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The Seven Mysteries of Brainden


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Have you heard?  As the time of ghosts and ghouls approaches, apparently there's something amiss in the land of BrainDen!  :unsure:


Rumor has it there's a spirit floating around here...and he's left a trail of mysteries to follow...



The Seven Mysteries of Brainden


  1. The Phantom Thread

  2. The Poltergeist Equations

  3. The Whisper of Death

  4. The Witch Hunt

  5. The Secret Level

  6. The Time of Madness

  7. The Final Mystery



I wonder what it could all be about?  :o 






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Hints (periodically updated)


Some things are not what they seem at first glance...and some things are ;).


Hmm...this Phantom character seems to crying out for attention...maybe we should give it to him...


Whoa, you know that if you click a member’s name you can view their profile? I bet there’s all sorts of interesting things you could learn…*whistling*


Eh, sure seems like a lot of effort for such a simple puzzle. Hmmmmmm…maybe some aspects will come into play later on?

Golly, it sure looks like a poltergeist has been through here! But maybe the way it left things oriented wasn’t totally random…
Hmm...I wonder if there was a hint to this second puzzle in the first puzzle?
Haha...looks like this poltergeist may be a 133t haxor after all!   :lol:
If they throw some words at you that you never heard of, you can always throw those into google...
What a cluttered design, you may need to add some space...
Did you know there's this nifty "Search" option at the top right?
Hmm...I seem to remember something about a 'Witch' or two...perhaps we should be looking for threads?
Hmm...are all OP's so...colorful?
Wow, highscorers!  Worth a look?
Hmm...wonder if that seemingly random text means something?
I wonder if these high scorers have secrets?  Everyone has secrets...
Strange...aren't usually high scorers presented in a list? I wonder if there's a reason for the way the names are organized.
I wonder if there are other hidden secrets in play?
Well, the hidden writing on the walls do seem to be madness...but I wonder if I'll notice something when arranged the way Hint 4 in the previous puzzle suggests?
Interesting choice of font...well now that it's arranged, I definitely notice something..taking a count of the line length, I wonder if that number is significant in some way?
Hmm...the title of this Mystery...wasn't there something about "time" in the first mystery...and what about that last post which seemed to hinting at something that hasn't come into play yet...maybe here is the place to use it.
Speaking of the first Mystery...peculiar how militarily exact the timing is, isn't it?  
Hmm...an interesting set of stories, I wonder if one of them has conveniently omitted something?
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Spoilers, no spoilers, work as an individual, or a team, discuss here or with each other via PM, whatever you want. ^_^


It could be a little bit of a race for the competitively minded *whistling*, but the eve of ghosts and ghouls is a still a ways away so there's no rush ;).

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have now found the six highscorers and see what they're about but have no idea what they mean.


Where's the ciphertext?


stay logged in and Wilson or I will let you know when you've found it

EDIT:  oops, just checked and see you've found the ciphertext


ti me as in di ces



don't know.  perhaps you're further along than I?  the first four letters in your spoiler do seem to recur and think they will play a significant roll.  I'm just not there yet.

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