there were none. Stop looking so hard for clues next game ;D Hehe. Despite that, great game... I know you think you doomed the Innocents, but it was a combined doomage, don't worry about it :D

11) Puzzlegirl - Bomb

You did good considering the circumstances :P Again, I see it as my fault that you were lynched because of that red herring

12) Slick - Janitor

Nice game, though your role wasn't used once... we'll see how the Janitor works out in later games :P thanks for playing!

13) Kat/Dusty - Mafia - Godfather

Excellent... a great part of the Girls Mafia!

14) Wreath - Ninja

It's unfortunate you died before you get a single kill (this probably is what ultimately doomed the Innocents), but at least you put up an epic fight before being scythed ;D I look forward to playing with you in future games

15) Joe's Student - QA - MoE

A great addition to Mafia, and good choices as the MoE. You played an excellent game for a first-timer, and it was your decision to take down Frozen that led to the QA victory! Nice job, and I'll see you in Mafia VI :D

16) Johnson - Warlock

Great insight to pick Bb to bewitch, or should I say Bbewitch ;D You left your mark on Mafia as a consistent, semi-quiet player that can play his cards right

17) Frozen - Illusionist

Like JS, you played an awesome game for a newbie! :D Although the Sphinx is gone forever, you took the QAs with you, and the Yeti will find fierce competition to rise in the ranks of Mafia beasts ;D

18) CrazyPainter - Healer

Good job for your first game ;D I think you and GC saved each other a little too much- the Doc and Healer don't have enough saves to be defensive. But you were learning, so it's fine :P It'll be fun to play with you in Mafia V

19) Yoruichi - Mafia - Bankroller

MATHGIRL! Need I say more? lol, you were awesome. The pinnacle strategist in the Girls Mafia, and a great player. I can't wait to see you in action again in Mafia V. Go logic!

20) Mekal - QA - MoD

Great first game! I was surprised by the good luck of the QAs, and you guys played your cards well to lead to your victory

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Don't forget:

0)Unreality - Host God

Totally amazing epic writing! Great job keeping up with all the players and keeping us on the edge of our mental seats with all the twists and turns. And great clues...even if I didn't get them ;P. But I still blame you for forgetting to write in the Sphinx rule :mad: ...just kidding ;). Thanks so much for giving us the awesome experience. You leave Frost some big shoes to fill...but I'm sure he will manage...he can always just pour water into them and freeze them with his Frost God powers...;P

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12) Slick - Janitor

Nice game, though your role wasn't used once...it was abused with alot of argumentation and you knew what was bad but, did'nt have the time to utilize your excellent ESP so, we'll see how the Janitor works out in later games thanks for playing!

Oh, no skin off my nose I had fun whilst I lasted. :lol: Your welcome and good tidings to all of the penguinites.

Edited by akaslickster

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Gaaaaahhhhh...I feel dumb...I *totally* forgot about the Inspector wipeout...if I hadn't we might have won...sorry girls, that was so stupid of me...:(

...cuz we wouldn't have killed pw0nzd, so we would have killed JS, so they wouldn't have won...

...would have tried to make him out himself by accusing pw0nzd of being a QA using the "number 3" clue...3x3x3 Rubiks Cube?! I mean, it it was a clue, it had to be pointing to him (except it wasn't, hehe)

...grrrrrrrrr....need to stop thinking about this so I can go to sleeeeeeep....

Edited by Yoruichi-san

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yeah I think everyone except Pw0nzd forgot about that rule :lol:

yeah, that was the main reason I didn't come out with my role although I tried to drop some hints (which the mafia picked up on before the innocents :lol:). The other main reason I didn't come out was because I didn't have enough information to warrant it (1 mafia). I guess I probably should have realized that the mafia were just as afraid of the wipe out as I was (or in YS's case, forgot it) :P

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Well I don't want this to be anyones' basis for decisions. I never know if it is right to come clean with a role. I may do that soon.

Uhhh...generally I think it is not a good idea, as it lets the baddies know who to kill or who not to kill...there's always a likelihood they'll end up killing off each other searching for the roles they want to kill off (like we killed off Frost thinking he could be the Spy...)

And it's a *really* bad idea if you are part of one of the baddie factions' win conditions, i.e. Illusionist/Defender/Ninja, unless it's already obvious and you need to ask for protection...

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Yes, but I said before I'm an innocent and thought you are as well. Back to the V.

Good to see that there are no hard feelings...I *was* the one who beat you up in IV...:P

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